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  1. WOW, 9-0826. absolutely beautiful for such an old instrument.
  2. being a drummer first and guitarist second, here's my drum program... not quite as nice sounding as my real drums are, but a heck of a lot easier to record... Don
  3. agreed! I also think that previous successes are a factor: we're more apt to accept the 'less than brilliant' output from artists that have previously been so (but only to a point, of course.)
  4. i liked the look as well, and the combination of P90 and Burstbucker. it was a wonderful player too, electronics aside.
  5. i was just thinking, tell that to piano players... i've watched those things being tuned: does not look like fun. :)
  6. I didn't really care for the drum loops either, but then i tend to record my own drums anyway. :) i do want to learn more about this thing's onboard sampler: it looks like it could be fun to play with.
  7. if you're looking for a neat little "jack of all trades" rig, check out the Zoom R8. It can be AC, USB or battery powered, has built in condenser mics for quick recording, and can even function as an interface to your favorite PC digital recording software.
  8. brilliant! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX-T0eBr31w
  9. +1 on the fender mustang amps. a lot of bang for the buck.
  10. I think you mean the Dusk Tiger, not the Dark Fire... my Dark Fire had almost no chrome on it. I sold this one when I bought my R9, and I miss it. :)
  11. for that much, that's the LEAST it should do. My 10 year old son joined the school band this past year, playing flute. I got him into private lessons over last summer, and to my surprise, he's got a good ear and really took to it. I got him a starter flute for a couple hundred bucks, in lieu of doing the school rental thing. He did his first solo competition performance a couple of weeks ago. Chatted with his teacher, who recommended Yamaha flutes when he's ready to move up from the starter instrument. So I've learned all about these things: Plated Nickel vs Solid Silver, opposed versus inline, B foot vs C foot, french vs closed hole... holy crap there's a lot going on. Obviously the picture I posted was a top of the line instrument, but you can drop $2K to $3K like nothing on something that is really nothing more than a pipe with a bunch of holes cut in it (to paraphrase an earlier analogy.) Here's a pic of my little man killing it to a click track, preparing for his solo:
  12. A phenomenon not unique to guitars. Research the prices of other instruments too. For example: I guess there are instruments for every price range, level of quality, etc.
  13. I used to subscribe to XM, because I am a baseball addict and I live outside my favorite team's market. I stopped when smartphones became common and MLB started offering their own gameday audio, which i can stream to my phone, my PC, my TV, etc. A few years ago, i purchased a car with a Sirius receiver built in, and they keep emailing and calling, trying to get me to renew service. I've asked them every time "Since XM and Sirius are the same company, can I get baseball on my car radio now?" The answer is still always no, and then I tell them to call me back when I can: this has been going on for years now. That company really needs to get it all together.
  14. I had a Zoot SG, in black and natural, that sounded sweet. However it was very top heavy (neck dive) and not comfortable to play, so we parted ways. I LOVE this pickup combination, like that of the BFG. i have to read up, to see if it's weight relieved, chambered, whatever. (probably is) If they'd done this in the natural and black, I might have been interested: the "clowniness" of this finish is just a little too much.
  15. Seymour Duncan hosts a bunch of different wiring diagrams, that are fun to look at and think about. Here's a link: seymour duncan wiring diagrams Their take on the 2 humbuckers, 2 volumes, 2 tones, 3 way switch layout: 2 HB 2 V 2 T 3 Way Don
  16. watched it, and i dug it! the kid's got some chops. good luck! Don
  17. wow that is pretty! do you have more pics?
  18. I've had things go lost in the mail, damaged in the mail, etc. in every case the vendor has done right by me. (i am lucky, i guess). there are many good vendors, and it is a shame that this one is not doing the right thing by you. i agree, move on and give someone else your business.
  19. ready to start measuring voltages. then on to the more mundane task of working with wood and making a box for this. the little white "dots" that look like sand or dust on the chassis here is actually the flash reflecting from solder flux. that stuff splatters everywhere. :D i also made a slight mod: the output transformer can do either 4 ohm or 8 ohm loads, so I installed a switch to select this. I figured "why not?"
  20. i always liked the "old school" stuff. midnight special clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeUosbClag8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhnbn50XpaE Ace's solo in "She" is lifted from Robbie Krieger's solo in The Doors' "Five to One": I always liked that. :) Merry KISSmas!
  21. that's the same point i'm at right now too: wiring up a three prong power cable. i put a jack off the output transformer too, to make it easier to connect to other speakers, should i choose. i think my pictures may be an illusion: the transformers i'm using are actually standard champ-amp specs. Don
  22. i think playing starts when the instrument is used for the purpose it was designed. if you can make the wood and wire produce the sound you want/intend to produce, you're playing it. exceptions abound, for certain! :)
  23. Ever since I heard those bluegrass covers of popular rock songs (Hayseed Dixie, etc), I've wanted to learn this instrument too. I also say go for it, it looks like a lot of fun and that's a beautiful instrument! Don
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