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  1. Anyone actually opened the little envelope with the Adidas sticker? Wondering if it’s a sticker or a vinyl peel-n-stick that you can remove?
  2. My NGJ150 is amazing! Plays and sounds beautiful. The only complaint I would have about it is that the back has very little "flame" compared to the example pics on the Gibson website. The shoulders have a bit more than the example pics though. Obviously wood is different and as long as it sounds great I'm not bothered with that. Side question - anyone know what strings come from the factory? Is it the bronze or the phospher bronze?
  3. Is there anything unique about the case that I'm not aware of? Seems like just a regular case to me.
  4. I'm curious as well, although my NG J-150 doesn't seem to have that, but does have some nice flame on the sides
  5. EF-500M now too! https://www.ebay.com/itm/234083346333?hash=item368074679d:g:tQkAAOSwLmlg6I3l
  6. I need new knobs for my two archtops, a Sheraton II from 2012 and a Noel Gallagher Supernova. I bought the Gibson brand ones but they seem like they don't quite fit correctly. Are they the right ones and I'm just putting them on wrong? What about these from StewMac? https://www.stewmac.com/parts-and-hardware/knobs/top-hat-bell-reflector-knob.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Retargeting&fbclid=IwAR3cv9xWBsGbCiQfAQxZZvi8SV1bUB1Rw8O9q7EgycYw6ff7eDrNyygqH64
  7. Probably, but just to be sure buy a beater guitar you can play by the pool!
  8. I'm with a lot of the other folks here and think that looks gorgeous! But if you don't like it then I say exchange it.
  9. I'm buying some just for that name product to be on my shelf lol
  10. That one is interesting. It could just be the camera angle, but it looks like the left side of the back has lots of flame while the right side has little. Mine has almost no flame on the rear of it, but there's some nice flame on the shoulders. I think I prefer having it on the shoulders if I had to choose.
  11. Ya being that Noel is using a natural one now too it may as well be considered a NG J-150 too!
  12. Not one bit of that for me! Mine has to be one of the most impressive sounding and feeling guitars I've ever played. Been really happy with it!
  13. Thanks guys, picked some up and got it cleaned up nicely! Ended up going ahead and removing the guard off my Epi EF-500M as well. Both clean as clean can be!
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