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  1. Anyone know an acoustic, solid-top, equivalent to my '52 ES-125? I absolutely love the feel of my guitar and would someday love to find a completely acoustic archtop that's similar. Any ideas?
  2. Hey guys. I'm considering changing from the Nashville bridge on my ES-335 to a more traditional abr-1 bridge. I'm kinda leaning towards the Callaham abr-1 (with Nashville conversion studs) after reading some good reviews online. Has anyone here tried them on their guitars? I'd be curious to hear your experiences with them if so. How's the quality of build? Would they really be an upgrade from the stock Nashville bridge? I also have some questions about how to notch the saddles on a new bridge. I'm not sure if that's sometg I'd tackle myself or trust with a tech. Callaham offers their saddles to be notched with a $20 up charge. No biggie price wise, I just don't know if that's a good idea or not. Let me hear what you guys think.
  3. Hey guys/gals. I've got an early 50's ES-125 that I really do love. It feels great and the P90 pickup sounds amazing. For the cost, it's turned out to be a great find! However, I'd like to sometime find another archtop with a stronger acoustic presence than my old 125. In fact, an acoustic, solid-top (not laminate), archtop is where I'm leaning. The key here though is that I'd need a good bargain. I know that archtops in general command some pretty big prices. While I'd love to own an L5, L7, Super 400, Epi Broadway, D'Angelico, etc... It just ain't happenin'. I'm thinking that an acoustic archtop under $2k is more realistic for me. If that hasn't narrowed things enough, I prefer vintage guitars. Any suggestions? Even more so, I'd love to hear some reviews!
  4. Can anyone tell me about the L-50 and the Epiphone Triumph guitars? Someday soon I'd like to get a solid top (not laminate) archtop, but just can't afford the L5, L7, Super 400, L12, etc. How are these models? How do they compare with one another? I've already got a '51 ES-125 that I really do love. I just want something similar with a bigger acoustic presence.
  5. Hey guys/gals. I've long been interested in ES-295's. I play a blend of jazz, blues, country, rockabilly, etc. and think these would fit the bill rather well. However, because of the sky high prices of original 295's, a reissue is more realistic... if only slightly more so. Something I've noticed though is that there is more than one version, or "generation", of 295 reissue. I was first aware of a version that came out in the 90's that had a bigsby and P-100 (vs. P90) pickups. The other, is the current custom 295 reissue, with real P90's, and the original style tailpiece. I'm sure the more recent is a more faithful rendition of the model. What are the thoughts if the older reissue? I don't know about the P100 pickups but like the Bigsby.
  6. Okay guys. I recently bought a '52 Gibson ES-125 at the Arlington Guitar Show a couple of weeks ago, and after getting it home I realized that the Gibson logo is off center on the headstock. I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't notice it when inspecting it at the show. After a closer look (with the naked eye), the logo appears to be a decal. Now I'm getting nervous! I've even questioned the originality of the finish. It looks awfully nice for a guitar this age. If it had indeed been refinished, it certainly wasn't disclosed to me at the show. Of course, I didn't exactly ask the question either. I'm starting to feel stupid and anxious about this. How can I tell if this guitar is indeed a Gibson guitar?
  7. Hey guys. I'm considering adding an ES-125 to my collection and was wondering if anyone could tell me the going value of one between the years (approx.) of 1948-1952. I've checked gbase and ebay... however, those are "asking" prices. Any thoughts here? Thanks
  8. This is the same type of bridge/tailpiece used on the ES-295. For all purposes... the 295 was virtually the same guitar as the 175d... minus the gold finish, "Les Paul" tailpiece, and creme colored pickups. I've actually been researching these, myself. I'm considering buying either an early-to-mid 50's ES-175 or ES-295 and was wondering if there are any intonation issues with this type of bridge.
  9. I use my '51 Fender Pro amp for just about anything... but especially jazz.
  10. I'm considering buying a vintage Gibson archtop this fall at the Arlington Guitar Show here in Texas next month and am considering either an ES-175 or ES-295. I realize that they are very similar guitars in many ways. Aside from the obvious finish differences, they have very different bridge/tailpieces. Can anyone tell me the advantage or benefit of the "Les Paul" type of bridge/tailpiece on the 295 over that of the style that's on the 175?
  11. I've noticed a lot of similarities between the vintage Gibson ES-175D and the ES-295. Aside from the obvious gold finish of the 295 and creme plastic parts, the only other difference I've found is with the bridge/tailpiece. I realize the tailpiece on the 295 is the same that was used on the early goldtop Les Paul models, while the 175 uses the more conventional type used on many of Gibson's other archtops. Can anyone tell me the benefit to the Les Paul type of tailpiece? Thanks
  12. @ Old Jazzer... Yep... that's me on LTG too. I don't have any Guilds... yet! So far, I'm looking at early 50's Gibson archtops, but am also considering a Guild x500. So many guitars... so little cash!!!
  13. Thanks for everyone's thoughts and inputs. I hope to get a high quality electric archtop this fall at the Arlington Guitar Show. I've been trying to weigh my options and take a look at several different guitars. My first choice would be an early 50's ES-5, 175, 295, or 350 with P-90's. However, as I said... these come with a fairly hefty price tag. My budget will be between $3-5k. Hopefully, I'll be able to find one of these models within that price range that feel and sound good to me. I'm also considering other guitars like early Epiphones and Guilds. Of course, I'll take into consideration putting P-94's into a guitar if it comes with humbuckers if that guitar has that certain "take me home" magic. I was just mainly curious to see if anyone else was hungering for new production archtop models from Gibson that came stock with P-90's. I wasn't aware that Gibson would custom build an archtop to individual specs. It's definitely worth looking into.
  14. I love Gibson archtops! I've got an '07 ES-335 (if that could be considered an archtop) but am really wanting to get a bigger, fully hollow, jazz box. I most definitely prefer the single coil tone of Gibson's P-90's, but in order to get an archtop with em in there, I've got to buy a vintage guitar. Let's face it... a vintage Gibson archtop costs as much or more than many used cars! Don't get me wrong, I really like the tone of a good '57 Classic humbucker... but I just can't believe that Gibson doesn't offer ANY new archtop loaded with P-90's. For pete's sake... you can at least get a cheap Epiphone version of the ES-295! But I'd like to find a good quality, American built gem that I'd be proud to own for decades. Obviously, Gibson doesn't mind putting the old style pickups in many of their solid body guitars. Why won't they make an ES-5, 175, 350, 295... etc... with P-90's? I'm sure I already know the answer... they've deemed that there just isn't enough demand to justify building these guitars in their production line. So... I guess this was just a frustrating rant. Anyone else share this opinion?
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