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  1. Doug, I love your DAF acronym, never heard it before, but I'll be using it from now on when I talk about strings, and other things. 🤪 Oh, great guitar, and even better story about how you got it to sing just right...
  2. Me, too, Murph. Enjoying the way they sound on my Dove.
  3. They do come in lights.....link says so.....
  4. FWIW, I’ve done quite a bit of business with CME, and they will always negotiate.
  5. I know there are a lot of vintage lovers here, but I’m just the opposite, I would take the new legend any day, especially with all the things “wrong “ with the banner. My two centavos
  6. Saw that show and couldn't believe how little that J200 looked in his hands. Must be one BIG dude....🙄
  7. Sorry, Buc, guess I wasn’t too clear. What I meant was, unless I’m misunderstanding the whole thing, why would a builder under or over set a neck, wouldn’t he want it perfect always, or at least as close to perfect as he could make it.
  8. So I'm assuming neither would NOT be something that would be done on purpose, right?
  9. Digging up this few month old thread to post that I put a set of Masterbuilt 80/20's on my Dove and really like the sound. The only real reason I tried them was that my acoustic stash of strings was dry except for several sets of the Masterbuilts. I'm gonna leave them on for a while and see how they settle in. First impression is very positive.
  10. Man, those are a couple of terms I have NEVER heard....underset and overset when referring to guitar necks. Please elaborate, I'm really curious about the terms, even though I can kinda figure out what they mean.
  11. Paul, I'm almost positive the black pins on both the Dove and 200 are replacements. Pretty sure white was the original color.
  12. Nah, burst, pic makes it look tomato (I HATE tomatoes), it's definitely cherry in real time....
  13. They really have a very similar sound; big, rich, full across the spectrum. The Dove is just a bit quieter and more subdued than the 200. I think maple is a tonewood that more should try. I always felt that rosewood sounded best to me, followed by mahogany, pretty traditional. But the more I play these maple guitars, the more I like, and appreciate, their tone. Here's a not-very-good pic of the back of my Dove. As I said, the flame is very subdued, and because of the reflection, this is the best I could do.
  14. Thanks, guys. And you’re right, burst, I have become a maple-holic myself. Plus I’ve got both the Dove and the 200 sitting next to each other, play one for a few tunes and switch to the other. I’ll see what I can do about getting a back shot tomorrow.
  15. Big guitar show here last weekend. After spending a couple of hours looking and not finding anything that floated my boat, was on my way out with money in my pocket and no new guitar. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a little stand, the guy's wife and little baby, and 5 or 6 open guitar cases. In one of those cases was this beauty.....2009 build date with hardly any wear anywhere. Couple of very, very small dings on the headstock and that was it. Guy was from the other side of the state and bought and sold online only, no store. Said he had just taken in the guitar on a trade with some guy that wanted a 335 that he had. Negotiated a fair price and walked out with empty pockets and a beauty of a guitar. I've had a couple of these in the past, and, as with the J200 I just picked up a month or so ago, had forgotten what a great sound they had, almost like a quieter J200. Too much reflection to show the back of the guitar, but it's very subtle flame. So, thanks to some helpful suggestions, here are a couple of pics of my newest Gibby........
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