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  1. Well, I went right to the source, called Gibson Customer Relations. Was told by the guy who answered that D'Addario PB strings (uncoated) are put on most, if not all of their new guitars. I could tell he was reading from a script, so I'm hoping that the info he quoted was correct.
  2. I just brought home a J45 Vintage that has the best sound of any I have heard in the last couple of years. I usually swap the strings on any new guitar I buy as soon as I get home. But this guitar sounds SO GOOD, I'm not sure I want to change to another string. I know this topic has been kicked around before, and I know that strings are cheap, but I don't want to try something else and be disappointed. So, one more time, does anyone know what brand and type of string Gibson puts on it's new guitars, specifically, a J45 Vintage?
  3. Gibson may have changed their procedure. I remember the last new Gibson guitar I bought (a few years ago) I was sent a confirmation email from Gibson after I registered it.
  4. Man, I'm sure glad I didn't see that before it had been sold.....wouldn't have had as much restraint as you, gumbino...
  5. My 2007 Dove is one of the finest guitars I’ve owned, and yup, 3 piece neck
  6. Joe M


    Ok, ok, grunt, so I missed one model.....🤪
  7. Joe M


    I know there are some that like Grovers on Gibson; I, for one, think they look terrible. Klusons with the tulip buttons should be on all Gibsons, regardless of model. JMHO, but you asked for a preference....FWIW, my 200 has gold Kluson's with tulip buttons, my Dove, Grovers. Still thinking about swapping out the Grovers, but it sounds so good I don't want to upset the mojo....🙄
  8. Hmmm, just got a note from one of my local Gibby dealer's that said they have two in stock. Might have to make a visit this afternoon.....
  9. Jinder, I'm not sure what you mean by the beveled bridge on your guitar. I just looked at the bridge on my 2009 Dove and it looks pretty much like yours. Got me really curious. Could you explain what you meant?
  10. That was freakin' fantastic....I loved it.....🤣
  11. Yup, I was just talking to one of my local Gibson dealers yesterday......pretty much said it's impossible to get a replacement COA from Gibson, even with proof of purchase and authentication. I remember when Fender Custom Shop used to be pretty much the same way, but they've loosened up. Was also told PRS was even worse than Gibson, which I find hard to believe.
  12. Just picked this up.....fantastic guitar......
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