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  1. Gibson Homecoming is June 19, 20, 21. Usually a factory tour one of those days open mic nights and good pancakes at the Grantree where most of the guitar geeks will stay. It’s a blast.



    DUH! I forgot they did that! I'll be up there the week prior unfortunately, would be Friday the 14th in Bozeman most likely. I'll have to see what I can do!

  2. Hey guys, not been around in while! I'm going up to Montana in June, to the Glacier Park area. Is there anything worth seeing in Bozeman? I know they stopped doing tours at the plant but is there a store or some other kind of stuff Gibson related that I should make a special trip to Bozeman for? It would be about a 6 hour drive added to my trip in order to spend a day there.

  3. IMHO the Masterbilts are easily comparable to the lower priced Gibsons for sound. I'd say about 90% as good a sound for half the price. The main things for me are the scale length and nut width on most Gibsons vs the long scale and thinner nut on most Masterbilts.


    The EF masterbilts have an extra wide nut but are long scale, the AJ-45 Masterbilt has the short scale but the thinner nut. I prefer the short scale and wider nut on most of the Gibson's but be wary of the Hummingbird Artist or Pro, both are long scale, thin nut just like most Masterbilts.

  4. Hi guys,


    I bought an IB 64 Texan a few years back and have been very happy with it. Over xmas i added an Es 339 which i absolutely love. Now i feel the twinge to get a new acoustic and at the moment i'm thinking of getting either the aj45 or the dr500. Neither of these guitars are sold near me so i'm hoping for some advice. I'm fairly sure i'll be happy with either but i was hoping somebody on here who owns both or has played both could give their opinion on the differences and/or preferences. Also how they compare to the Texan as i would like something that sounds different.


    Thanks in advance,



    I have a DR-500M and my brother a DR-500MCE, both are terrific. I've never played an AJ-45 but if it's similar to the AJ-500M it's likely great. That being said, I prefer the feel of the square shoulder shaped guitars over the slope shoulders. I end up playing my DR-500M more than the others.


    On a side note, to compare them to the Texan, if you want something that sounds different I'd venture to guess you'd be best off with a different body wood, like maybe the AJ-500R or the EF-500RCCE. Or go for a used Gibson J-15, you likely will really like the short scale and wider nut compared to most Epis.

  5. Try the Epiphone Masterbilts, I own lots of them and they are really great guitars at much lower price. IMHO they sound about 90% as good as a Gibson at just 30% of the price. If you can find a used DR-500M I'm sure you'll be very happy with it. Or just buy a brand new DR-500MCE, AJ-45 or AJ-500RCE. I'd say at least check them out before you buy anything else.

  6. Welcome to the boards, quills! Yes, I'd say it's a 2004 model. That leading "G" is quite the puzzler. I also had a maple "PNS" Masterbilt - an EF500 - that was a pre-production model dated 2003, and its serial also started with "G". I figure these must have come out of China, likely as Red suggests - one of the Qingdao shops.


    I do know that serials starting with GR (like my RAVS) are out of the "Grand Rewards" factory in China. The EF500RC I had was also from there. I've never seen a (2003-2011) Masterbilt that was not just gorgeously built.



    What about Masterbilts with serials that start with GG?

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