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  1. swap for the '57, you'll be happy you did. That would be the easiest most direct way of solving it. If you want to get into caps and pots it will be a long drawn out process of elimination.
  2. Try Long & Mcquade in canada, they have a website with contacts on it, and they may be able to help... Otherwise try to get Customer service's attention...
  3. Nice question... To plug both inputs into one amp, you would need to modify the guitar, by switching the "black" and "white" wires on one of the p/u's... don't bother... try this: BIGSHOT ABY Use the bottom example... This might work well, it has a 180deg flip switch, and it's passive... Further to that, a stereo FX pedal of some sort may do the trick as well... Type "stereo guitar pedal" into search at musician's friend for some eamples.
  4. I beg to differ, I've played 20 to 30 faded models over the years, and the best sounding ones are the two piece bodies where the second piece is small (ie not down the middle, off to one side) making it close to a single piece body. Also ebony fret boards make some difference too.
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