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  1. Hey you've got both the 220S and the 500M, how do you think they compare?
  2. DUDE! Don't get the AJ-220S if you can get your hands on the new Masterbilt AJ-45! And according to musicians friend the AJ-500M is coming back next week too ( http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-masterbilt-aj-500m-advanced-jumbo-acoustic-guitar ) Seriously, just save up a bit longer and get the Masterbilt. Even a used AJ-500M in the $400 range would be sssoooo much better! I PROMISE you will be happy that you did! Here's one off eBay for under $400 including shipping - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Epiphone-Masterbuilt-AJ-500MNS-Acoustic-Guitar-/221499207363?pt=Guitar&hash=item339261aec3
  3. AJ-500M and R both have the third fret dot, as well as the EF-500R. DR-500M doesn't, maybe it's because on the DR the markers are nice little diamond looking shapes and it was a big enough cost saver to eliminate them from the whole production lot? It's kind of a diamond with little slashes through it -
  4. ya it's really only about a half inch thinner than the AJ or DR dreads.
  5. Yep snagged it! I probably should thin it out, but man do I love all these Masterbilts, it'll be tough to do!
  6. AWESOME! You won't be disappointed! I'm actually thinking about selling all my other guitars and keeping only the J-45 and the two EF's!
  7. Wow that's awesome a lot of people are going to be happy about that!
  8. Ya the pic looks good, thanks guys I'm ordering it in the morning!
  9. EJ-200 artist is a pretty decent guitar. Here's my buddy on one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UOsPMWndV4
  10. Man some of you guys are pretty fired up! But you're right, it's annoying and often too unclear. I wanted to buy an EJ-200 a couple of years back but couldn't figure out if the ones I could find online we're solid topped or not so I held off. Agree that at this point it's a total waste to buy a lam guitar though. I already have two all-laminates in my PR-100 and an old Johnson guitar, and while I like them both they sound awful compared to my solid top and all-solid guitars.
  11. I'm with you when it comes to a guitar just being the one. I looked at Gibson J-45's for three years before deciding on mine. First off none of them sounded as good as my Epi Masterbilts until I found this one, and on top of that it has a couple of nicks and scratches from being the floor demo. The sales guy offered to let me bring it back and swap it out with the fresh one when it came in, before it got put out on the floor but I said no thanks, I like this one too much to part with it! As for that case, man it's one impressive sucker! Do the make it for all different sizes?
  12. Out of just those three choices I'd go with the tiger as well.
  13. ya I had to replace the nut on my DR-500M. Way too deep slotted for the high strings. Also replaced the saddle since it was cut too short and came with a shim. Must have been a rookie working the nut and saddle at the factory that day. With the new ones it sounds amazing!
  14. blue just doesn't work on an acoustic for me. On a les paul, sure.
  15. Ya ebony fretboard and bridge on a black guitar is a must, i never get why they put rosewood brown against the black finish!
  16. Been looking for a while, was moving and in-between ISP's so missed one at guitar center! If you have one or know if one for sale let me know please! I'd consider a possible trade too.
  17. I pulled the pick guard off both my DR-500M and AJ-500R without any heat and using just my fingers. No damages or any finish issues, other than the usual tan lines. Of course, I also didn't care if I caused any damage anyway, so you should proceed at your own risk!
  18. In fact if anyone can help me find an EF-500M in natural for sale I'd appreciate it!
  19. For me the best thing about the EF compared to he DR models is the wider nut. I'd trade my DR-500M for an EF-500M in a heart beat!
  20. Dang, I've been after an EF-500MNS for a while now! I was moving and in-between ISO's so missed that one. You beat me to it! If you decide to sell or would be up for a possible trade let me know!
  21. I have both and play the bird much more often
  22. Not acoustics, but.....I took this picture over the weekend at my friends' gig. His band is awesome BTW. Anyway you guys think Gibson would be interested in using it in an ad?
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