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  1. I've enjoyed reading all the replies! I doubt it will ever even out, but it would be nice to get a little softer contrast!
  2. Well there appears to be a new Masterbilt AJ-45 coming that is short scale, but still the thinner nut. Is it just much less costly to go with the 1.69" vs a 1.725" or is there something more?
  3. Good points Red. What are your thoughts as to why Epi makes pretty much all their acoustics with the long scale and thinner nut width?
  4. I believe that's a gloss top with a black pick guard. I'll double check when I get home tonight.
  5. Ya I agree, but I also wonder if costs were rising by having such a wide variety of models and they didn't want to raise prices to make up for it. Have you seen the latest news in the new Masterbilts AJ-45 short scale that is in the works?
  6. Mine is the satin top. The satin is actually labeled the DR-500MNS if I'm not mistaken. I'm not at home otherwise I'd go have a look at mine. I thought about getting the gloss too but the gloss is satin on the back and sides anyway so I like it all being the same with the satin top. I also removed the pick guard and put if on my AJ-500R and got a tortoise shell hummingbird shape pick guard for my DR-500M, it gives it the Gibson country western look. I dig!
  7. I have heard that you can use sunlight to darken the top of a guitar. Has anyone actually done this? I have a guitar with tan lines where I removed the pick guard and some stickers the previous owner put on. I'd like to try to get it all back to even again. Also, if it dies work, does it need to be in direct sunlight or can I leave it near this glass block window?
  8. Absolute beast of a guitar. I love mine, it sounds amazing. Only drawback for me is the 1.69" nut as I have pretty massive hands. If it had the wider nut like most Gibson's it would've taken sales awy sales from them for sure! For comparison sakes the Gibson Hummingbird Pro from guitar center has the same long scale and 1.69" nut as as the DR-500M and it doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the Epi, at least not the examples I've played. You haveade a great choice my friend!
  9. I have the DR-500M and it's great. My brother got the DR-500MCE right when it came out and he loves it too. When it first arrived it had 12's on it and I thought it sounded pretty much the same as my non-cutaway. He soon switched to 10's as he prefers those for playing leads so hard to say if it's changed over the last couple if years. I should see if he will put some 12's on it and compare now.
  10. 100% agree! It's the reason I'm so fond of the Masterbilt EF-500!
  11. Hard to say on the DR-500MCE as my brother uses 10's so the sound is very different to my guitars all with 12's. As for my non-cutaway DR-500M it's really great, very comfortable to play seated and sounds awesome, but if I had to pick between them I'd say the AJ is better.
  12. wwweeellllllll, that's a bit of an oddball there. It was the 2nd Epiphone I bought after the PR-100. First off, I've never bought a brand new guitar save for my first one, an $80 Johnson acoustic. After that one everything has been used when I got it. The PR-100 was next and it was off eBay sight unseen for just $100 including a cheap cardboard style case. It played and sounded pretty good right out of the box. I've never done any mods to it all, not even a setup and it's great every time I pick it up. The Hummingbird was next, many years later in 2008. It is of course a gorgeous guitar, but I wanted an older Korean made one as I heard they sound better and I like the Les Paul style headstock over the current one that's been going since about 2001. To make matters tougher I was living in the UK at the time (back home in Texas now) and having to try to find one of those for sale over there wasn't easy. I finally found one and drove about 50 miles to get it. It came with a nice leather DSL strap, a capo, a tuner, an Oasis chord book, two amp cables and a very nice gig bag. To top it off it was super cheap, just £125 for the whole setup. I barely even glanced at it when I bought it! When I got it back to the house and started to have a closer look I realized why it was so cheap. It sounded TERRIBLE! First off the soundhole fishman pickup was actually upside down, not sure why. One of the tuner posts was bent like it had been dropped on it. Then when changing the strings I noticed the nut was just barely away from the fretboard. At first I thought it was just a loose nut but turned out the fretboard was separating from the neck. Not a huge deal but outside my experience to fix those. So I took it to a luthier for the repair. While there I went ahead and had him put a new bone nut and saddle in it. After that it sounded pretty good, and I was quite happy with it. When I moved back home in 2010 I started to build up my collection and got the AJ-500M first. It was so great a strummer that I took the Hummingbird back into the shop and had it set up with what is probably the lowest action ever on an acoustic that didn't buzz. My brother used it to play lead guitar when we would go to open mics and play small acoustic gigs at bars and restaurants, as he didn't actually own an acoustic at the time. It is pretty much useless as a strummer when setup like that though! He liked my Masterbilt so much though that he ended up buying a DR-500MCE with the cutaway there to help with the leads. Anyway LONG story I know, but even now while I do really like the look of my hummingbird, I'd have to say that even when perfectly setup I doubt the very best Epi hummingbird out there could possibly sound as good as any of my Masterbilts, they are really high-end guitars! Your AJ-500R is easily better than the junk so many guys are buying for around $1,000 from Taylor and Martin just because of the name on the headstock, man they are really missing out! BBBUTTT as for the deserted island guitar, I'd have to go with the Gibson, as it's got the best combo of sound and playability for me.
