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  1. Thanks for the replies. If anyone from Gibson is here I'd be interested to know what you use at the factory to glue the labels on with. Thanks.
  2. That won't work, because the label is just lifting on one side, not enough of it is off to get that kind of glue stick under it. I don't want to try to pull the whole label off as it might rip it. I was thinking that just the application of a little water might do it.
  3. The Orange label on my J45 is lifting off on one side, so I was wondering what the best way to stick it back down is? I am sure others have had this minor issue at some time.
  4. The photographs are poor quality and the description is sparse. Not everyone has a great camera, but if it was genuine I think that the seller would at least put a more detailed description. If it's in London and you are genuinely interested you could arrange to meet on Denmark Street with a view to buy, but then you could go into vintage and rare before buying and have them take a look.
  5. Not for me. I don't even like the look of them, and the prices are way high. I think Fender should stick with what they are good at and leave the acoustics to Gibson, Collings etc. Who would buy that ugly cutaway with a strat style headstock for that money . . . you could get a great Collings, Gibson or Martin for that
  6. Do you know for certain that the guitar was not like that before he shipped it, for example were there photographs of that area of the guitar and the case included in the listing?
  7. That J-180 is a nice looking guitar, but I always wonder if having most of the surface area of the top covered in pickguard affects the tone? It must prevent the top from vibrating quite a lot. Anyone got any experience with this?
  8. If you want the best I would go for a Dr Z amplifier. Since volume is not an issue I would look at a MAZ 8. (You will still get plenty of volume suitable for small gigs, or any size gig micked up). If you want something bigger then look at a MAZ 18. If you can handle loud volume then you can't go wrong with a Z Wreck, buy it will cost you a lot. Any of these amplifiers will give you tone and versatility.
  9. I don't think I've ever used any kind of cleaner on a fretboard of any guitar I've ever owned, other than wiping it with a soft dry cloth now and again and I've never had any kind of problem with a fretboard. So my question is is it really necessary to clean a fretboard at all? I always make sure I have clean hands before I play but that's all.
  10. That doesn't sound too much to me if it's a good one. I have a Collings C10 SB which is based on an L-00 and it is a fine instrument. The Collings has a 1 3/4" nut What is the nut width on your L-00?
  11. Yes my 68 reissue is a good sounding J45, not really that different from another (2004) J45 I have. My reissue does not have an adjustable saddle, but I have a 66 one with an adjustable saddle and it sounds very nice. My original 66 cherry J45 ADJ has a very subtle tone and is excellent for recording. It has a nice neck that is a little thinner (but same nut width) as my others. It's not the loudest J45 in the world by a long way, but I do not attribute that to the adjustable saddle as my friend has a 65 cherry J45 ADJ that is incredibly loud.
  12. I suspect she had it made like that to have some of the bling of a J200 but without the large size which would have look massive with her playing it. It does look all wrong though!
  13. I have a Fullers 68 reissue in all cherry finish and the white pickguard. I don't think it's ugly though, I like it. The logo on the pickguard is a reproduction of what Gibson were doing back then. Luckily they didn't put those screws they used to use to hold the pickguard on . . . they were ugly.
  14. Agreed it usually says J45 ADJ to denote the adjustable bridge (I have one from 1966), but I have recently seen some reissues stamped J45 ADL and I am not sure what the ADL stands for, but could be Limited maybe as I saw it on an ebony coloured J45 and an all cherry one. Any ideas?
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