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  1. You don't get it, dood. I think I'm just gonna ignore the entire forum.
  2. To be clear, ghost, I'm not calling anybody out. In fact, I really have no negative feelings toward you or anyone else. But I have noticed a lot of "political" posts lately, and they do not interest me at all. I've been on this forum for over ten of the twelve or so years of this forum's existence, and I've seen the best and worst of this forum over those years. What I'm seeing lately is like looking at a fish on land taking its last gasp. You may not be a reason for the forum's demise. You just seem to be a major contributor during the process. I'm not blaming you for that. This place has bottomed out for many, many months... a fairly large group with very little interesting to say.
  3. Feels like I'm watching the slow demise of the Gibson Lounge. Seems moderators have just decided to watch it burn hoping it will burn itself out. They should have been totally intolerant of political posts from the very beginning. There might be a few more regulars still here if they had. The fact is, I don't agree with many who post here, and I find that I like the people here a lot more when I don't have to read about their politics... even implied. I know I'm as guilty as anyone, and for that I apologize, but I never initiate anything, and like so many others, I'll probably leave if it's allowed to go on.
  4. I don't play out, so it's easy for me to get the sounds I want in a medium size room with the equipment I've got. I'm happy enough with my tone until I try to record it. I call it the quantum effects of recording... the tone is never exactly where I want it. I can never duplicate the sound in my room on a recording, but I know next to nothing about recording, and I'm not interested in learning or spending the time and money to get it where I'd like it. Not worried about it. I record most of my new music just to have it done and move on. If you include technique in a person's overall tone, that's a little different. I tend to like my tone better when I let just let go, play how I feel, and stop thinking about it. Sometimes a shot of tequila helps that.
  5. Yes, Sgt. Pepper's vinyl collection looks very similar to mine. I have 10 and a half Peaches crates, probably 800-1000 records, all from the late '60s to around 1990. Many in the US might remember Peaches Record Store out of Atlanta who supplied peach crates specifically for storing records. All of my vinyl is stored at a friend's house in an AC controlled storage room about 90 miles away, and my hi-fi/turntable is stored with me in an upstairs attic. I just don't have room for it all. As bad as my hearing is, even hearing aids do not come close to providing me with normal hearing. Digital is adequate for me.
  6. Nice post Sparky, As for Hendrix, toward the end he collaborated with Buddy Miles, and apparently, talk of a collaboration with Miles Davis. This should give you an idea of where their music was headed.
  7. Back to the OP. There is no doubt Benson is extremely talented, and even though he had some great albums and some great tunes, he just never did it for me. Too slick, commercial and pretty? Maybe.
  8. I believe, at one time not in the too distant past, the middle names of many serial killers were either Ray or Lee or Wayne. Maybe he's hiding something.
  9. I was having hearing issues, so I went to a specialist for hearing aids. He told me I could get a set for $500 that would improve my hearing, but better yet was a set for $1000. They'd significantly improve my hearing but for $5000, I could get a set that would allow me to hear EVERYTHING. I said, man I need that $5000 set, but because they're so expensive, how about I just get one for my right ear? He was okay with that, and I paid him $2500 and left. Later, I was playing poker with my buds, and I was telling them about my new hearing aid... how it was just great and how I could hear everything. One buddy asked me how much did it cost, and I told him how much, but I could now hear EVERYTHING. He said, "Great, what kind is it?" And I said, "Oh, about 8:30." BTW, this describes perfectly my life with my wife and my expensive hearing aids.
  10. I enjoyed that. Thanks for posting.
  11. Yes, the advantage of playing guitar is comping chords. Wish I was better at it. I've more recently been enjoying jamming with Miles.
  12. I spent 25 years honing jazz chops until I realized it just wasn't working. Learned a lot that I incorporate into my playing. Funny... I love jazz, but rarely listen to jazz guitarists. That said, I've worn out a few Kenny Burrell albums in my day.
  13. zigzag


    So intense!
  14. zigzag


    I wish I had, but it was not offered on amazon.
  15. zigzag


    I'm still in the process of rediscovering Rory. I got a few of his albums on vinyl when they first came out, but they've been in storage for over 25 years now. I just received his Irish Tour '74 and European Tour (took two months to arrive from England) CDs. His live playing was insane!
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