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  1. Anyway as much as I love the idea of a short scale Masterbilt the 1.69" nut width means I'll give this one a pass. If it had the 1.729 or 1.75" width I'd pre-order ASAP, but My AJ-500M is already a refurbished 2nd with a scale length that is right at 25" and nut width of 1.69" so I essentially already have this guitar.
  2. The Specs are there in an excel file -
  3. hhmmm....My laminate guitars all haven't been out of their cases in at least a year. I've been thinking of having a clear out and cutting the herd down to three. This thread just reinforces that idea. So hard to do though!
  4. good choice to go with the Masterbilt
  5. Is yours the one ending on eBay in the next few minutes? Same pics.
  6. I bought my AJ-500M off eBay as a refurb for $425 with shipping. It looks and plays fantastic. When I tried to figure out what was wrong with it to make it a refurb I couldn't find anything. I took it to the shop to get the LR Baggs installed and told the tech it was a refurb but I couldn't figure out why. A couple days later when I went to pick it up he said the scale was about a half-inch shorter than the 25.5" called for in the specs, and closer to the 24.75" J-45 spec. I felt like it was a pretty easy player but hadn't realized that! There are no intonation issues or any other problem with the shorter scale too. pretty cool!
  7. Looks like a lot of fun, but does anyone know what a "guitar toss" is?? Sounds dangerous!
  8. I wouldn't trust it! I flew on British Airways and they let me bring my Epi Hummingbird as a carry on. Even strapped it up safe in a flight attendant closet. Might be worth a round trip ticket to go get it yourself safe and sound!
  9. I was in 2nd grade learning about the metric system and remember my teacher telling us "the metric system is coming, probably 5 years at the most." That was 1984.
  10. Howdy! What part of the UK are you in? I lived in Hertfordshire for 5 years from 05-10 and miss it quite a bit!
  11. Cannot go wrong with any of the Masterbilt line. And I've tried (and bought) a lot of them!
  12. The really major difference for me is the nut width. The EF has a much wider nut so if you've got small hands it may be very uncomfortable to play. I have massive hands (6'4" 275lbs) and I own both a DR and an EF and I like the much wider nut of the EF a lot better.
  13. A lot of guys swear by the D'Addario's but I've never tried them myself. I've only ever used either Gibson Masterbuilt or Martin 80/20 regular or SP. Those have always had a great sound IMHO and are cheap enough to change regularly.
  14. No prob, I gotta say I really like the wider nut in the EF, so much so that I'm considering picking up an EF-500M now too (prob have to sell off a couple of the other masterbilts first though!)
  15. Saw it on eBay and had to share. It's a refurb that need a new finish on the top so the seller with with black. Interesting, even if I wouldn't buy it! CLICK
  16. To help you, here is my EF-500R next to my AJ-500R (the AJ is a little rough looking lol) -
  17. I've become something of an Epi masterbilt collector!
  18. I've become something of an Epi masterbilt collector!
  19. I have an Acoustasonic 30 and like it, never used it with a gibby hummingbird though.
  20. I have an Acoustasonic 30 and like it, never used it with a gibby hummingbird though.
  21. Ya slope shoulder, Rosewood back/sides with spruce top. NS is natural satin finish. I have one and like it, but will say its a bit on the muddy side compared to the AJ-500M, I feel like I need to keep fresh strings on the rosewood guitar. Overall a nice guitar with great sound and for under $400 you can't beat it!
  22. Nah, my brother likes to play leads and tried some electric 10's on his DR-500MCE but it sounds much better with acoustic 10's we both agree.
  23. Ya I like them, the EJ 200 Artist is a great guitar, here's my buddy playing his at open mic night -
  24. My brother has one in natural and loves it!
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