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  1. LOLWUT? Why is Gibson putting nails in guitars?
  2. Definitely. Those style knobs were like, the first thing to go when Gibson bought Epiphone.
  3. My apologizes. Must have been a super limited run, 'cause I keep up with new releases pretty well. And in more news, I STILL WANT ONE.
  4. And by that you mean the 1970's. And they weren't really 'budget.' They were cheaper than American made guitars at the time, still expensive. In other news, I WANT ONE BAD.
  5. Checkout Allparts and Stew-Mac.
  6. Were you using flatwound strings? You GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA use roundwounds to get the 'mwah'
  7. Currently, four. An Explorer, a Flying V, an Elite Les Paul, and an Elitist 335. I guess I have five if you count the hot mess that is the broken Les Paul Custom, but we don't talk about that anymore. As far as Epis I used to have: Sunburst Firebird Studio. Hated the Steinberger tuners. Sold. Blue Sparkle Les Paul Deluxe with mini humbuckers. Traded for a Peavey Classic 50. Antique White Les Paul Custom. Like an Epi Randy Rhodes model. Wish I still had it. Traded for the broken black LPC. Black G-400. Only had it like, three days. Traded for an American Strat body.
  8. Kind of condescending, but whatever. I'm just saying that some pickups become acceptable or even good with better components. And why would you even think about running your $300 Lollars, or what have you, through sh*tty Alpha mini pots?!? Doesn't make any sense to me. Quality components are easier and cheaper than pickups, new pickups are a next step. And this is coming from someone who has had 6 different sets of pickups in one of my instruments.
  9. I disagree. I've found that high quality components can make "meh" quality pickups sound extraordinary. Replace the wiring first and if you still don't like it then do the pickups.
  10. The guy is full of crap. The TN floods were over a year and a half ago, and Gibson still cranks out almost 700 guitars a day. Oh and Epiphones are made in China, so what happens over in the Gibson building shouldn't have much, if any, effect on the shipment of Epis.
  11. Gibson had a big job-fair last month. Added about 200 positions. Maybe the demand is just too high right now? If they've had to hire that many new people...
  12. I broke the screen on my laptop so I'm relegated to using a phone to post stuff, and I'm having trouble with the pictures. I've posted it before, you could probably search me and find a picture of it.
  13. I love the natural finish. I almost want to see what the wood on my DC-200 looks like. Almost. (It's painted white, I'll put up a photo later. I really hate that I can't do that from my phone.)
  14. Turn the gain up and hold it near the speaker. You'll get plenty of feedback.
  15. That's what, about an '80 DC-150 Stereo?
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