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  1. Wow, that is really sweet looking baimo. What is that finish called?
  2. Wow, Mike! I'm not usually into black guitars, but that one is a stunner. Nice!! BB would be proud. :)
  3. ALL the guitars in this thread SUCK...except mine!!! LOL, seriously, what an amazing collection of instruments. BEE-utiful.
  4. Tman, that is quite awesome looking. [thumbup]
  5. ^^^^ That walnut finish is spectacular!
  6. I never thought I'd own a 335, but one day the proverbial ship came in. 2009 in Light Burst. Lovely guitar.
  7. And together they make one hawt looking pair! New AC15HW1 and my '09 ES-335.
  8. OK I'll bite. I don't know about that specific model, but just in general, I don't think you can possibly say that it's in perfect condition from those pics, which are very small. Even if you have full size pics, you really won't know until you have it in your hands. I've bought a few "MINT", "LIKE NEW" guitars and found them less than described. You can call Gibson with the serial number and get some info from them and compare it to the pics, but that alone isn't a guarantee it's the real deal. If this is a lifetime purchase and you want to be 100% happy, then you need to do a lot
  9. A nice set of vids showing these great guitars being made:
  10. If it is shrinking rosewood, presumably from the dryness of winter, I'd leave the guitar in a room with a small humidifer, and try to get the humidity to about 45% and keep it there for a week. I don't know if oiling the board will cause it to return to normal. My concern is the oil could actually block the moisture in the air from getting back in the wood. Just my $0.02. I keep my guitars in a room with a small humidifer in winter, and keep the range at 40% minimum. Hope it works out for you. Fortunately if there's anything wrong with the inlay work, it's not too big of a deal to hav
  11. The cloudiness issue is remedied with something with a very mild abrasive, such as the Virtuoso cleaner, or what I happen to use: Once the cloudiness is gone, it's easy to maintain with Virtuoso polish, or Gibson Pump Polish. In time you can expect the cloudiness to come back with playing wear. Nitro is a pretty think finish AFAIK, so I'd go easy on the elbow grease.
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