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  1. Although they can all be essential to tone, I sometimes think it depends on how old your ears are to know how essential they are. The older I get, the less I can tell much of a difference anymore. Of the items mentioned, I tend to think the saddle makes the most difference.
  2. I'm not even completely sure that Gibson would sell you one unless it's going on a Hummingbird which already has one of those type of guards on it now. I know they don't like to have their specialty pickguards going out where people will put them on different guitars. Even though the Hummingbird artist is called a "Hummingbird model", it's not the regular Hummingbird. You'll just have to ask a Gibson dealer to find out, but don' t be surprised if they tell you that they can't sell you one.
  3. Unless you can find someone selling one privately (e-bay, etc.), you're going to have to contact an authorized Gibson dealer and have them order one from Gibson.
  4. Dave, the size should be 5/16". You can find ones to fit at most hardware stores. I found one at Ace Hardware that works. Just make sure it's a narrow walled design. Otherwise, you can get them through Stew Mac or Allparts. EDIT: I do use the nut drivers, rather than a socket and socket wrench.
  5. Just a thought......"IF" Bozeman received a "new batch of cheap plastic pins", do you really think they would retool in order to fit the pins? Doesn't it make more sense that the bridge pin holes would remain the same size and they would match the pins to the holes or merely use the pins which are available (even if they are cheap plastic pins)? The current pins may be a different size than the standard sizes of pins used in the past, but I would think that standard sizes would probably still fit the bridge pin holes and it's entirely possible that the standard sizes may fit even better than the current "cheap plastic pins". I'm not sure I'd be in such a hurry to match the current "cheap plastic pins", when the standard sizes may be what you actually need. I've always ordered size 2A from Bob and they've worked just fine.
  6. Welcome to the forum. You might want to search past posts on this forum for the differences between the regular models and the True Vintage models. It's been discussed many times before. But basically, the True Vintage models have different bracing. All of the TV models have thinner, vintage style back braces and the J45 and Southern Jumbo also have the AJ style top bracing. They also have aged toner, upgraded case, bone nut and saddle, just to name a few things.
  7. So what are you going to sell, ksdaddy? You've probably got lots to pick from.
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