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  1. Carvin SH550 semi hollow with coil split capability.
  2. zigzag


    I'm not a hat guy. Baseball caps are for baseball players, plus they usually have some type of message. I'm gonna need to get paid to advertise or endorse. Other hats project an image or make a fashion statement. Sometimes a hat needs to be just a hat.
  3. zigzag


    There was a time on this forum if you posted a picture of yourself, it was sure to be photoshopped.
  4. I buy CDs from bands I hear live, along with jazz and classical. They get played on an indoor and outdoor entertainment system. Where I practice and play, I often use Echo hooked up to some decent speakers to jam with, so that uses Amazon music. To listen outside, we do CDs, Pandora, and Bose SoundTouch. CDs are a pain to change when I have to come back inside to do it.
  5. I dunno. The bags might be smaller, but the selection is infinite. Walmart has an entire isle, both sides, lined with potato chip options. Potato chip paradise.
  6. I love that sound. Heard a fabulous band in Asheville, NC a couple of nights ago doing Dawg Jazz and Tony Rice tunes. Myself, I'll never be that good. Maybe my resolution should be to become a better flatpicker. Might require buying a better acoustic guitar.
  7. I think a lot depends on whether you want to look at it or play it. Ultimately, I think we gravitate to the guitar that plays the best, so body style and fit, neck, fretboard, scale length, balance, weight, etc. are big factors. But, you gotta look at it, too, and that can be important. One thing to consider, though, is that with all of the pickups available today, they can always be an aftermarket choice. Lots of decisions that only you can make. Congratulations on retirement. You're gonna love it. My wife and I are considering a last move to the NC mountains. That part of TN is beautiful... maybe the prettiest in three or four states.
  8. zigzag


    Dang... I love a 335! Thatuns purdy.
  9. I noticed the roller saddles, but didn't get the adjustability until you mentioned it. That's a cool feature if you find you need it. Purdy fiddle.
  10. zigzag


    Nice gitfiddles. Good luck with the digs. I know you'll be happy to get back to normal.
  11. My understanding is that some new guitars tend to be more temperamental and sensitive to extreme changes in humidity and will require more frequent adjustment. I have one now that plays better than all others, but in its first couple of years, I was making seasonal adjustments to the truss rod. After several years, the neck has stabilized, and I haven't made a truss rod adjustment in years. That said, if your guitar requires more than a couple of adjustments within several weeks, I'd be concerned. One thing I've found about Guitar Center is that if the guitar has come off the wall of the store, there is a good chance that it has belonged to someone else and been returned for one reason or another. Make sure you are satisfied with your new guitar before the return period ends. The best thing about GC is their return policy.
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