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  1. +1 on the M1 Actives. I have a pair of 620s that I use with Logic, and they are surprisingly flat. _very_ good for the price. I listened to a LOT of speakers before i bought them. Don
  2. i think you gotta die young to have this effect. I wonder if Randy Rhoads would be as revered, if he was not killed in that plane crash in '82... a lot of it, i think, is speculation on what may have been. this is true with bands too: I wonder what Zep would have become if they just replaced Bonzo with another drummer. instead, they are legendary. as Neil Young said, "it's better to burn out than fade away." just my opinion, not tryin' to offend anyone. Don
  3. nice crunch! what are you using for that tone? ;-)
  4. +1 on Setzer. i think he's greatly underrated. more jazzy then rock when you listen closely. LOVE the big band stuff too, esp. the Glenn Miller covers. ;-)
  5. Ralph Macchio vs. Steve Vai, in "Crossroads." [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0QKbnCDW94[/YOUTUBE] <jk>
  6. Thanks! it is first gen, Serial # DF 0891. Gibson did the "May 2009" upgrades when I sent it in to have the piezo blend fixed, so it's all up to date: is that what you mean? Don
  7. i have a Dark Fire. I had some minor trouble right after getting it, specifically the piezo blend knob wasn't working, but a Gibson RMA too care of it quickly. I am still learning all its options, but from a computer recording perspective it is a lot of fun. The tuners are not that big on the Dark Fire, and I notice no additional weight or balance issues compared to my Standard. I like the tonal versatility, but I also fully admit it was an impulse buy: i paid less for it new than I did for my 08 Standard. some pics: Don
  8. i built an marshall style 18Watt (Lite IIb), and cannot drive it sweetness without shaking my house. dummy loads/attenuators are definitely worth it. Don
  9. my 2008 LP Standard. I would say my Dark Fire, but i am not sure i trust the electronics for the long haul. Don
  10. "Victim of Changes" was a staple in my teen garage band years. good times!
  11. 21, with 20 years experience. :-P
  12. +1. the DC juniors are nice looking...
  13. i have two Hendrix recordings that are just brilliant. one is called "Live at Winterland", and the other is "Blues." i HIGHLY recommend "Blues", it is not the Hendrix everyone is used to at all. i would say that at least indirectly, Malmsteen had to be influenced by Hendrix: i think we all are to some extent. i am influenced by everything i hear, all the time: even things i don't necessarily appreciate. ;-) Don
  14. i liked Richard Thompson until i saw him live: THEN i became obsessed. his performance blows away his recordings, easily. and because he's not one of the most popular guys in the US, its relatively easy to get great seats in small places (when he comes over here.)
  15. albert lee buddy guy derek trucks duane allman elmore james jimi otis rush richard thompson rory gallagher just a few: my list could seriously go on and on.
  16. the Bluesbreakers' Beano album is my favorite Clapton, particularly "Hideaway" and "Double Crossin Time". Such awesome tone. I don't care for much post Cream, again not that i think he is bad.
  17. my 2008 standard, iced tea. -Don
  18. shades of two LP Studios... Angel Devil -Don
  19. I called customer service and got an RMA today. thanks, Don
  20. Hi all, i purchased my Dark Fire, #0891, on 1/2/2010. i've been reading a LOT about this guitar and all it can do, as I wait for my RIP to arrive. I phoned in my "RIP Rebate" pretty much the day i brought the guitar home. i've just learned that my guitar's firmware is not the latest: it has 02.0.109 according to function 99. i believe this means that my guitar needs all the other changes that were in the may 2009 updates too. but, as i understand it, the RIP would be sent back along with the guitar for this update, but i don't have it yet. how long is the wait time on turnaround for new RIPs now? i know initially it was a long wait, based on what i've read here. i've also emailed this question to customer service, and am waiting on a reply. i'll call gibson customer service, but i am wondering if there is anything i should know before i do, so i ask the right questions, etc. i appreciate any suggestions. thanks! Don
  21. Hi! I just picked up my DF on 01/02/2010. I kinda like the symmetrical nature of that date. I'm now waiting for my RIP to show up from Gibson, phoned in for it earlier this week. I had looked at this guitar in mid '09, but bought an '08 standard back then. glad i waited, i got this one for a song... impressions so far: love the power tuning, it spoils ya. i've also been re-reading the manual a lot, trying to understand the options and features available. it was a trip re-stringing, that's for sure. i'm looking forward to recording, i'm a mac/logic guy so i am excited to see what i come up with when i plug in digitally. reading about guitar rig, it looks like a playground for ideas too. as far as the analog stuff goes: this is my first guitar with a P90 in it. i was floored when i plugged into my little princeton amp, and kicked it up. wow! i'm thinking about putting a duncan phat cat in one of my other guitars now too.. looking forward to learning more, i am going back through all the old posts here now. cheers! Don
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