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  1. Sounds to me like Randy Smith, founder, owner, and designer of Mesa amps, wanted to stay more focused on designing amps with less focus on management, in addition to insuring the security of his workers: “I’m 75 years-old and still at work every day. This is my art and many of our crew have worked along my side for 30 to 40 years. As we witnessed JC and Cesar transform Gibson, we saw kindred spirits sharing common values and a fierce dedication to quality... Today, Gibson’s guitars are the best-ever and when they asked if we’d like to become Gibson’s Custom Shop for Amplifiers, we envisioned a perfect collaboration that would expand our outreach while preserving our legacy beyond my time... Gibson realizes the unique value of what we’ve all built together and this next chapter in the Mesa/Boogie story is a continuation of that dream. I am so fortunate for this partnership with the new Gibson after 50 years of doing what I love. It’s been the ride of my life… and it ain’t over yet!”
  2. And it is NOT recommended for RLS, but it seems to relieve it in my wife so she can sleep. She now sleeps longer and more soundly than ever.
  3. My wife has RLS and doesn't sleep well. She started taking Melatonin with very good results, and it is safer than other RLS medications.
  4. The Nudie suit always looked like Liberace to me, so yeah, western wear has always looked gay to me ever since. I've never had much use for negative opinions about bands or people for that matter. I've always been a live and let live kinda guy. I've posted here only once in the last six months or so. I check in occasionally mainly to see if this place has changed, and it hasn't. In this thread, there have been at least two rules violations, and it seems the moderator(s) has, again, decided to take a vacation. Ten years ago, the ban-hammer would have fallen for some of these posts. For the most part this place still sucks, but it was my first guitar forum, so there is some sentimental value that draws me back. Like everything these days, people on all sides are outraged by, and overly sensitive to, anything that doesn't fit their own agenda, or anyone who disagrees with them.
  5. One of the takeaways for me is that you need to keep all of the paperwork (esp. sales receipts) and fill out and return all warranty info. It may also be possible that if you buy a used guitar, that will void the warranty.
  6. Yeah, I was expecting a re-fret, too. But really, it would have needed new neck binding with a re-fret. I guess they decided it wasn't worth the time and effort to do that. It is also worth mentioning that the first guitar I returned ended up back on the wall at GC. It made me think that if you buy a guitar off the wall at a GC, there might be a good chance it is a return. I'll never buy another guitar from GC... won't even go into their store. Part of the problem is that where I live now is in a geographical oddity... two hours from any brick and mortar store. Sweetwater is the only place I'd order from, because it seems to me they do a thorough inspection of all guitars they handle. I'd trust them over any GC or Musician's Friend.
  7. That is a very good question. The ES-335 was my third electric in ten years (the first was a 1996 Studio LP, the second, a 1999 AS Strat). I'd played others, but still a novice buyer even though I'd played mostly acoustics on and off since 1965. I went to GC (40 miles away) and bought one off the wall. Not being a confident buyer, I relied on a local tech/luthier to set the guitar up and find the defects. The first one had an irreparably twisted and unstable neck, so I returned it to the GC. They had the one I kept shipped directly to my house from a GC in Birmingham. I took that guitar back to the same tech, they did the setup, but did not report any defects. Honestly, I didn't notice real issues with the defects until after the return policy expired. At that point, I realized that I had made a mistake in not returning that guitar, so I decided to live with it. I played it, but every time I took it out of the case, all I could see was the defects, and I had to change my technique to be careful in the way I did pull offs and vibratos. I stabilized the (first and 6th) string with other fingers behind the ones doing the pull offs and vibratos, and made sure there was no pulling down at all on the first string. Dozens of guitars later, I just wasn't playing it. I just got to the point where I didn't enjoy playing it, and finally decided that I would see what Gibson would do about it. I sent pics of the defects to customer service, and they advised me to ship the guitar to them for a warranty evaluation. I guess they figure you're serious if it means enough to you to spend that much on shipping charges. Several days after it was received in Nashville, I was advised that the guitar would be replaced. (Oh happy day!) From that day, it took about three weeks to receive the new one. So, the reality is that Gibson allowed a sub-par to get out of the Memphis facility (actually, two that ended up in my hands), GC does not return bad guitars to Gibson (and in fact, tries to sell them off to inexperienced buyers like me), and I was so jacked about having a 335 (and disappointment from continually going through the inconvenience of the return cycle) that my judgment was clouded. A trail of bad decisions starting with Gibson manufacturing and QC in Memphis.
