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  1. Hemoriods from all those years of being shafted by Axle[biggrin]
  2. Soundman. I mostly do FOH but sometimes monitors, some studio, some radio, some TV. Been in the business over twenty years so done everything in my time. You sing it, I'll make it louder.
  3. Whats the difference between a monitor engineer and a toilet ? A toilet only has to deal with one a$$hole at a time.
  4. How does the rest of the band stop the guitarist playing ? Put sheet music in front of him.
  5. Best of luck to all you guys that are affected by this.
  6. This has been discussed recently on here and the consensus was that this is fine and simply a slight mistake at the factory, it happens quite alot. It looks like a genuine SG special to me as well, to put your mind at ease take the cover off the back and have a look at the volume and tone pots these will also have verifiable serial numbers on which the fakes generally don't, and while your in there check the quality of the wiring as this is also shoddy on the fakes.
  7. If I won the lottery I could hire someone to write on forums for me.
  8. One thing to add, when making adjustments like this and pickup height I have the guitar plugged in and a note ringing out while I turn the screws this gives you an audible reference to what you are doing, it will go out of tune but you will notice any problems like buzz straight away.
  9. Thanks for the tip Neo, . I've also noticed that a shiny guitar reflects the sound better.
  10. Have a look on the SG section of the forum where I have just posted photos of how my bridge/tailpeice is set up. My tailpiece is up off the body and I still have fantastic sustain, more than you are ever likely to want in fact.
  11. I have my bridge screws facing the pickups, and my tailpiece is approx 1/4 inch up away from the body. It may be all in my head but I feel that it is 'slinkyer' (new word scrabble lovers) this way, the strings feel really easy to bend. This is how my SG standard was set up when I got it, I've since copied this set up on my other guitar and swear by it. Hope this helps.
  12. I take on board that we live in different times, and the fact that we enjoy luxury items like Gibson guitars, cars, bikes etc shows that by and large we get by OK. My problem is really more about the way that these civil servants seem to believe that once in power they have to do very little for the good of the country and instead simply look after their cronies, for them it appears that getting into office is the end of the job not the beginning. As for charisma, I think this is important, especially on the world stage if we are to make any impact at all.
  13. A couple of nights ago we had the first ever televised debate with the prospective candidates for the job of Prime minister of this fair land. I know that you guys in the States have been doing this sort of thing for decades but it's new to us, and after watching for 90 minutes I know why. What would you think we were presented with, three of the strongest, most charismatic, intelligent leaders of men that you would ever be likely to meet. People who could lead this once great country forward into prosperity, people like Churchill who held the nations hopes and dreams close to his heart. No, what we have been given is a 'choice' between three of the most lacklustre, self effacing, weedy individuals that you could imagine. Each seemed to be almost begging for our approval, desperate to get on the gravy train, careful not to say anything that could offend. These guys' are pathetic and England deserves and needs better if it's to rise from these current difficulties and regain it's place in the world. But sadly this is it, one of these jokers will be our glorious leader for the next five years. Last one out turn the lights off!
  14. Yes I also leave the two E strings on, this gives you enough room to clean the fretboard but leaves the action as it was.
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