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  1. Seymour Duncan Antiquity Mini-Humbuckers are my favourite, I had mine potted too just to make sure.....
  2. I used to have this problem when playing my casino and my swamp ash strat and I too thought if I moved the strap button that it would help, but it didn't! For me, I found out that I was subconsciously tensing my shoulder expecting a heavier guitar (I usually play LP's) and this was causing the problem, it wasn't until a yoga-teaching friend of mine showed me some exercises and a new posture (playing in front on a mirror so I could keep an eye on myself really helped) that it improved greatly. Hope this helps!
  3. You can get them from the official Epi parts distributor in your country..... Here tthey are in the UK Epiphone mini humbuckers
  4. Headstock logo looks like Ozark but could be wrong.....
  5. RTH, will these pics do? Pelham Blue Casino
  6. Congratulations on a superb find and welcome to the turquoise club! I had the pickups rewound by Bare Knuckle and they chime like a clock shop at midday. What amp do you have?
  7. 'ML' stands for 'metallic light blue'. My turquoise casino is Casino TQ Natural ones are Casino NA Cherry ones are Casino CH etc etc etc Are you looking to sell it?
  8. I have Seymour Duncan Antiquity PAFs in my Lucille and couldn't be happier :)
  9. Attach a long piece of string to each of the old pots/switches etc BEFORE you remove them, as you pull them out the string will thread through the guitar and out of the f-holes. Then just snip the thread, re-attach to the new pots/switches and pull back through........... made it sound simple, didn't I? lol
  10. Yes!!!! What we really need is a full line up, from Firebird I right through to VII with options of Mini-Hums or P90s, vibratos or stop-bars and for all of them to come with a proper hard case. I'll take mine in Cardinal red with 3 x P90s and a short vibrato.
  11. I have a set of these and absolutely love them, they will play nearly all styles and just sing like no other - http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/electric/specialized/mini-humbucker/1101411_12_anti/ Good Luck!
  12. Depends.........do you have Black Jack, Roulette and Poker?
  13. I have SD Antiquitys in my Lucille and couldn't recommend them enough!
  14. I had one for a while and really enjoyed it, however it doesn't sound or play like a 'normal' firebird, it is just infact an odd shaped SG! I would suggest you play one first and can get around the shape/weight distribution etc but it definitely seems to fit the bill for you good luck
  15. It's just a rosewood board I'm afarid, which to be honest adds a nice bit of warmth to the maple body and neck. Yep, that is the Goldtop, I will take some more photos and bump the old thread
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