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  1. And our baby is due any day now too..
  2. When i was still living with my parents, our next door neighbour admited to lying in the bath listening when i played guitar.. a weird kind of compliment i think!!!
  3. big thumbs up from me just the way it is.. its cool
  4. so its not really a topic but i wanted to share some good old fashioned guitar coolness, see its not all about shredding.... ENJOY!!!
  5. I wouldnt pay for a guitar that looks beat up, i dont like the roadworn series. i value and am protective of my guitars because i know how long it took to pay for them. If i want a beat up looking guitar i'll play mine till they are beat up
  6. there are several incarnations of "beach boys" now. i saw one of them last year in saskatoon. I was very impressed, its not often you get a full seated auditorium on its feet singing and dancing along. if you closed your eyes you couldnt tell the difference. The band are lucky to have bruce johnston and mike love still with them.
  7. lol.. yup it wouldnt hurt the tone but if i dont like the look of something it puts me of playing it..lol
  8. the wildcats are well priced just now. good looking guitars except the headstock.
  9. Oh yeah, if wearing a tie.... dont use a schoolboy not, learn to tie proper knots like windsors.. much classier and make sure your collar size on your shirts are correct and not hanging loose around your neck.. that makes a much classier impression oo.. shows you made the effort
  10. its all about fit and these days many many people dont actually know their clothes size. they wear and pick the same shapes and sizes because its what they have aways worn. As a lot of folk here know my previous life was in tailoring before i moved to Canada. I'm guilty of it too, i dress casual to sloppy unless i need to be formal and thats when i make the effort. If clothes fit properly then nobody will know the difference. its sometimes worth spending a few $$ to have some nips n tucks to cange an ok suit into a sharp suit!! rgings like cuffs, waist, and leg lengths, even the nape canall b
  11. I'm loving the replies, so many varied opinions on this. I'm still favoring the hollows with a trem however the surf green strat suggestion has me intrigued
  12. Some great suggestions, I think i'm just wanting a new guitar. I already have a tele which i love and did consider getting a bigsby fitted but I think the problem is I'm fancying a hollow or semi hollow. gretsch or ibanez (the artcore series are well made for the price and sound surprisingly good) with a bigsby style trem. I did consider a strat but they justdont have the wow factor for me. And i have a blues jr tube amp with a decent reverb. would just need some slap echo. Whatever guitar may be next on the hit list i want it more for country and rockabilly than anything else.
  13. So if someone said heres a $1000, which guitar or setup would you choose for the best sound for the aforementioned music genres? it doesnt have to be gibson.
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