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  1. OK, I'll play. All I want, all I need: Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 combo original (no EQ), 1x12 Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb, updated firmware Carvin MB210 Bass amp
  2. I'd definitely have one if I needed it. $600 is a hell of a deal for that guitar, and a much nicer Dot than the one I bought ten years ago. Sounds good, too.
  3. I decided to buy a hardshell case for my MIM Jazz bass as a BD present to me. I haven't played it very often, and I figured that doing something with it would motivate me to play it more. Since I keep all of my guitars in hard shell cases when not in use, I decided it would be good for that guitar, too, esp. since it usually just stands in a corner in its soft shell case, and it could easily get knocked over. When I picked it up to fiddle with it, I noticed that there seemed to be too much relief in the neck, and the action seemed high, so I did a truss rod adjustment, lowered the saddle
  4. It is now more fashionable to be insane. These ladies look old enough to know better.
  5. My wife asks this every Christmas, and the answer is always that I have everything I want. (I don't have GAS.) But there are two guitars that I would definitely keep if someone decided I should have them, and they are an ES-175 and a Bigsby-less Gretsch Penguin.
  6. One thing we need to remember is that the ES-335 is now stocked with calibrated T-type pickups replacing the long used 57 Classics, and there is a significant difference in the two. But for me, the relevant factors in the evaluation are build quality, feel, neck shape (today's 335 is a "rounded C"), scale, playability, finish, etc. As we all know, Gibson quality is hit or miss, though I've not heard anything bad about Gibson quality with their new management (having closed Memphis), and I know personally that they seem to be more customer service oriented. That said, I've never even playe
  7. I grew up playing crappy guitars electric and acoustic. That may be a very good reason why I put them down for around 25 years. I suppose I could have scraped together the money for a quality electric, but that wasn't a priority for me then. Of course, back then, inexpensive guitars were much lower in quality than today's inexpensive guitars. For the last 25 years, I've not owned but two crummy guitars- one was an Epi Joe Pass, and the other was a 335 that never should have left the factory (and was replaced by Gibson). Owning good Gibsons and Fenders has been worth every penny to me.
  8. One of the first times I ever saw Mr. Natural, he was on perforated blotter paper, and he had rainbows coming from his eyes and thunderbolts coming from under his fingernails.
  9. I switched back to the avatar I used when I first joined the forums. The intent is obvious to most, but I must explain that I don't do drugs and haven't for over three decades... but I did. I do confess that those days were the happiest of my life, because I had few responsibilities, great friends, and great times... and great music. I grew up. Playing for keeps changes things a little.
  10. Got my second Moderna yesterday around 3 PM, and starting last night I was feeling a little sore and tired. Some of that probably came from getting and moving a bunch bags of mulch for my wife after I got home and not being used to working that hard. Today, I'm still not feeling great... cotton head, tired, aching bones, but not too bad... zero motivation to do anything. Should be fine tomorrow.
  11. Recently received Warts and All as a gift, and I'm liking it.
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