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  1. Wow, that is really sweet looking baimo. What is that finish called?
  2. Wow, Mike! I'm not usually into black guitars, but that one is a stunner. Nice!! BB would be proud. :)
  3. ALL the guitars in this thread SUCK...except mine!!! LOL, seriously, what an amazing collection of instruments. BEE-utiful.
  4. Tman, that is quite awesome looking. [thumbup]
  5. ^^^^ That walnut finish is spectacular!
  6. I never thought I'd own a 335, but one day the proverbial ship came in. 2009 in Light Burst. Lovely guitar.
  7. I think if I walked into the room with those guitars at night with no lights on, they would be glowing with awesomeness.
  8. I have a 2009 and darn if it isn't impeccable in every way. I haven't had the desire to change one thing on it.
  9. I've never seen/played one in person, but I always thought they look kinda cool.
  10. My '09 335 is 8-1/2 pounds, about a pound heavier than my LP (which is chambered). It's not too bad with a padded strap, which is what I usually use.
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