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  1. Part of that sound seems to be that he picks strings up around the 20th fret. Could also be string gauge... maybe. Is that what you're talking about?
  2. My daughter and son in law are at their show in Atlanta right now.
  3. I agree with this. I had a few albums of Rory's when they came out, but never really got into them for whatever reason... perhaps because my tastes were changing. But I'm rediscovering his music more recently while re-exploring music of that era. Rory absolutely kicks *** and takes no prisoners.
  4. Where Big Bill goes, nothing grows. I like a touch of delay and reverb for everything.
  5. I'll tell you something else that's missing without the Beatles... a message of love and peace... probably their greatest gift.
  6. I say no. In the evolution of any art form, including pop music, every work has context. The sixties and seventies were ripe for their brand. Not so much today, esp. due to the musical environment laid out by rct. But, who's to say? With the right forces in play, and with their creative minds... And as influential as they became in pop music, IMO, music of today would not be that much different or evolved that much differently without them. Remember, there were a good many contemporaries who were just synthesizing and reprocessing music before them in similar ways. Hendrix loved the Beatles, but I don't think his music was influenced much by them. Without the original Beatles, we would have all missed a few great songs, some fun times, and some great memories. A better question might be, would the Stones have been the Stones without the Beatles?
  7. Sorry, guys, but Maurice Williams and Arthur Conley were not one hit wonders in my neck of the woods.
  8. Impressionism, whether in painting or music, really resonates with me.
  9. I've never understood the appeal of a relic, other than erasing the disgust with the first ding on a pristine guitar... a battle scar I have to claim as my own.
  10. This is basically what the difference is in wind count, with the lower count being a little cleaner with lower apparent output... better definition, I'm told. Covers add some warmth, I'm told.
  11. Allan Holdsworth endorses Carvin (Kiesel) headless guitars. I wouldn't own one, either.
  12. That's from the banana.
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