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  1. This is basically what the difference is in wind count, with the lower count being a little cleaner with lower apparent output... better definition, I'm told. Covers add some warmth, I'm told.
  2. Allan Holdsworth endorses Carvin (Kiesel) headless guitars. I wouldn't own one, either.
  3. Yep. This place is sterile. Duane has chased out more members than any other moderator. He plays guitar and pisses sitting down... why he's never needed a strap lock.
  4. That's from the banana.
  5. Yep. I have a set, and this is definitely an improvement.
  6. Burstbuckers... Seems like you either love 'em of hate 'em. In my case, without going to a boutique pickup, I think they are perfect for LPs, especially those offered from Gibson. They're bright, have a certain bite or grit that I like, and they seem to be more focused toward the mid-high end than, say, 57 classics, which are muddier to my ears.
  7. zigzag


    I like my 57 classics in my 335, and I like my Burstbuckers in my LP Standard. I think that's where they belong. BTW, purdy guitar, Bill.
  8. Those are great looking straps with tons of design options and great prices. Thanks for posting. Nitrocellulose is not oil soluble regardless of grade. I would imagine if that was a problem, someone would have alerted people by now. There is a leathersmith close to me, and he makes great straps, but nothing close to that variety, and his straps typically sell for closer to $50.
  9. Right now, it's hard to choose my favorite. It would be between a 2007 American Series Tele with new Fralin Steel Pole 42s, or a 2008 LP Standard, or a 2009 Carvin SH550. The one that got away was "my grandfather's" early '60s, mint condition, Guild Starfire that was being sold at a flea market for $200. Didn't have enough cash or a check on me at the time.
  10. I’m my life, maybe 20... in the last 15 years, maybe 15... now, nine.
  11. Little River is a good location near North Myrtle, Cherry Grove, and the Wilmington areas. Hope you like golf, fishing, and the beaches. It is definitely an area for retired people... inexpensive, relatively low taxes, slow paced. But there is enough in the area for a younger crowd if you like Myrtle Beach and Wilmington. (Personally, I'd rather be in hell than in Myrtle Beach.) It also reaps the benefits of SC tax revenues and the spending in Horry County.
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