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  1. Jinder, I'm not sure what you mean by the beveled bridge on your guitar. I just looked at the bridge on my 2009 Dove and it looks pretty much like yours. Got me really curious. Could you explain what you meant?
  2. That was freakin' fantastic....I loved it.....🤣
  3. Yup, I was just talking to one of my local Gibson dealers yesterday......pretty much said it's impossible to get a replacement COA from Gibson, even with proof of purchase and authentication. I remember when Fender Custom Shop used to be pretty much the same way, but they've loosened up. Was also told PRS was even worse than Gibson, which I find hard to believe.
  4. Just picked this up.....fantastic guitar......
  5. My 2019 SG Jr from the Original Collection has a picture included in the case. I think it’s a thing that Gibson is doing with at least some of their models.
  6. Here are my two latest acoustics.....
  7. ^^^^^What Murph said.....
  8. Mine are the Rotomatics and I think you're right about the ones that Buc mentioned. Looks like I'd have to drill another hole to make them work, like Paul14 suggested. Thanks for the tips, guys.
  9. Are there any drop-in tuners that will fit on my Dove to replace the HEAVY Grovers that are on it now? Really would like the tulip buttons, or keystone, or whatever else they're called, that look so much better on a couple of other Gibbys that I have.
  10. Not really a problem, there are several online dealers that do carry Gibson strings, even the "old" models, like the ones you're looking for....
  11. Yup.... https://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson/Logo-Barstool.gc
  12. WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT?????? And yes, I'm shouting.....
  13. Great natural reverb in that room....another super job....
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