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  1. 44 Greetings and Salutations from the "sunny side"! :)

  2. "Would the departed never nowhere nohow reappear? Ever he would wander, selfcompelled, to the extreme limit of his cometary orbit, beyond the fixed stars and variable suns and telescopic planets, astronomical waifs and strays, to the extreme boundary of space, passing from land to land, among peoples, amid events."

  3. I agree with the statements you made in the bridge-pin-thread, but unfortunately logic is often powerless on internet forums -- and everywhere else for that matter... :-)

  4. Take it easy, Freddy. The person in question obviously knows nothing about scholarship, so why waste time arguing? Don't forget the Zappa quote! :)

  5. When you quit, this site lost a good moderator.


  6. Thanks for the response to my question! You're the only person in the forum who gave me a relevant answer. Maybe the other guys are buying too many Fenders... :)

  7. cheers for the add, I very much like the points you make and the way you say em! :)


  8. Sorry to hear about your loss. I realize that nothing anyone can say will make it better, but at least she won't be suffering anymore. My heart-felt condolences to you and your family.

  9. Thanks, I use it all over the internet...

    Not many people recognize it.

  10. Great choice for a forum name!

  11. Thanks man, he was, and still is a huge influence on my life, I really appreciate your comment

  12. I really liked the story about your grandfather. Thanks for sharing that.

  13. RE: REM. I can dig what you are saying. The IRS years are amazing. So many killer songs. I do think their Warner Bros. years were great too (outside of Shiny Happy People and Stand. What were they thinking?). Monster rocks and you can see growth and exploration into new avenues through the Warner Bros. years. It didn't go completely South until Berry left.

  14. Hey, you asked why I think REM sold out. I didn't want to hijack the thread, but IMO the "beginning of the end" coincided with the move to the big label. Maybe it's got nothing to do with that, but the IRS years were great, and the stuff for Sony is not...

  15. Aging a guitar artificially is like getting a tattoo: Think about it, before you do it. Otherwise, you may end up regretting your decision.
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