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  1. Talked to a rep at Gibson who confirmed that what I have is what it should be. Also did some other research and found that CME also has the same model, in Pelham Blue, as mine. It's listed at $1200 more than the Cherry Red one, which, as I said earlier in this thread, is the only color listed by Gibson. Contacted CME and was told the blue one was a special order from them directly to Gibson. Was also told there were a couple of minor differences between the red one and the blue one. So, it's kinda like what I said earlier; is the blue one, in this case, worth $1200 more than the red one, even with a few minor differences? Don't know and don't care, I really like mine.
  2. I know this is an old thread, but I just brought home a Custom Shop 63 SG Special. Still honeymoon phase, but so far it’s a great guitar. Mine’s Pelham Blue, not the red ones I’ve seen more of online. Super lightweight, less than 6 pounds. The P90’s are amazing....punchy and not overly bright like Fender single coils. Really compliments my Teles and Strats. I never liked HB’s of any kind, so the P90’s are a great in-between sound. I’m not really sure about most of the specs, other than what I’ve read on Gibson’s website. Is it worth more than double the price of the regular production SG Special? Don’t know and really don’t care, it’s a super playing, sounding and looking guitar. 😃 Edit to add: According to the paperwork that came with the guitar, it's a NAMM show display model; that may be the reason that it's blue instead of red that is on every website I've seen, including Gibson's. Starting to think maybe there wasn't a blue one in production, even by the Custom Shop. I'm gonna give Gibson customer support a call tomorrow to see if I can get any more info.
  3. Neck size is probably one of the most important things to consider, as a couple of responses said. For me, another thing that would influence my decision are the tuners; I can't stand the look of Grover tuners, which most, if not all, of the 60's models have. Tulips on the 50's models are the best look for me. I know that's a real individual choice, but for me, it was a big factor on which model I eventually chose. Of course, as alway, YMMV and IMHO.....
  4. I've always disliked the sound of HB's, even in beautiful-looking Gibsons. Way too dark and muddy sounding to my old ears, always liked the bright single coil sound of most Fenders. That being said, two of my newest additions to my modest collection are an SG Jr and SG Special, both with, obviously P90's. So now, whenever I want a little more ballsy sound, I pick one of these up. Oh, and the only LP I ever owned that I wish I had back was a 56 RI Goldtop LP. Fantastic guitar, looked just like the pic you posted SteveFord...
  5. Yup, was gonna use electrical tape if the suction cup idea didn't work....gotta have a back-up plan, glad I didn't have to use it. Oh, forgot to mention, I had already tried the paper clip...no go. Moot point now.
  6. OMG, Pepper, your suction cup idea was spot on. Had the gizmo that a GPS suctions to your windshield and, bingo, popped it right off. Thank you, thank you, thank you.....
  7. Wish it was that easy, Steve. Already tried that. I think part, if not all, of the problem is that the plate has never been off.
  8. I've got to get the back plate off on my SG Special to get to the input jack which is a little wonky. It just won't come off easily. I don't want to pry it since any tool I put in the crack between the plate and the body will mar the body finish ( I know, anal). Is there some easy, simple way to get the plate off that I'm missing? Thanks for any help.
  9. Joe M

    Too Much Alike??

    According to Gibson's website, the pickup in each is the same.
  10. I have an SG jr that I really like. I’ve just got an opportunity to get a LP jr at a very fair price but won’t get to play. I know the obvious similarities and differences, but I’m really hooked on the single P90 sound. Guess what I’m asking is will they SOUND that different to go for the LP? Thanks for any insight.
  11. Thanks for the replies, guys. As I said, it was just a rambling thought with nothing else to do in the recent weeks. And Jinder, your post is one of the most thought-out, easy to understand responses to anything I've ever read. Oh, and I really enjoy your music.....😁
  12. Em7, thought about that with my wife’s ears, they’re almost as old as mine😁 I guess, after we can get out, I’ll have to ask one of my guitar-playing buddies to give a listen and see what they think. Lookwise, how could anybody not prefer a sb Gibson over any plain top guitar? 😉
  13. Sal, should have stated, I am a strummer 99% of the time, maybe 1% flat picking. And I have always heard about bass heavy sound of most Martin rosewood guitars. I never have felt that way. My J45 has huge bass, as I said comparable to the Martin.
  14. I own the two guitars in the title and am kinda stumped about the sound of each. I realize that they have completely different woods and body shapes. I have them both strung with the same brand and gauge string. Both made in 2019 and still being broken in, although the play time on each is about the same. I have a habit of sitting down to play with one and, after a song or two, switch to the other. It probably is my old ears, but I have a real hard time hearing much difference in the sound of each. They obviously play differently because of neck shape and size, but the sound of the two is remarkably similar. I finally asked my wife, who is not a player but has put up with my playing for a long, long time to sit and listen as I played each to see what she thought. Told her to turn her back so she wouldn't be influenced by the look of the guitar. After going back and forth several times, she admitted that she couldn't hear a lot of difference either. So, any idea as to how so dis-similar guitars can sound so much the same, at least to the two of us? I know, weird question, this lockdown is starting to make me look for things to think about......🤯 EDIT TO ADD: I'm gonna post this same thread over on the Martin forum to see what they can come up with.
  15. I'm not trying to be a SA here, but, after reading gearbashers post about his 20+ year old guitar, that had been in storage for a while, developing a crack near the headstock, made me think of this question.....what difference does it make between having a guitar in storage for 10 years and one that you play every day for the last 10 years as to whether or not it'll develop any problems, especially with the neck?? Is it dumb luck? Will a daily-played guitar develop those problems also? Seems like several responses in the thread have said that storing a guitar for that long is what caused the problem. Am I missing something here?
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