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  1. new pics of mine...( with all 6 strings)
  2. Had just broke some strings before the pics. lol I guess I need some new pics.
  3. Thanks Hall Groper, it's a tough crowd.
  4. It looks as thou he may be a newbie here such as myself and not aware of all this site has to offer, and from his email addy it looks like he's from the UK so Craigslist may not be a option for him. just my 2cents
  5. Galloway6

    AC/DC Fans

    Thanks for bring these pics back. This is so cool, I would have loved to been there with you to meet Bon and the boys.
  6. Galloway6

    AC/DC Fans

    sure wish I could have seen those photos.
  7. Here's my 91 SG Special... I hope to learn to play it some day.
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