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  1. LOL! I was banned from site... which I think is amazing! Ok, rock gods... keep doing nothing! I'm dropping my CD next month. You will hear about it but you wont hear it from me... thanks for the laughs. ROCK ON Wanna-be dudes!
  2. LOL! Very creative posts... I wish I was all talk and not all ROCK!!!! Soon, we are going into mix down but I do have one (well many, but that’s personal) problem with posting my music. The fact that I tend to shoot off mouth so don’t let that reflect negatively on the mega talent I work with… I’m the kid in the sand box kicking dirt… they are building sand castles. Yes I write and sing and play a bit, I like to think that I’m an artist and not a musician. When the sand settles, I will post. Yes some posters will be very pissed off how awesome it is... but hey, go &%$# yourself. Thank you. Now let me get to the gym to fire up these ROCK HARD GUNS OF STEEL!
  3. [crying]My favorite album of all time[crying]
  4. When they're not busy killing athletes.
  5. It was another great night in the recording studio… Laying down some final vocal tracks before mix down. I did read all the posts (some very funny, thank you) and it proves who rocks and who doesn’t… you know who you are, so put down that guitar and walk away… thank you and God bless you my fans. Thank you.
  6. All I have to do is start a thread and see who gets their little panties in a bunch when I post brilliant artistic articulations and you push the "report abuse" button and then some admin-dude comes along and locks the thread out LOL! Believe me, some of you are ROCK but others... I think you know who you are... WILL NEVER BE ROCK-N-ROLL! So put down your guitar and walk away… Show Tunes are more your speed. GO tuck your junk in-between your legs, put on some high-heels and lipstick and press PLAY on your LIZA MINNELLI CD! Now why don’t all you Sallies out there push that button… GO AHEAD! DO IT! EARN THOSE PANTIES!!! LOL!
  7. I dont do drugs but thank you... I am man and man is violent. end of story. Not sure who the seeds are but congrats... bronze star for you devol.
  8. Sorry but I could not get back to everyone because I was in the studio last night... something you all should be doing. CD coming along ****ING GREAT! Hey, who the hell said anything about ketchup on a hotdog? And next time I get up to Chicago for a dog, just for kicks I will ask for ketchup and then punch the guy in the face. Ketchup is for fries in this situation and post started as fun because I was picking on my girlfriend for having Publix brand but she's hot and cool and she's a lead singer of a killer band so she can get away with it. Some of you **** weeds however LOL!
  9. Yes you can tune manual, it's easy. When tuners are pushed in (robot) when pulled out (manual). If they are really letting them go for $500... PICK ONE UP! They are awesome guitars... I have the Les Paul. Never had any problems with mine and everybody loves it. Crazy if you dont buy one... something smells fishy. Retail on mine was $4,000 and I picked it up for $1k.
  10. Hell yeah! You sound great man!
  11. I always go in with blank slate... I seem to be more creative that way.
  12. I'm sure you were well aware of that before I started this post...
  13. Only if you're English... I'm Scottish!
  14. Walk straight into their kitchen, open up the refrigerator and see what kind of ketchup they have. If they have Hunts… there is a chance their communist. If they own a Publix brand or generic brand… run like hell they could have a hole dug in basement with lotion in the basket. For crying out loud people of the earth, the three most important creations known to man. 1. Oxygen 2. Gibson Guitars 3. Heinz Ketchup
  15. Lay some tasty riffs, play over and over and form a melody to riffs .... feel the power flow up and down the musical shapes... roll out some abstract words and then and only then will the gods smile onto you and let you create a perfect formula of words and melodies to the ears... our ears are like vaginas... we need to fill them with our rock hard jams! Sounds like something Jack Black would say but this is true. Keep it simple and think not technical but artistic. I started writing songs about 3 months ago and playing an instrument for the first time... I'm not tainted and this makes me a master! Being ignorant is a beautiful thing. I will be posting my music as soon as we are done in studio... TASTY!
  16. Nothing but after watching "part" of a movie the other night I hear this song which was stuck in my head and here I found it on youtube and played it for my girlfriend lastnight... remember this one hit wonder? <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=" &hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" &hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
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