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  1. Woo hoo! I'm the high bidder with a bid of $642.87! maybe I'll win!! :-
  2. This thread has convinced me never to buy a robot guitar!
  3. if it's anywhere near as great as my Epi PR-150 it's probably a pretty nice guitar as long as you don't pay more than $200. no sense in that as you can get a great solid top Epi for under $300 and a masterbilt all-solid for around $500
  4. well, I have recently bought an Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500M and am totally in love with it! I'm in the same boat where I've been playing for a few years and would really, really love a Gibson (or three), so much so that I plan on getting one for sure in another year or so, but I sat and played a Gibson J-45 and the Epi Masterbilt in the little room at Guitar Center and I have to say the Epi is sssooo close to the J-45 it's unreal! And at just $500 it is really a steal IMHO. lol and by the way I'm not an Epi salesman or anything, and if I had the money I'd own only Gibson guitars but for the money the Epi Masterbilts are awesome!
  5. well the hygrometer is saying 80%! We don't run the heat that much in the winter, but we do run the a/c plenty in the summer so I think I will be fine then. In the meantime other than running the heat more what can I do to bring it down to 60%? do they make room de-humidifiers?
  6. ya the PR-150 is all ply so no worries about that one, but the hummingbirdbird is solid top with ply back and sides, the masterbilt is all solid wood, spruce top with mahogany back and sides. I've not been able to afford a real Gibson yet, but the Masterbilt is my first all-solid wood guitar and I'd really like to take the best care that I can of it! Being that its really humid in houston i figure i should be ok, but I will have a look at the hygrometer when it comes in the mail.
  7. Hi guys, I asked this on the Epi forums but thought I'd ask here too, I've just moved back to the Houston area and the guitars I now have are - Epi PR-150 1999 Epi Hummingbird 1994 Epi Masterbilt AJ-500M 2009 I'd really like to take the best care of them that I can, so I'm wondering if I need a humidifier or not. Today I ordered a masterbilt case with the built-in hygrometer, so I guess I will be able to give you guys more info on the humidity level in my house when it arrives. Whatever the number is, is it a general rule that yes you need one for a solid top or all-solid guitar?
  8. my handle is based on my motorcycle, a 2003 kawasaki vulcan meanstreak 1500
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