  13. the majority of Gibson acoustics are wide-nut and short scale, the majority of Epiphone acoustics are thin-nut and long scale. Leads to looking a bit different very often.
  14. I should add, they look terrific next to each other too!
  15. Well, I've had the J-45 now for a year and I truly love it. Great guitar, sounds awesome and plays super smooth. I have huge hands (I'm 6'4" 275) so the wider nut is a welcome thing. But if I'm being honest, I think the AJ-500M actually sounds better than the J-45. It's just not as comfortable to play (IMHO) with the 1.69" nut. My AJ-500R is pretty nice too, but it seems to be a bit muddy on the bass side. I've heard others play it and it sounds fine then, but when I play it myself I sometimes don't like the way it sounds. I guess I'm comparing it to the others though which isn't fair I guess! My AJ-500M is actually a factory 2nd that has a scale right at 25" so it's in-between long and short scales, making it fairly unique I guess. I spend 85% of my playing time at the first three frets though so I've not run into any issues with it. It really is an amazing guitar, I'm blown away by how great it sounds every time I play it. I use Martin 12's on all my guitars as well, so it's not a string thing. If this new AJ-45ME sounds anything like my AJ-500M then I'm sure it will be fantastic!
  16. ya I'd agree a maple jumbo would be a great choice in a Masterbilt!
  17. lol ya it's tough to tell, isn't it? The left side is chrome and the right the gold. The gold ones are worn out and hazy, so I thought they'd be more appropriate on the work out hazy guitar!
  18. ya that's the kind of tip I was after. Thanks gents!
  19. You know the sad thing is those factories making the fakes could probably make some pretty good guitars and sell them under their own name well. My Chinese made Epi Masterbilts are terrific.
  20. The tuners are identical on both guitars, Grover open-back 18:1 only difference is gold vs chrome.
  21. Do you guys think there will be any hassles trading tuners on these guitars? Or should it just be a simple switch-out? Any advice or little tricks I should know before I get to it? I've never done it before but want to give it a try!
  22. I wholeheartedly believe Gibson has banned Epiphone from making any Masterbilt's with the short scale AND the 1.725" wide nut. My DR-500M sounds sssssoooooooo fantastic, if it had the short scale/wide nut of the Gibson Hummingbird it would be a HUGE competitor to the more expensive models. In fact, I'd put it up against Guitar Center's Gibson Hummingbird Pro with the same long scale and 1.68" nut width and I PROMISE you would agree with me that it sounds miles better than the HBD Pro. I'm actually in the planning stages of making a blind sound test video series for YouTube where I compare all my guitars plus those of a few friends. I'm thinking I'll do - AJ-500M vs AJ-500R AJ-500M vs Gibson J-45. DR-500M vs Gibson Hummingbird DR-500MCE vs the Gibson Hummingbird Pro Cutaway Then on to the Martin D1-GT vs the D-28 probably will shoot the first one around the end of July.
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