  8. And so far, I also prefer the "Calibrated T-Type" pickups to the 57 Classics. But I need more playing time with them. They are cleaner, more articulate, and perhaps not quite as warm. The neck is slightly thicker than the thin neck on the original, but not significant enough to be an issue. According to the serial number, the guitar was stamped on Sep. 8th, 2020 and made in Nashville. The original was made in 2007 in Memphis. The new guitar was priced almost $200-300 higher, including the case, but the guitar was replaced at no charge, except for the shipping costs and insurance ($177) to send the old one back to Nashville.
  9. Well, it's a long story, but to make it short, the neck binding/nibs were very sloppy, and the frets were tapered toward the nibs in a way that caused the strings to slip off of the side of the fretboard in a way that made it difficult to do pull-offs and vibratos. There were other defects, but these were the intolerable ones. Apparently, Gibson agreed that these defects in workmanship were severe enough to warrant replacement. What surprised me was, not that they acknowledged the defects, but that they would honor the warranty after 13 years.
  10. The only reason I'm posting this here today is to express my appreciation to Gibson Customer Service for replacing a defective, 13 year old ES-335, honoring the lifetime warranty on all Gibsons for defects in workmanship. I really wasn't expecting them to replace the guitar, but they did, and for that I'm very grateful. The replacement guitar appears to be flawless in every way. Thanks to customer service for supporting the integrity of the brand.
  11. You don't get it, dood. I think I'm just gonna ignore the entire forum.
  12. To be clear, ghost, I'm not calling anybody out. In fact, I really have no negative feelings toward you or anyone else. But I have noticed a lot of "political" posts lately, and they do not interest me at all. I've been on this forum for over ten of the twelve or so years of this forum's existence, and I've seen the best and worst of this forum over those years. What I'm seeing lately is like looking at a fish on land taking its last gasp. You may not be a reason for the forum's demise. You just seem to be a major contributor during the process. I'm not blaming you for that. This place has bottomed out for many, many months... a fairly large group with very little interesting to say.
  13. Feels like I'm watching the slow demise of the Gibson Lounge. Seems moderators have just decided to watch it burn hoping it will burn itself out. They should have been totally intolerant of political posts from the very beginning. There might be a few more regulars still here if they had. The fact is, I don't agree with many who post here, and I find that I like the people here a lot more when I don't have to read about their politics... even implied. I know I'm as guilty as anyone, and for that I apologize, but I never initiate anything, and like so many others, I'll probably leave if it's allowed to go on.
  14. I don't play out, so it's easy for me to get the sounds I want in a medium size room with the equipment I've got. I'm happy enough with my tone until I try to record it. I call it the quantum effects of recording... the tone is never exactly where I want it. I can never duplicate the sound in my room on a recording, but I know next to nothing about recording, and I'm not interested in learning or spending the time and money to get it where I'd like it. Not worried about it. I record most of my new music just to have it done and move on. If you include technique in a person's overall tone, that's a little different. I tend to like my tone better when I let just let go, play how I feel, and stop thinking about it. Sometimes a shot of tequila helps that.
  15. Yes, Sgt. Pepper's vinyl collection looks very similar to mine. I have 10 and a half Peaches crates, probably 800-1000 records, all from the late '60s to around 1990. Many in the US might remember Peaches Record Store out of Atlanta who supplied peach crates specifically for storing records. All of my vinyl is stored at a friend's house in an AC controlled storage room about 90 miles away, and my hi-fi/turntable is stored with me in an upstairs attic. I just don't have room for it all. As bad as my hearing is, even hearing aids do not come close to providing me with normal hearing. Digital is adequate for me.
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