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  1. Most Doves and most 200’s are Maple back and sides, if that makes a difference to you. There are exceptions, of course, but when someone mentions either of those two, I think of maple. Pretty bright and quick decaying.
  2. Ain’t these First World problems great???
  3. Nah, I can top that….Elixirs on my Bird and D’Addarios on my Martin. 😂
  4. Yup, probably the same goofus that put the strap button on the flat part of the neck heel. 🤪
  5. Mine is a HB Original, just not Antique-Natural. I guess only the those with that finish got the Hummingbird TRC. Oh, wait, the pic on the site with the Heritage Cherry finish, which mine has, also has the engraved TRC. There’s the anomaly. 😆
  6. Hmmm….here we go again with the anomalies of Gibson. Mine has a plain trc. 🙄
  7. Twang Gang, just noticed that the TRC on your guitar has the word "Hummingbird" on it. Did it come this way from Gibson or did you add it yourself?
  8. I have always used Elixir 80/20 light Nanowebs on my HB's and have not found a sound I liked better.
  9. Don't think I "overthought" the subject, just curious. And as far as worrying about devaluing the guitar in 20 or 30 years, I don't really care, I'm not gonna be around.......
  10. At this point, nothing surprises me any more. At first, I thought like you, that the dealer installed the button as an "extra". But the dealer in question assured me the guitar came from Gibson with the button installed where it is. And I trust him. Kind of a moot point anyway, since I never use a strap on an acoustic. Always, and I mean always, play sitting down. Just kind of cheeses me off that Gibson is so presumptuous to assume I even WANT a strap button. Just like them putting a pickup in everything, except their vintage models. It's another thing I never use. The HB I'm t
  11. Thanks for the replies, guys. I guess it isn't such a rare thing after all. I just had never seen a factory installed button on any Gibson before in that position. Pepper, thanks for the links, looks like wherever the guy installing the buttons on any given day just puts it where he feels like. No rhyme or reason.....ah the mysteries of Gibson production....
  12. Goofy question....has Gibson ever placed the strap button on the flat part of the heel? I know that that's one of the places that some people recommend placing it, but I've never seen one in that spot from the factory, always is on the side of the heel, if there is one. Am I missing something? The guitar in question is a new Hummingbird Original, if that makes any difference.
  13. Joe M

    Factory Strings

    Thanks for the clip; I contacted Gibson (which I probably should have done in the first place) and was told the same....Brite Wires....
  14. Tried searching but couldn't find the answer, so.....what strings does Gibson put on their new electrics? Not concerned about gauge, just the model. I'm guessing Brite Wires, but not sure. If it matters, I'm talking specifically on SG's, although I can't believe they'd use different models on other electrics. Thanks for any input.
  15. Talked to a rep at Gibson who confirmed that what I have is what it should be. Also did some other research and found that CME also has the same model, in Pelham Blue, as mine. It's listed at $1200 more than the Cherry Red one, which, as I said earlier in this thread, is the only color listed by Gibson. Contacted CME and was told the blue one was a special order from them directly to Gibson. Was also told there were a couple of minor differences between the red one and the blue one. So, it's kinda like what I said earlier; is the blue one, in this case, worth $1200 more than the red one,
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