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  1. Songs from my youth!! Right now Love Itis by the Mandala from Toronto. Roughly 66/67/68 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihcAFwdt0R0
  2. Buy yourself a Landrover and you can drive anywhere you want for gas and food!!!!
  3. Here is a link for a fun family activity. Norad Santa tacker. http://www.noradsanta.org/en/index.html Enjoy and have a happy and safe Cristmas and new year!!
  4. Tonight it is -20C and the wind is blowing at 30KPH. Extremes at two ends of the world!!!!
  5. I vote with everyone else - GO FOR IT!! It is amazing what animals bring to our lives. You will be enriched.
  6. Keith Reid - Procol Harum. Pick any song!!
  7. Leslie now makes a guitar version of it's rotating speaker. Review in this month's Guitar Player.
  8. I have my eye a lefty LP trad in cherry burst at a local store. Every 3 months they drop the price by $200.00. I expect to have enough money by May/June next year. If they keep dropping the price then maybe it will get below $2K. Any extra money goes to the Peavy Delta Blues JR.
  9. Yes - perhaps picking it up was not the best idea he has ever had but really. And police and government wonder why the firearms community has such a deep sense of mistrust!! Brian
  10. I am usually against the death penalty. BUT then again after his actions I feel he has forfeited the right to live his own life - in jail or otherwise. It is an internal conflict that I cannot resolve within myself. Here in Canada killers get parole after 25 years. In my view much much too soon. If I get drunk and drive a car and kill someone I will get even less time. Being a dumb *** like that you will be back on the streets in 4 years or less. Isn't what I did murder?? Then again there have been some VERY high profile cases in which, if we still had the death penalty the person would have b
  11. We are all on journey of discovery on this Earth. There are different religions, political affiliations, etc. There is not any one who is perfect. And some have more success than others doing what they do. I think the best lesson for her to learn is that she should just shut up. People will judge her no matter what she says or does - for good or ill. Maybe we can all wish her some growing up lessons and humility.
  12. Al Jarreau backed up by the Earth, Wind and Fire rhythm section. Absolutely gobsmaked everyone there. Standing ovation followed by standing ovation and very well deserved. Followed by Lyle Lovett playing solo acoustic.
  13. +++1 on that !!!! Mix in some coarse grated horseradish to give some substance and then you will be ready for some eggs, bacon and homefries. Next day you will feel like a new man!!!! Brian
  14. Dude!! I remember getting detention from the old "collar checks". I am VERY glad school has changed. If it was different maybe I would have stayed. Brian
  15. Glad to hear school has changed since I was there. Remeber collar checks?? Detention for hair over the collar.
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