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  1. Ah those 68-72 models were terrible. Worth about $125 at best. I'll give you $175 with shipping!
  2. I'd say it's not quite as loud as the AJ-500M, but certainly more distinctive in each note if you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong though, the Masterbilts are as a general rule about 80-90% as good as their corresponding Gibson model IMHO.
  3. That could be true for my AJ-500R, I'm in Houston and it's very humid down here! My hygrometers often show 80% when it gets really bad. I try to keep the AC cranking at 70 to try to dry out the air in the summertime.
  4. Same for me on my AJ-500R, sounds quiet and muddy when I play it. Oddly though it sounds fine when someone else plays it. How does yours sound when someone else plays it? Interestingly my EF-500R seems ok to me.
  5. Ya I'm interested in checking out the AJ-45 and comparing it to my AJ-500M soon too, not had a chance to get to the shop yet!
  6. For sure! He's written loads of songs for people like Kenny Chesney and Luke Bryan, I'm happy to see him finally releasing his own record and playing sold out shows!
  7. Cool thanks for the info guys!
  8. but what am I to do with all these string winders I have laying around!?!
  9. Better shots of the guitar in this vid -
  10. He's also playing it in this video -
  11. He's a big dude, probably 6'2" and looks like around 250 lbs. I'm 6'4" and normally have no problem making pics look like I'm actually on the stage with most performers at this venue when I stand straight up. This picture was taken from the bar area that's a couple stairs up so it looks like I'm on level, and sadly he only used his acoustic near the end of the show and photogs only got to be in the pit for the first two songs. The other pics from the pit are obviously much lower. Example -
  12. Is that a Southern Jumbo? I do concert photography and got this one on Thursday night. Can anyone tell me about it? Great show and performer btw if you've not heard of him you should check out his record!
  13. Here's a question for you, is your original guard thick and plastic like the new Hummingbirds, or is it thin like a J-45 guard?
  14. I went to see Theory of a Deadman on Monday night and one of the opening bands was called Shaman's Harvest. They finished the set with this song and today I was browsing YouTube and saw this video from five years ago where one of the guitarists uses a Masterbilt AJ-500M in vintage sunburst. Check it out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjaO5o8gff4
  15. Echosmith uses Epi electrics too - https://youtu.be/YrAn-JuKxug
  16. I'll trade you for that Maple EF! :P
  17. I should add that both the Bird and Dove pale in comparison to any of the Masterbilt guitars, save for possibly the AJ-500R, being rosewood dread it's very deep, almost too deep of a sound so that it can sometimes sound muddy to my ears while playing it. If someone else plays it and I sit a few feet away it seems fine though. Maybe I'm just looney!
  18. Well, it's tough to compare them straight against each other as they were made in different countries and about 15 years apart. I will say however the Hummingbird has a nice warm tone that sort of "covers all spectrums" when strummed if you know what I mean. The Dove has a nice tone too but it seems somehow more "accurate" as in there's maybe not as much sort of "grand" sound to it. Still very pleasant but I'd say the Dove is probably best played with a band where the Bird can sound great in a group or solo.
  19. ya that's probably true, a used guitar does have a certain mojo to it. That's why I've never bought a brand new guitar save for one, my J-45. Every other one has been at least two or three years old so they get that first scratch or dent out of the way and get broken in a bit too.
  20. I've checked out several 70s model Epi's and Gibsons, all have been lacking IMHO. If it were me I'd get a newer Epi Masterbilt instead.
  21. I think years ago I would have said gloss, but after spending so much time with my Masterbilt satin finishes I think I've been converted!
  22. tinypic is also great for hosting single images at a time, no account needed like they make you do at photobucket etc.
  23. Ya I'm not that fussed over scale length either, for me nut width is a bigger issue since I have huge Gorilla hands. I much prefer the wide nut of the EF series over the AJ or DR series. I wish the new AJ-45 had the short scale as the same nut width as a Gibson J-45 I'd have bought one. As it stands I've not felt the desire to do so. Of course I've also stayed out of guitar shops lately so that might help lol.
  24. I took the guard off my DR-500M and put it on my AJ-500R. The AJ already had some tan lines from old stickers (I bought it that way from a guy for $200!) so I wasn't worried about the AJ. The DR - After the new guard, it's cut a bit off so I'll probably get a new one at some point - The AJ -
  25. Been meaning to get this little project completed for a while now, finally had some time to finish it out yesterday. I took a black Epi Dove and removed the original pickguard to switch it out to an Elvis style black one. I also changed the truss rod "Dove" cover to the "E" logo. The pickguard peeled off nicely by hand, I hit it with a hair dryer for a bit just to loosen the edges. The sticky paper that remained came off with just my fingers, no solvent needed. It wiped off cleanly too so that was nice. This particular guitar has a bit of overspray black on the first fret, but no biggie I kind of like it in fact lol! The guitar sounds nice, and is my only maple even if it's not solid. If I'm being honest it's nowhere near as nice as any masterbilt but hey it's supposed to be that way and sure is nice to look at! Anyway enjoy! PHOTO GALLERY
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