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  1. minor update. The sockets and transformers are mounted, rectifier tube socket wired and filament wires connected. I made a slight deviation from the original layout, connecting pins 2 and 7 on the 6V6 and 6SJ7 to both of the 6.3V leads, instead of pin 7 straight to ground on the 6V6 and pin 2 straight to ground on the 6SJ7. Next up is wiring the fuse socket, pilot light and power switch.
  2. beautiful! love the creme bobbin look: classic!
  3. yes, it is! :) i have a beater unibit i use for cutting holes in metal, along with a bunch of reinforced dremel cutting wheels.. by far the most annoying part of building (to me at least). I'm gonna try my hand at box joints again on the cabinet, that should be fun too.
  4. 5C1 parts all present and accounted for. I started by bending a small sheet of metal into the chassis shape, then cutting all the holes... sizing up the locations: holes cut, dremeled, sanded: I need to cut one more hole, for the power connector (oops). Then, paint and start wiring. Also, got a really cool old 6" speaker (with a rebuilt cone): Don
  5. my LPs: i have to take a "family" pic, and get my non-Gibsons in the mix. :)
  6. This system board won't use any RAM beyond the 8GB already installed, but the other posts mentioning 64 bit windows are good ones: 64 bit is required to take advantage of any memory above 4GB. Replacing a system board with a newer one is not that difficult, but it is something to read up on in advance. Also, once you start upgrading, things can snowball: you find ways to justify additional upgrades, and so on, and... :) 8GB should be enough memory for most tasks. Don
  7. I did some reading up on this System, Motherboard and CPU: it seems that this system board is maxed with (4) 2GB DIMMs. this eMachines system does seem to use a standard atx form factor system board, so that may be an option: or maybe a barebones system that can be filled out with the drives and peripherals she already has. hth, Don
  8. I'm almost embarrassed to admit, but I did not see any of the olympics. I too always welcome the chance to see him perform: I only hope I'm still kicking like that when I reach his age. :)
  9. maybe it's my age showing, but this actually sounds kind of interesting. i wonder what they're going to play. :)
  10. so i bought another new mic: TLM 102. test recordings are in progress. pretty, huh? :)
  11. Not entirely true. For example, I have an app on my iPad called lpTouch that is a full featured control surface for Logic Pro. And because it works over wifi, I can sit at my drums or anywhere else away from the computer desk, and control the transport, channel strip, EQ, etc. wire free. The app was $5: try finding a wireless control surface even close to that in price (including the iPad). :) Cheers, Don
  12. I work in Corporate IT for a very large payroll provider (you probably can guess which one), and in the last year, we are now allowed to replace our off-lease PC notebooks with MacBooks, and replace our Blackberries with iPhones. The project I am on right now offers browser based (and mobile) Payroll and HR, supporting IE, Firefox, Chrome, and yes, Safari. This said, unless MS decides to stop selling Exchange, Visual Studio or SQL Server, they're not going anywhere. -Don
  13. What a great idea! The photos look great, and that's a beautiful top there.
  14. I'm sourcing a 5C1 Champ build. american made NOS tubes and the transformers: I'm not sure yet if i am going to lay out a tagboard, wire it point to point or copy the original 1950's chassis mounting. just waiting on some octal sockets and a speaker at this point. Don
  15. check out Cordoba guitars, even the chinese made models. I have two Cordobas: a C7, which has a cedar top/rosewood body, and it's a wonderful instrument, esp when you see that they're ~ $500. But my baby is a Solista Flamenca (cedar neck, cypress body, spruce top) and while a lot more expensive than the C7 in price is still reasonably priced for a handmade instrument. this guitar is brighter sounding than the C7, and the neck is incredible. My advice is to play many different models before you buy, and buy in a store vs. ordering online. Maybe it's just me, but with acoustic instruments i feel there is a greater variance from instrument to instrument, even with the same model (the nature of handmade i guess). The solista is a beautiful guitar: good luck! Don
  16. It's a notebook PC. I also didn't want to attempt a dual boot on the drive the machine came with, and wanted to preserve the factory installation and recovery partition image on the original drive. hard drives are cheap enough now anyway. :-)
  17. buy the upgrade for $15, burn it to DVD, and save it. worth the price. there are ways to get around the "Modern OS" interface if you search around a bit. I did this upgrade, but first I picked up a 500GB notebook hard drive (~$50), and put the original drive on the shelf: switching back to the stock OS is easy as pie now, should I desire. have fun! Don
  18. I use all three of these brands too. my work issued PC is an HP Elitebook, which I currently have no control over nor can avoid. :) my personal notebook is a Toshiba, running both mac OSX (hackintosh) and now the new Windows 8. my main personal machine is a 27" Core i7 iMac, which I do almost all my main computing and entertainment with. I also run several versions of Windows and Linux in Parallels VM on the Mac, for both fun and testing purposes. all three are quality machines FWIW, but the Mac without question gets the most use, being on 24/7 and all. I'm also told by my IT guys at work that when my issued PC comes off lease I can replace it with a macbook air, which I will do. Don
  19. +1. you can get a simple multimeter at a home supply store or even radio shack for next to nothing now. VERY worth the investment in learning to use it. Don
  20. have fun! i just sourced parts to build a 5C1 champ, looking forward to the build. for transformers and even kits, check out Triode Electronics in Chicago. good stuff. Triode Electronics keep up posted on your build! Don
  21. found this humorous link: The Fine Line Between Stupid and Clever: KISS vs. Spinal Tap quote: "It's March of 2000. I'm at a KISS concert at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim (now Honda Center). The band launches into the opening riff of their classic song "Love Gun". Lead singer Paul Stanley is hooked up to a contraption designed to lift him twenty-five feet in the air and "fly" him to a smaller stage set up in the middle of the crowd. Halfway through the journey, though, something goes awry and instead of landing on the stage Paul gets stuck and is left swinging back and forth over the audience.[1] Not wanting to abort the song, Gene Simmons takes over the lead vocals but even after twenty years, Gene has somehow never memorized the lyrics to "Love Gun." So now we have Paul swinging around helplessly, Gene butchering the vocal, and Peter Criss nearly falling off his drum stool he's laughing so hard. Ace Frehley, as usual, is completely oblivious."
  22. for REALLY good training dvd specific to the DP-3, check out David Wills' site: proaudiodvds.com. The tutorial he produces is sold by TASCAM on their site too, and is really good: totally worth the $30. he pretty much covers every feature the device offers, and it's enjoyable to watch too.
  23. DP-03 is awesome: my ONLY gripe with it is the lack of editing in beats and bars. That said, check some drum loops out online, load them up over USB and then into a stereo pair on the DP-03, then copy to extend them as needed. editing on the TASCAM portastudios is actually a lot of fun (and non-destructive with undo.) have fun! cheers, Don
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