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    I give up!!

    If you're having alcoholic beverages, taking some type of medication, or just plain tired, don't rush when moving the guitar from A to B. Obviously scuffs and dings are likely to result under these circumstances. (Not that any of these issues pertain to you.) Also, it's my opinion that it's best to keep your Gibby in a case, not on a stand where someone may accidentally knock it off the stand, put a dinger or two on it, and not tell you about it. I don't trust anyone near my Gibby's; in fact I lock them in a room when I'm not home. I trust my "kids" that are now young adults, but I
  2. iddude

    2008 LP Robot

    I thought I replied to this post; apparently I didn't. I really like my robot SG too. I don't understand why the GOR is considered a "special" model with a bound ebony fingerboard without dots. At least there are two robots that are liked by their owners.
  3. That's a nice looking EB3. I had an Epi EB0 and really liked the short scale. However, I really like the low B string and recently got a Fender Deluxe 5 string in ash. Using the same amp, there's obviously a huge difference in sound between the basses. I think it depends on the type of music you play. IMO; Gibson makes the nicest guitars; Fender makes the best basses. Having said that, I would like to get an EB2 hollowbody! I've addressed the possibility of a reissue of an EB2 in the past; I think it would be an awesome bass that would sell well. Unfortunately I think Gibson is
  4. Plus 1 to Blaster's comment about the use of a wide strap. I have a non-reverse Bird and other Gibbys to include SG's; they all balance better IMO with a nice wide strap. The suede straps they Levy makes I like a lot.
  5. I can sympathize with you about not being able to play your guitar. I haven't been able to touch any of my Gibby's for over a week due to the need to be with my hospitalized son. I'm glad I could be with him through the recovery (he's doing great), but being unable to play even a little is painful! Tomorrow we'll be home, can't wait! Hope you're able to play again soon.
  6. Congrats on your 1000th post! It's more about content, not so much about the number. Thanks for your thoughtful input.
  7. Any band that sounds like Sabbath or Deep Purple are O.K. in my book. Thanks!
  8. The only BC Rich that struck my fancy is the 10 string BC Rich Bich. I think that's how it's spelled.
  9. One of my passions involve my 71 Dodge Demon 340 with Hurst 4 speed in "go green". I also like to ride my triathlon/time trial bicycle so that I can save money for the Demon and get some needed exercise.
  10. Can't wait to see the 50th anniversary SG! I think Gibson will incorporate some of their finest features from some of their novel guitars they have recently introduced; and some other modern and incredible features. It will totally catch Gibson aficionados off guard! It'll be a 7 string baritone with a 27" scale with holes like the holy Explorer. A bi pod (like a Harris bi pod installed at the fore end of the stock on a rifle) will be recessed in the lower back of the body that can support the guitar without a stand. A simple push of an arcade button on the back of the peg head wi
  11. I'm impressed; will have to check-out the same hardware at a Lowe's.
  12. I really like the TV colors; have a white bird and a yellow SG. Natural looks great too.
  13. Looks like you have one of the black Gibson 61 Reissues from 2007 that was a GOM (guitar of the month). If it is, I have one just like it. As for me, I have a Marshall Mode 4 full stack. Based on your needs, maybe a Gibson half stack would suit your needs well. I would suggest that you take your guitar to a store with a variety of amps and let your ears do the listening.
  14. Sorry; I couldn't help but peek. Glad I did.
  15. I think Gibson should use the Paper Jamz SG type paper copy with the cool design and make a real Gibson SG with the same design in black and white.
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