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  1. So here is a REAL comparison of a Gibson 57 Classic Neck (860-15003-L 04/09/15) and an Epiphone ProBucker-2 Neck (PB2NHBN-4 2013/05). Seems as though the Epi pickup is essentially the same as the Gibson. Biggest difference is the Epi has cheap covers, that if removed, make the ProBucker 2 pretty much exactly like the Gibson. Gibson 57 Classic versus a stock Epiphone Humbucker
  2. Yep, It's definitely an Epi. Looks good! And I'd guess that yes, early '04 they were using up the Gibson truss rod covers. looks like maybe even REAL MOP Epi inlay.
  3. Are you asking about the CH & HotCH pickups?
  4. By the side of the baseplate that has the adjustable screws sticking through (narrow spacing), it's a neck pickup. That much I'm sure of.
  5. Need to measure DC resistance on them to even begin figuring out what they are for sure.
  6. Definitely not "T" Tops. The bobbins would have a T on them. And resistance is higher than original T Tops. I would guess by the DC resistance they are 490R/498T set.
  7. I would think it's early '70s. Here ios a listing on reverb. Gibson T Top Embossed Covers And here is a thread in the Gibson forum. Embossed Gibson PU Covers
  8. I would guess maybe a 500T/496R combo would be close. There really aren't many specs to be found for the Epi pickups besides the DC resistance.
  9. http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2017/USA/Les-Paul-Classic/High-Performance.aspx About halfway down the page it gives specs for a Super 57.
  10. Pole spacing should be 52mm for the bridge and 50mm for the neck. I suggest that you purchase original Gibson pickup covers. Covers will affect the Q of the pickups which will shift the resonant peak. Using junk covers made of brass etc won't be a good thing. JMO.
  11. First, I'm not real sure what you mean by "both the humbucking and string coils", but I have one of these in an old Melody Maker D Reissue. I have the bridge PU about 1/16" or a bit more from the strings. The pole pieces are adjustable, but I doubt you can tell much difference in raising individual screws a little. If you raise or lower the whole PU, or one side, say 1/16" to 1/8", you can tell some difference. Do what I do, try adjusting it to how it sounds best to your ears.
  12. If possible I would try to contact the manufacturer.
  13. Well I can't hear what kind of pitch the feedback is, but I will say that the covers can change the resonant frequencies and capacitance of the pickup. If you have a big enough soldering iron to unsolder one of the covers you might want to try it.
  14. I really like the new Inspired by Gibson line. Been looking hard at them! LOL. Yea, like I NEED another guitar! Have 9 gits and a bass now! But NEED has nothing to do with it. GAS!
  15. What does the end of the truss rod look like under the truss rod cover? Could you post a pic?
  16. I like that Epiphone is making changes to their lineup like this. The guitars look great, and the prices do too. Gonna try to snag me a couple different models this year for sure! ROCK ON!
  17. Here's a link to the Guitar Electronics website wiring diagram page (Gibson & some Epi). Has ALL KINDS of diagrams! Pickup Wiring Diagrams-Guitar Electronics
  18. Not sure if this will help or not. I don't have any Epi pickups here with 4-conductor wiring and my pc with most of my electronics/diagrams is down right now. But I believe Gibson and Epi use the same color coded wiring. The green and white wires are for coil splitting; just solder them together, put a piece of electrical tape over them, and forget about them, if you aren't going to hook up coil splitting. The red wire is the hot lead. Tin it and solder it to the terminal. Twist the black wire and the bare wire together, tin them, and solder them to the pot casing.
  19. I have a Goth SG, and I don't think the stock pickups are bad at all. Of course that's totally subjective, and may also depend on what amp you use.
  20. How much thread do you have exposed (where a nut can go on) on the truss rod? Do you have a pic of it?
  21. Looks like a SWEET guitar! And a decent deal to boot. Make sure to post pics when you black it out! And the pots, it would be nice if Epi used a better quality pot, but I guess if it came with all top notch hardware/electronics, the price would be top notch too!
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