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  1. Unfortunately no, but after some research I found a shop that makes laser engraving on plates at a reasonable price (the laser engraving is more accurate and cheaper than milling engraving, but needs to engrave 2 times to get the same depth of a milling cutter). Cut to shape, engraving filled with enamel, costs around 40 euros.
  2. Yes Dave, the dots are in mop...I have the same j200 custom in burst as yours. I love it!!
  3. Thanks BK, no business here, just a great passion for gibson acoustics...If anyone is interested, I can suggest the steps to reproduce the original pickguard, the material that can be cutted/engraved with a cnc laser engraver, etc...
  4. hi folks, just wanna share my last customization, I replaced the rubbery pickguard on my standard j200 with a self made custom scratchplate. I drawed the guard with illustrator then cutted and engraved with a laser machine. I decided to left out the rings around the rosette, I like better the look now. What do you think?Merry Christmas to all!!
  5. Deguitar79, look for modifications in the back of the headstock, you should see the footprint of the previous tuners, the imperials, as JC said...i followed that guitar a few months ago....
  6. The Grover 135 vintage measures 10 from the centre of the screw hole to the centre of the post, the rotomatics 10,5, so I don't consider the 135 vintage as a direct swap from rotomatics...
  7. Thanks to all for your valuable advice, I'll keep you informed!
  8. Thanks for your advice mates! my main concern with the Gator lightweight foam case I using now it was precisely about the insulation from temperature changes, in fact is closed by a zip from one side and on the opposite side there's a gap all along the lids...I know the Hiscox cases, a bit pricey but very well built, perhaps a little bulky...generally speaking, you think that an ABS/POLY case a offer better protection from temperature changes than a wooden one?
  9. I have the Reunion Blues Continental for my Dif, but it seems that the only Reunion Blues for jumbo models is the leather one...
  10. Hi guys, I need your advice...I'm a singer, I work alot in studio sessions, as a backing vocalist in TV Shows, and I perform regularly with a band in large to small live music clubs here in italy...lately it happened to me to play my acoustic more frequently in live gigs where normally I limit myself to sing (we have new songs that require an acoustic guitar and I'm the only one with hands-free). I usually carry my J200 with a lightweight hard foam case, but I don't feel so secure with it. On the other hand I don't wanna use the original case 'cause I don't want to ruin i (it also weighs a lot
  11. I switched to bone saddle too on my J200 Custom, but I must say that the tusq works better on UST equipped acoustics, in terms of string balance issues. With a new saddle, remember to always check the saddle bottom for flatness.
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