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  1. I play mostly through my Vox AC30, but also have a Fender Machete, and 212R.
  2. Just in case anyone else wants to know. I can confirm the Metric Acoustic Strap Secure does fit the DR-500MCE. http://www.stewmac.com/product/images/17651/Acoustic_Strap_Secure.jpg
  3. I understand how a lamp is made. I also know the output jack can be adjusted. I get that. Stewmac's site doesn't mention anything about the strap secure fitting Fender. the question remains unanswered if the threads on the ouput jack are SAE, or Metric. Doesn't matter where it was made. According to Stewmac and the A.S.S. site L.R. Baggs are Metric. L.R. Baggs are found on some Gibson AE guitars and the Guitars are made in Bozeman Montana. You said you take a lot of things apart. Me too. If you ever work on American made cars, you will find mostly metric nuts and bolts. It's not just the head of the bolt that is metric, it's the threads as well. I have no beef with you. I'm just searching for an answer to my question, and you start talking about lamps and totally unrelated pick up system you installed. I'll stop now. Below I copied and pasted from stewmac: Acoustic Strap Secure installs on your strap and threads onto the jack to replace the stock button. You can play plugged in or unplugged, knowing your strap can't slip off. Works for both straight and right-angle cables. Crafted of 1"-diameter easy-grip knurled solid brass, to last a lifetime. #0256 for standard jacks has 3/8-32 standard thread. A perfect fit for Switchcraft, Fishman output jacks and more. #0256-M for metric jacks has M9 X .75 metric thread. Fits L.R. Baggs.
  4. Looks like a better strap might be in order....Thanks! I got her a Gator case for it. I'm not sure about leaving a strap on all the time. I have mostly Gibson electrics and the leather can cause damage to the nitro finish. But like ag said..I'll figure something out.
  5. I really don't understand much of anything you just wrote! What does a miniflex pick up and fender stuff made overseas have anything to do with anything I asked here.
  6. Sure did! They didn't know either. I'm leaning toward it being metric. Shadow electronics that makes the E-sonic2 preamp is a German company.
  7. As said earlier I asked if the output jack has the standard SAE or metric threads. I'm getting conflicting answers. Agradeleous, you say it's the standard threads. I called Gibson/Epi customer service...they claim it's metric, but cannot confirm that the strap secure part will fit. http://www.stewmac.com/Hardware_and_Parts/Endpins_and_Bridge_Pins/Acoustic_Strap_Secure.html I got the thread sizes from Stew mac's site, figured for 50 cents I'd go to a hardware store and buy a bolt of each size to confirm for myself. went to 3 major hardware stores today. not one had ever seen an M9x.75 bolt, or nut. Fine, I'll get the 3/8-32... Not to be found 3/8-24 was the closest thing available. I guess if I really want her to have this, I'm going to have to roll the dice and choose one or buy one of each (which I really don't want to do)
  8. With the strap on, it doesn't appear that there is enough room on the strap pin to put a rubber washer on it...That's part of the problem.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I like the part at stew mac, But it says for switchcraft and fishman get the standard, LR Baggs takes the metric. I don't have the guitar in my possession. Which is it for the Shadow electronics?
  10. Just picked up a new DR-500MCE for one of my girls. The bottom strap pin / jack is hard to get a strap on securely. What do those of you with one of the Masterbilt AE guitars do? BTW, what a nice guitar, might end up with one for myself as well!
  11. You will like the zero turn.
  12. Most new Gibsons including the LP Standard come with .009-.046 strings. I would say that's why you thought the strings felt like butter and could bend easier than your Epi with .010-.046 strings
  13. My latest addition is a 2013 Traditional.
  14. I like the look of them covered. Mine is in my avatar.
  15. Congrats on a great SG Silvercrow. The 2008 SG LTD Blue Mist was a Guitar Center special, originally $999. with hardshell case. IMHO it is very unique with the headstock, neck, front and back of the body all the same color, and ebony fretboard with dots at only 5th and 12th frets. Mine plays great with very low action as well, and is definitely blue,(doesn't look as silvery as some). This color is often mistaken for Pelham Blue.
  16. RRIDER

    2015 SGS3

    I know prices have been going up at an almost insane rate. Just not sure I can personally justify paying $2600 for this SG. Like I said I am tempted, but can't find one locally to try.
  17. RRIDER

    2015 SGS3

    Anyone have one? Opinions? I'm really tempted, but the price seems a little steep. At least they didn't put the zero fret nut or G force tuner on this one. http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/SG/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Supreme-Florentine.aspx
  18. I had the same problem with a 2014 SGM. I bought it on a whim because it was a good deal. The tronical tuner tuned the E A D G strings sharp the other 2 would be in tune. I tried to recalibrate the tuner..no change. Changed strings and set intonation. still tuned the 4 strings sharp. The second day I had it I was getting ready to play, got it out tuned the strings individually...still sharp went to tune manually and the low E string tuner would not turn. Besides the fact that the tuner was useless at tuning the guitar, one of the tuners broke the second day I had it. How long before the other 5 tuners break? I took it back for a refund. The SGJ is basically the same guitar without the tronical tuner, and a good bit less money. No more robo tuners for me!
  19. Someone gave you some bogus information. The "plain Studios" have a 24.75" scale length as do most Gibsons. The strings they are putting on most of them now are like a hybrid set..9-46 the E B G strings are like 9's, D A E are like 10's. the first thing I do is change them to 10's. Never needed to adjust truss rod.
  20. There is another LP I found with f holes. http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-GIB-ESLP14-LIST?SRC=D1306AOLHAMS0000&utm_source=AOL&utm_medium=feed&
  21. The new Supreme has F holes too. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LPSU146HGH-14/
  22. Dude, read my posts..I clearly stated and showed proof that Gibson refers to the crown as a holly. Did I ever say you were wrong? No!! but you keep coming back telling me I am. I'm tired of this too.
  23. Another description by Gibson calling the "crown" Gibson's traditional holly symbol. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/divisions/gibson%20usa/products/gotm/lespaullp-295goldtop/
  24. I don't think it is as simple as that! I realize the Holly wood was or still may be used for the veneer of the headstock, but Gibson does seem to refer to the "crown" inlay some times as Holly. It's in the description of the difference in SG Standard and special. The standard has the Holly (crown) the special doesn't. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/ProductSpotlight/GearAndInstruments/whats-the-difference-521/
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