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  1. Joe M


    Always wanted a DIF, but the cost has really cooled my desire. Dave F, you are aware of the skinny necks on the DIF I hope, BIG difference from your JB. Could be a big turn-off. Good luck with your decision, I would do it in a heartbeat. Oh, and "a little cash" might have a big influence on the trade.
  2. Yup, looks exactly like what the folks at Taylor would do.....
  3. Nope, nope, nope, one bloody-label guitar is all I ever want to have/see....😳
  4. A few years ago I traded a couple of guitars for a 000-28EC . Was in mint condition and thought I got the better end of the deal. After I got home and checked it out a little more closely, couldn't figure out what the little spots were on the label inside the guitar. Checked farther and I was convinced they were splatters of blood. Never felt the same about that guitar after that.....🤮
  5. Buc, outstanding as usual. Is all the reverb I hear on both guitar and voice just from the acoustics of the room you’re in?
  6. I've owned several Hummingbirds, including the Vintage model, I've only had one AJ. The Hummers are gone, as is the AJ. The only one I wish I had back is the AJ.
  7. Well, I went right to the source, called Gibson Customer Relations. Was told by the guy who answered that D'Addario PB strings (uncoated) are put on most, if not all of their new guitars. I could tell he was reading from a script, so I'm hoping that the info he quoted was correct.
  8. I just brought home a J45 Vintage that has the best sound of any I have heard in the last couple of years. I usually swap the strings on any new guitar I buy as soon as I get home. But this guitar sounds SO GOOD, I'm not sure I want to change to another string. I know this topic has been kicked around before, and I know that strings are cheap, but I don't want to try something else and be disappointed. So, one more time, does anyone know what brand and type of string Gibson puts on it's new guitars, specifically, a J45 Vintage?
  9. Gibson may have changed their procedure. I remember the last new Gibson guitar I bought (a few years ago) I was sent a confirmation email from Gibson after I registered it.
  10. Man, I'm sure glad I didn't see that before it had been sold.....wouldn't have had as much restraint as you, gumbino...
  11. My 2007 Dove is one of the finest guitars I’ve owned, and yup, 3 piece neck
  12. Joe M


    Ok, ok, grunt, so I missed one model.....🤪
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