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  1. ShredAstaire, I'll admit that I was a little naive in thinking this thread wouldn't turn into just a string of fat jokes. I just heard this story on my way into work yesterday, and was bored at work (its been pretty dead lately) so wanted to see what other's opinions were on this. I listen to Howard Stern a lot and find it funny how many people in mainstream media share the same opinion as him until he expresses it on the air, than everyone changes their story. Let's face it, this girl is obese, and if the people around her aren't pushing her to do something about it, then they aren't doing her any favors. And if they are, this "nomination" or whatever you call it, isn't helping their cause at all.
  2. My point is, take a look at the rest of the people on this list, and tell me what they all have in common with her. Maybe personality? Of course we wouldn't know that cause all these people are famous and who knows how they really are. And again, I know quite a few obese people (not fat, obese) and a lot of them look for any reason to justify not doing anything about their weight. So yeah, i do think some obese people will say "Hey, it's ok that I am 500lbs, because one fat person is on the 100 most beautiful list." My best friend is 400lbs and if the doctor tells him gatorade is better than soda, than he continues to eat pizza everynight, doesn't excercise, but drinks gatorade and that makes everything ok. And no it's not as simple as "not eating McDonald's" but that is a start. My comment about McDonald's was aimed at the fact that so few parents today focus on nutrition, a lot just want a quick fix to shut their kids up, and that's part of the problem, and why so many kids today are overweight.
  3. ShredAstaire, i've met plenty of obese people that were a blast to hang out with, great personalities. Doesn't mean their beautiful. Like FirstMeasure said, we're not doing the obese any favors by calling them beautiful. This is the reason why America is the fattest country in the world, cause everyone tries to make it ok to be obese and not do anything about it. "Hey kid's, keep eating all those McDonald's Double Cheeseburgers and maybe someday you can be one of People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People"
  4. ok, i didn't think so but figured i would defend myself anyway. If I were Gabourey Sidibe, I would almost be insulted they put me on this list.
  5. I wasn't making fun of anyone, I simply don't think that she belongs on the 100 Most Beautiful, and I think it sends the wrong message putting her on there. Since Howard Stern brought this topic up on his show (commenting about her weight, and saying it will prevent her from getting any leading role in Hollywood, and the health risks associated with being that big) it seems mainstream media has gone out of their way to make her feel like there is nothing wrong with her. Well there is, SHE IS OBESE, it's one of the biggest (no pun intended) epidemics in America. Tell me, if she deserves to be on the 100 Most Beautiful list, why aren't Ralphie May and Gabriel Iglesias on there too? Just thought it was a good topic for discussion, I didn't ask anyone to start posting fat jokes.
  6. Not sure if anyone on here has followed this, but I heard today on Howard Stern that Gabourey Sidibe is on the list. For those of you who don't know who she is, she was in the movie "Precious" Please, PLEASE tell me we haven't become so PC that we now have to say this is beautiful. I'll admit, there are a lot of bigger girls that are very beautiful, but you can't tell me this is one of them. Maybe People Magazine doesn't realize the damage this does? I understand everyone needs to be comfortable with themselves, but doesn't this give the impression that it is OK to be obese? Cause that's what she is, and it is a real health risk. They really shouldn't be encouraging people to content with obesity.
  7. thanks artmaker, i re-checked the serial # and realized it was a 1989, not an 82 like i had thought. I was actually thinking of just fixing it up a little, some of the hardware is starting to pit. I might change out the tuners to some sperzel locking tuners, and swap out the pickup covers. Anyway, my question is as long as i keep all the original parts, it won't devalue the guitar, right?
  8. I said i would post a better pick after I cleaned it up a little. Here it is.
  9. yeah, i love the guitar too. sounds great, and plays wonderfully. I'm in the process of restoring mine a little, a lot of the gold hardware has started to tarnish so i'm thinking about replacing it. It definitely plays the best outta all my guitars (although it should, it's the most expensive). I play all types of music, from Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, Metal, and everything sounds good on it.
  10. This is a 1982 Gibson ES-347, I was told it was a Custom Shop guitar, but didn't get any paperwork with it. Bought it about 9 years ago. Looks similar to artmaker's last pic. Would appreciate any info that can be given. Can't seem to find any info about this guitar in this color. It's a little dirty in this pic, i'll post a better one when i have a chance.
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