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  1. Short answer, no. And that was a good response, fortyearsapickn. milod would have been proud of you. I happen to disagree, but I'm not really sure where I come down on the issues of economics versus health concerns. The reality is that a pandemic is a devastating event where there are no good options.
  2. I'm having a hard time figuring out where mods draw the line. Once again, this thread is dripping with political innuendo, and it's easy for me to tell which side of the political fence each responder is on. Seems these types of threads get locked/deleted right after I post (like the last one), and I don't really find my posts any more political than anyone else's. I just respond to what I've read. Seems to me, this virus has created a three dimensional problem. In one dimension, you have media coverage, public awareness, and its impact, in another you have the health and welfare of humanity, and in another you have economics. Where you come down in each of these perspectives (and the government's role in addressing these issues) seems to be a reflection of your politics.
  3. I haven't owned as many guitars as most of you, but I have gotten rid of quite a few. I don't really miss any guitars that are gone, because I love the ones I've got. But, to answer the question, if I had to name any, they would be a 1999 American Standard Strat or a 2003 Gretsch G6120 Nashville. That was the only Strat I ever owned, and as many mods as I made to it, I could never really bond.
  4. Never heard Bucky, but saw his son, John, several years ago. Sad times, indeed. Fallen jazz guys from Covid: Bucky Pizzarelli, Manu Dibango, Wallace Roney, Ellis Marsalis Jr, Marcelo Peralta, and Mike Longo, to the best of my knowledge.
  5. I'd like to relive the late '60s, but be a few years older than I was. If I had to pick a different era in a different place, it'd have to be late 18th century Vienna during the times of Haydn, Beethoven, and Mozart. Of course, it would have been fun only if I was a part of the aristocracy. Otherwise, it might have been kinda tough.
  6. People have been keeping their social distance for years. Could it be my breath?
  7. Amen, brother. Like a cold, hard slap after a long, warm kiss.
  8. I love to improvise. In the room I use for music, I've been playing Pandora through my sound system and jamming mostly to Gary Moore, Miles Davis, and John Mayall. The playlist is not that long for each artist, and I'll often repeat a song I like until I've got it down. It has given me a renewed respect for, familiarity with, and understanding of, each artist's music... and I'm having fun with it.
  9. The slippage problem may also be also be pronounced by the fret tapering closer to the edge of the fretboard. It's funny, but I've had this issue only with my 335, and it has changed the way I play it. It mainly affects my vibrato and pull-offs. This is the only Gibson, or Epiphone for that matter, I've had this issue with, and otherwise, I love the neck and the guitar. But I shouldn't have to change the way I play it just to put up with shoddy workmanship. I wish I had caught it during the return period. It is also quite possible that the neck is twisted causing the buzzing on those three strings. If so, that problem is irreparable. I've seen quite a few neck issues with Gibsons... more so than any other brand. But that may be coincidental.
  10. Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss. Lawyers gonna lawyer.
  11. It may just be the lighting, but it seems to me like your neck binding is thinner between the second and fourth frets. Could it be possible this is contributing to string slippage. It took me over a year to notice this on my 335 at around the fifteenth fret. It is high enough to where it is not the cause of the slippage, but it is now all I see when I look at this guitar.
  12. I showed up at Lindy's small shop in Richmond around eight years ago just to have a look around. I ended up sitting down with him for about an hour trying out and talking about his pickups while he wound pickups and talked with customers over his hands-free telephone... a very personable guy. I now have a set of his P-92s in an Epi Dot, a set of Steel Pole 42s in an AS Tele, and a set of Jazz bass pickups in a MIM bass, and I am very pleased with them all. As far as Gibson law suits, it seems to me they should concentrate on making quality guitars, and be thankful their brand and their history sells, not their value or their PR.
  13. Her overtones are very high... seemingly out of the range of most singers. From Wikipedia: From a fundamental pitch, made by the human voice, the belonging harmonic overtones can be selectively amplified by changing the shape of the resonant cavities of the mouth, larynx, and pharynx.[1] This resonant tuning allows singers to create more than one pitch at the same time (the fundamental and one or more selected overtones), while actually generating only a single fundamental frequency with their vocal folds. Don't know about all that...
  14. I like my pedals and like the sound I get with them, but I rely most on my reverb, delay, and tremolo pedals... just enough to know they're there. My Hall of Fame reverb is far better than the reverb on the amp I use it on. I bought them all new and have no desire for more than the six I currently use, with two in the closet. Nor do I have any desire for one multiple effects pedal.
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