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  1. Thanks for the replies, guys. As I said, it was just a rambling thought with nothing else to do in the recent weeks. And Jinder, your post is one of the most thought-out, easy to understand responses to anything I've ever read. Oh, and I really enjoy your music.....😁
  2. Em7, thought about that with my wife’s ears, they’re almost as old as mine😁 I guess, after we can get out, I’ll have to ask one of my guitar-playing buddies to give a listen and see what they think. Lookwise, how could anybody not prefer a sb Gibson over any plain top guitar? 😉
  3. Sal, should have stated, I am a strummer 99% of the time, maybe 1% flat picking. And I have always heard about bass heavy sound of most Martin rosewood guitars. I never have felt that way. My J45 has huge bass, as I said comparable to the Martin.
  4. I own the two guitars in the title and am kinda stumped about the sound of each. I realize that they have completely different woods and body shapes. I have them both strung with the same brand and gauge string. Both made in 2019 and still being broken in, although the play time on each is about the same. I have a habit of sitting down to play with one and, after a song or two, switch to the other. It probably is my old ears, but I have a real hard time hearing much difference in the sound of each. They obviously play differently because of neck shape and size, but the sound of the two is remarkably similar. I finally asked my wife, who is not a player but has put up with my playing for a long, long time to sit and listen as I played each to see what she thought. Told her to turn her back so she wouldn't be influenced by the look of the guitar. After going back and forth several times, she admitted that she couldn't hear a lot of difference either. So, any idea as to how so dis-similar guitars can sound so much the same, at least to the two of us? I know, weird question, this lockdown is starting to make me look for things to think about......🤯 EDIT TO ADD: I'm gonna post this same thread over on the Martin forum to see what they can come up with.
  5. I'm not trying to be a SA here, but, after reading gearbashers post about his 20+ year old guitar, that had been in storage for a while, developing a crack near the headstock, made me think of this question.....what difference does it make between having a guitar in storage for 10 years and one that you play every day for the last 10 years as to whether or not it'll develop any problems, especially with the neck?? Is it dumb luck? Will a daily-played guitar develop those problems also? Seems like several responses in the thread have said that storing a guitar for that long is what caused the problem. Am I missing something here?
  6. Joe M

    Unusual J200

    Thanks for the input, guys. And 'burst, most of you are way more expert than I'll ever be....😁
  7. Just spotted this on my local CL. Very cool looking but I've never seen a J200 with a bridge like this one or the three piece back. What do you experts think? https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/msg/d/livonia-1972-gibson-j200-pristine/7093709186.html
  8. Joe M


    Always wanted a DIF, but the cost has really cooled my desire. Dave F, you are aware of the skinny necks on the DIF I hope, BIG difference from your JB. Could be a big turn-off. Good luck with your decision, I would do it in a heartbeat. Oh, and "a little cash" might have a big influence on the trade.
  9. Yup, looks exactly like what the folks at Taylor would do.....
  10. Nope, nope, nope, one bloody-label guitar is all I ever want to have/see....😳
  11. A few years ago I traded a couple of guitars for a 000-28EC . Was in mint condition and thought I got the better end of the deal. After I got home and checked it out a little more closely, couldn't figure out what the little spots were on the label inside the guitar. Checked farther and I was convinced they were splatters of blood. Never felt the same about that guitar after that.....🤮
  12. Buc, outstanding as usual. Is all the reverb I hear on both guitar and voice just from the acoustics of the room you’re in?
  13. I've owned several Hummingbirds, including the Vintage model, I've only had one AJ. The Hummers are gone, as is the AJ. The only one I wish I had back is the AJ.
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