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  1. My understanding is that some new guitars tend to be more temperamental and sensitive to extreme changes in humidity and will require more frequent adjustment. I have one now that plays better than all others, but in its first couple of years, I was making seasonal adjustments to the truss rod. After several years, the neck has stabilized, and I haven't made a truss rod adjustment in years. That said, if your guitar requires more than a couple of adjustments within several weeks, I'd be concerned. One thing I've found about Guitar Center is that if the guitar has come off the wall of the store, there is a good chance that it has belonged to someone else and been returned for one reason or another. Make sure you are satisfied with your new guitar before the return period ends. The best thing about GC is their return policy.
  2. I saw a Guthrie Govan youtube where he's doing Donna Lee while just warming up. I thought he was fast, but he can't compare to Joe. To his credit, Guthrie does swing it more, which I prefer... he even adds a bit of twang.
  3. The worst seats in the stadium are over $700, and all I got was this lousy scholarship.
  4. She came to town to perform just before she won her first Guitar Player of the Year award from the International Bluegrass Music Association (2017). I attended a short strumming seminar she gave in the afternoon before her performance. Very sweet and talented woman. She was raving about her new Pre-War Guitar.
  5. Even though I don't often play acoustic, I just don't remember playing my acoustic to be that much different. Playing it now seems to be more of a struggle. It also seems that the action is slightly higher with these strings which would suggest the tension is higher. Perhaps I'm getting some neck movement, but visually, it doesn't appear to have moved even though the strings look slightly higher at higher frets. I haven't made a truss rod adjustment on that guitar in over 20 years. It seems I've been spoiled by my electrics. I'll play the acoustic more and try to acclimate, and it could be that some mileage on these strings could help. I know I need to just suck it up and deal with it or go back to strings I'm accustomed to. I was just surprised at the apparent difference I was experiencing with these strings.
  6. I don't spend time here because I play electric 99% of the time. I changed strings on my acoustic today thinking I'd try some new strings, and the old strings had been on there for well over a year. Previously, I've used Elixirs and D'Addarios, but got a good deal on some DR Rare 12s. I didn't like them from the start, but since I don't play that guitar often, and I didn't play the old strings before I made the change, I didn't really have anything in recent memory to compare them to.. The DRs didn't seem to put out much volume and they seemed stiff, like they had a very high string tension, plus I just didn't care much for the sound... kinda trebley and fuzzy, not really full and rich. Is it just me? Can I get a witness? Edit: I just read some reviews on the DR Rare strings, and I see that they are lower tension strings, due to the fact that string gauges are lower toward the bass end. I didn't spend any time bending them, but found them harder to barre on the first fret than I remember from other strings. Maybe I need to play acoustic more, and maybe I need to let them settle in.
  7. Yeah, I love my Tele and my Carvin and my 335 and Epi Dot, but it seems these days I gravitate toward my LP Standard even though the sound or playability might not be my favorite. I actually think the PRSs I'm familiar with have more similarities to Carvins than Gibsons. If I want simulate a vintage PAF sound, I can always get aftermarket pickups, modify the electronics, and put them in an Epiphone.
  8. Brian Setzer, Jeff Beck, and Joe Satriani use whammy bars with finesse.
  9. I performed a similar experiment with six of my favorite guitars on two different days about three months apart. The guitar which consistently came out at or near the top (to my taste) was my Carvin SH550 with stock S22 pickups in HB mode (didn't even consider the single coil option). You'd probably have a hard time finding two out of ten people who agree that the Carvin is a superior sounding guitar, esp. if they knew they were evaluating a Carvin, and unless you play around with settings and pedals, will not sound a lot like any recording. As my mother-in-law once said: It's good if you like it.
  10. Haven't picked up a club in almost two years... maybe twice in the year before that. Got bored with it.
  11. I got rid of my only P-90 guitar, but not because of the pickups. I have two other guitars that don't have P-90s, but hold pickups oriented more to a P-90 kind of sound- Fralin P-92s in an Epi Dot and Fralin Steel Pole 42s in a Tele. I like the clarity, bite, punch, and beefy sound they put out.
  12. When I traded in my first cell phone, the people at the store laughed. They'd never seen one that had metal on the outside.
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