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  1. Do you think he does? LOL anyway here is a NEW VERSION of SWEET CHILD O MINE preformed by me:D
  2. Hey!! Slashe's Guitar is a Les Paul model with golden top right?? here is me playing SWEET CHILD O MINE with my NEW awsome guitar here is a sound sample -
  3. I bought a NEW guitar a week ago but it dosent sound like i thought it would. I bought ES - 335 but ill maybe buy a newer SG model... Here is a sound sample of my ES 335 (I Made A Snow Cover) Tell me if i should return this one and buy an SG model instead
  4. I think RHCP are overrated, but i really like their guitar guy though.. SO I made a NEW version to RHCP's most famous song - SNOW (Hey Oh) Tell me what u think about this version and about RHCP
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