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  1. The JTM 45 and 1959 did indeed have a NFB control. This particular amp has a power amp section like the 1974X (the 18W), and does not.
  2. you need a sticker on it like this: http://www.funbumperstickers.com/detail.aspx?ID=4165 awesome! Don
  3. I tune my drums to themselves, adjusting tension at each lug for a clear, even tone. As long as the relative pitch across the toms sounds musical I an happy, but I spend a lot of time tweaking my snares. I personally favor a 'military tattoo' sound, but appreciate where a 'cannon' is required. :-)
  4. update on my 18W amp head. been working the cabinet, and finally stained, distressed and polycoated it. i like the distressed look, which masks my poor sanding job well. :) it's actually shinier and smoother than it appears in these pics. i have new knobs on order, and will start the faceplates next. Don
  5. Awesome job, welcome to the club! Prepare to get addicted... Don
  6. If you then buy the instrument you're playing, they won't mind.
  7. Rangemaster is an excellent build, very simple and great sounding. I've built quite a few different effects now, and it's the one I actually _use_ the most. The EA tremolo is a lot of fun too. No one says you have to stop building after one: I'm doing an Octavia now. :-) Don
  8. +1 on the class5, a 1974x would be a bit much for the bedroom at 18W. The class5 will get you close and save your ears some wear and tear. :-)
  9. Go for it! And, let us know how the build goes. Have fun! Don
  10. I've been sanding and finishing the last month or so... it's starting to look like an amp should. still a ways to go though, mostly finishing up work on the cabinet. my 18W head so far: definitely recommend building one... loads of fun.
  11. in their defense, they did hire Dave Garibaldi... phenomenal player. :) didn't Victor Conte of "BALCO" fame figure in there for a while too? great story!
  12. congratulations! what a beautiful guitar. i think i have to avoid going to try one of these out...
  13. ok, this really cracked me up. :) thanks for sharing!
  14. that is really interesting looking! i would need to hear before a purchase though. Don
  15. Andy, that is some beautiful woodwork. i don't think i'll ever come close to that. GibsonGuy1, this amp actually is based on Marshall(s), being a mashup of a "plexi" styled pre amp and an 18W power/output section. It doesn't have a negative feedback control (presence), but it would not be too difficult to modify/add. That said, i kinda like it the way it is. I don't think the early Marshall amps had it either, until around 1969 or so. thanks! Don
  16. rough cuts complete. next up: sanding, glueing/screwing the thing together, then rounding the edges and vents. it's actually looking better than i thought it would. Don
  17. If you got shocked and are still talking about it: it could have been worse. Hope the rest of the year goes better for ya! Don
  18. No, thank God! re-wiring them would really suck... :-) Don
  19. No reason at all Andy, that's just the way I mounted the sockets. It was easier to solder the wires in that way, and then a straight shot to the other pins with the heater wires already in place. :-) Thanks! Don
  20. my amp head cabinet progress, rough cuts of pine: lots of sanding and fitting next. un-fun.
  21. with all the talk about "Pi" around here, i'm getting hungry... so I etched up a slice... Don
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