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  1. Tech21


    Excuse me, but what gives you the right to be so arrogant as to tell me I am wrong when you have never even been to New Zealand to see for yourself. These "statistics" you quote just give a totally misleading impression of the reality of the situation.
  2. Tech21


    Where on earth did you get one from? It sounds like another wikipedia "undisputed" statistic to me. Read How to lie with statistics by Huff, this is how big corporations make profits or losses, which ever is required at the time using the same figures, employing statistics in a rather economic and misleading way... bending the truth to make it say what you need.... Hmmm sounds just like the UK Liebour government to me. Remember the panic caused by Y2K... Bird flu... Swine flu... Man Made Global Warming etc... Statistics and facts from experts so they said in every case... so then just what happened in every case.... sod all thats what! I am sorry if I sound like I am having a go at you but that statement just isn't true regardless of where you read it. I have lived in NZ for 2 years now and came from the England, you are a lot safer on NZ roads than you are on English roads... I know, I have lived and driven in both. England = 50,000 sq miles population = 51,200,000 NZ = 104,000 Sq Miles, population 4,000,000 Much bigger area, much fewer people, much less trafic, therefor much safer on the roads in NZ totally undisputable and I don't care which stats you use to say it's not. Look at some of the crime stats for NZ and England and you would be forgiven for thinking that England is a much safer place than NZ.... WRONG. One undesputed fact is that the standard of driving in NZ is totally $hite and yer standard Kiwi would be unable to drive the shortest distance anywhere in England without having at least 1 crash per 100 yards of travel, they are really very crap drivers... but the roads here are much safer regardless, as long as you don't go tear-ar$ing around mountain roads in the dark cause that little wooden fence ain't going to stop a 2 ton Falcon XR6 from going over the edge, and if gravity is still switched on then yer dead. T21
  3. Yes, I have also seen old guitars and very heavily used guitars with cracks in them, old isn't the issue here. The 339 I posted photos of is less than 2 years old... and it's not the only 339 advertised with "Weather Checking". What I want to know is have 339's got a problem with : - 1) the finish 2) is there a problem with the type of wood they are made from 3) are the materials the top and back are made from under seasoned 4) has the manufacturing process introduced stress problems in the top and back 5) is there a fundamental design flaw in making a 335 smaller and calling it a 339 I would really like to get this cleared up before I decide to buy one, or do I just play safe and go for a 335? Thanks T21
  4. To my untrained eyes it still looks like cracks in the wood and not in the finish. All my guitars were shipped from the UK in the depths of winter, loaded into a container with the outside temp below 0°C spent 6 weeks in a container on the deck of a ship, passed through the tropics, over the equator, back through the tropics, and delivered to the other side of the planet, NZ, where they stood on Wellington docks at the height of a rather hot summer, temps of mid 30's°C (god only knows what temp the inside of the 40 foot HiCube container got to) waiting for customs clearance and were all absolutely fine when removed from their respective cases/gig-bags... no "weather checking" or anything... This is why I am very suspicious of this term "Weather Checking" being used to describe what looks to me like the wood starting to split. Has anyone here actually had any first hand experience of the finish of a guitar they own splitting or cracking due to the cold or heat? And I am not looking for anecdotal references like ... "a bloke I once knew said that".... "A friend of mine had a cousin who said that".... "A guy at work knows this person who had a guitar that"....... "I once read that".... "I once heard that".... I am not interested in stuff like that, I am only interested in first hand experiences of this problem. I am afraid I can only see extreme humidity causing this type of thing and not small changes of temperature, even though I do appreciate that "Relative Humidity" and temperature are directly linked. T21
  5. Tech21


    Nah' date=' not over here, there arn't enough people around. In the main they really do just kill themselves and the reason being... NZ has 4,000.000 population. 2,000,000 of 'em live in and around Auckland at the top of North Island. 1,000,000 of 'em live on South Island. 1,000,000 of 'em (including me) live on the rest of North Island. [u']Total area of NZ is 103,737 square miles[/u] Right then... Take a coridor 35Miles long x 5miles wide from Liverpool to Manchester which I used to live in the middle of... there are over 6,000,000 people living in that 175 square mile area. This is why in NZ the kids with big V8's and twin turbo Skylines very rarely damage anyone else, and the major fact that they tend to do it in remote places at 2.00 in the morning in an attempt to not attract the police 'cause the NZ police will catch them and prosecute them AND crush their cars if they are caught, no questions asked.... just like when I lived in the UK... Yeah... Right... I must admit, the NZ Police are a breath of fresh air after putting up with the UK Police Farce (not a typo) and the UK justice system in general for so many years. T21
  6. Tech21

    SG 101

    Most are synthetic now' date=' top end guitars may still have MoP or Abalone markers. NZ Paua shell is good to use, it's a very iridescent shell and has the most remarkable appearance of all the Abalone shells... They Look Like This : - [img']http://www.pearl-guide.com/forum/attachments/pearling-industry-news/1947d1190608091-gia-pearl-tour-eyris-blue-pearls-new-zealand-paua-shell.jpg[/img] The shells grow up to 6 inches or so and you can also find a few in a beautiful pink colour. I can walk 50 yards from where I live on to the beach and just pick them up. T21
  7. Tech21

    ebay serch

    I'd buy it at that price, with a case... but they don't offer to ship outside the USA. Why is it's TRC on upside down? T21
  8. IMHO you would be better off with a GS412B or a GS414B single auto-grab (both Hercules stands), that’s what I use and they are very stable. T21
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