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  1. Neo pretty much said it. To sum it up in understandable terms, there's a huge difference between hamburger and a sirloin steak.
  2. Dunwich


    I'm currently looking to get one of the HT-5's. And I'm glad you brought up Sabbath. Does the AD-5 come in the combo or head form? There's also the Jet City Amplification JCA20H. Egnator Rebel? Blackstar also has a line of amps coming out for studio use. So you get more tonal variety.
  3. Dunwich


    at Yew. Neo, I checked and found some, but I don't have paypal. Giant, that's where I found the one that sold before I could get it.
  4. Angus, Iommi...Both have been said. A lot of the stoner/doom bands play Sg's.
  5. Dunwich


    Just a plain, barebone-stock Faded Cherry SG. If I had a little more change jingling, I'd go for a used Standard. But alas, The coin is sparse and from what I've seen, the Faded/Worn SG's are worth every penny.
  6. Dunwich


    I'm starting to agree. Just need to find a deal on the one I want.
  7. Dunwich


    12 views and no replies? ARGH! Somebody has to have one they want to let go of. I'm willing to pay shipping...as I'm assuming it should cost about $20 - $25 to ship it.
  8. Yeah. A Truss rod adjustment and new strings should help.
  9. Have you tried raising the action or re-intonating the guitar? Or both?
  10. Dunwich


    Was just about to pull the trigger on a Faded Cherry SG. The seller already sold it. So with that said, does anybody have one they would like to sell? We can talk through pm's if you'd like. I would like to purchase it outside of Ebay though.
  11. Well no worries then. Because as Tbone stated, it sold over 8 months ago. You sound unsure of what you want to buy. I'd hold onto to the faded if I were you.
  12. Kudos for Tech21 for figuring it out...I'd like to see pictures of it. :-
  13. Go and play different guitars from different brands. You might find the Standard is better than the Strat, or vice versa.
  14. I'm not buying yours? I'm saying if I get one next month, that in time I might do the pickup swap.
  15. If I get the SG, I might put a set in. Or an Iommi for the bridge and P-94 for the neck. EDIT: I just realized that I jacked your thread.
  16. Nothing wrong with a Strat man. I've got a Jackson Rhoads and Ltd right now. I would love a black Strat with a set of Super Distortions in it.
  17. Bought a new brand? Nothing wrong with wanting something different.
  18. Sure will. If everything works the way I want, where do I post my NGD?
  19. Yeah. lol. I was just trying to let the seller know that they were asking to much for it. They got rather snappy when I tried explaing that it wasn't what they thought it was.
  20. Through a few more emails, the seller told me they look the same... And somebody offered $800 for it. It's actually a worn/faded cherry.
  21. I believe it is a '63. It was given to James as a birthday present as he was born in '63. The tremelo is quite funky. Looks cool though.
  22. I've been browsing Craigslist and a found 3 or 4 in the price I wanna pay. Just need to wait until next month.
  23. The Custom looks rather dodgy. the second has a stock photo, so no go on that. The first looks quite real. What makes it a counterfeit?
  24. Looks shady. If you're local, try to play it. Feel the neck for cracks or possibly a repair. The headstock inlay looks odd as well...
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