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  1. hello been a long time since I been here sup guys.? Who can tell me what model music yo Kramer this is please ? Been trying to locate one and having a hard time as no one seems to know its true identity . Lol yup Thanks guy,s
  2. Update and solved . I researched your method a bit online and came across an article on how to test a guitar cab your interested in buying when no amp is present to test the cab. It covered your advice with one diffrence .. It recomended a 9 volt battery for stiffer cones . So I retested with a 9 volt when polarity was correct the cone jumped outward . When not correct the cone sucked down into the basket. I should mention that it also stated when using a 9 volt the connection to the 9 volt battery should be done really quick so as not to cook the coil. Thank you capmaster problem solved..
  3. Capmaster tried this with a 1.5 volt c battery and I got some static as I touched the terminals and no matter wich way I put the wires the cone slightly jumped ? Do they make speakers with no polarity ? Or did I do something wrong ? I tried a few times a quick touch so as not to cause coil cancer same result cone jump
  4. Well it's been ages since I been here hello every one.. Ok been playing my onl 1974 norlin Lester built lp custom and fooling around with bunches of old speakers for fun. I recently bought a 10 inch gibson speaker with the square magnet. It's 8 ohms . My problem is this . The speaker terminals are not marked posative and negative and Id like it to sound correct . On the back of the magnet in green ink stamp are theese numbers S-20003 137 603 5810023. Then on the speaker cone are the numbers 1003.3 I know some one has the answer to my question lease . I know that correct hook up has a lot to do with sound . If you think not try reversing the wires on your high end audiophile stereo and watch that bass go out the window . Lol problem is guitars don't have a lot of bass so I'm hoping to find the correct terminal +\ - posts. I'm using a fargen 5 watt micro plex amp for the vintage speaker trip I'm on its a great lil amp but real costly . Knowing ben for many years got me one dirt cheap . Love the lil amp Ok enough hope some one knows. Thanks guys oh here is a pic hmm pic won't post let me work on that ok says file to big pic taken with iPad no reduction option oh well sry .
  5. It's sapphire blue like the one on this web site . Ill do pics when I get home or in the morning before work. I here till midnight http://www.blueskillet.com/SG_61RI.htm
  6. Yeah that's an idea just need time to do. It at work maybe later . I'm just asking wich one would be worth more down the road
  7. Wow it's Been a long time since I was here. Anyhow I need some advice. I have 2 Gibson,s that I love dearly. I have some bills I need to take care of so I'm going to have to part with one of them. 1999 les Paul classic . 1960 gold top .mint condition. If it was in a store it could pass for nos . It's that clean and mint..owned since new. 2005 or 06 I forget . Sg reissue small pick guard the rare blue color. Second owner on this one.. It's also prestine no marks could also pass as nos . I like the play and sound of both pretty equally. I could be happy with eaither . My question is this. Wich one on down the road will have a better value. I mean I can't play forever. I. Am 49 now. I take great care of anything I own it's just me. When the time does come to hang it up I'd like a decent return on it.. I learned early in life, to treat my stuff well because it pays you back to do so. I tend to think the classic might have the, better return down the road. What do you guys think ? Let me see if I can figure out how to reduce image size on an iPad image if so ill add pic,s. thanks guys.. Hmm pics still to big let me see what I can do Wow can't reduce small enough on a tablet. Oh well you guys know what they look like ..
  8. yep gibson if it ever wakes up and start producing a usa line up of the retta pacer and pacer custom and the original 84 will set the guitar scene on its arese like kramer did back in the 80,s the guitars were affordable and with bodys made from maple poplar they tone was huge. everyone had a kramer that was the go to axe for shredding. if you ever watch them old rock videos every one had a kramer a charvel or a jackson. when i mention jackson i meand the old hand built stuff same with charvel from the old gladstone street shop have a few of them myself. if you guys really want a usa kramer line let gibson know have your friends let gibson know and keep letting them know and a year or two from now maybe they will pop a usa line. knowing gibson they will hang a 2k plus tag on them. im 50 now i still jam have more vintage 80,s and 70 guitars i can hardly move around the house closet and rooms. even the young music crowd today is buying the music yo kramers tio be like their guitar heros of days gone by. ya think gibson would of already smelled the cofee. grab them when you can get them. keep them they will go up in value. if your not sure your vintage ebay hopefull is genuine do your home work before buying. its easy to id them when you know what is right and what is wrong. right now its a buyers market times are tough people need money. buy vintage if the economy gets better u made profit. plus you will love the play and the tone....
  9. correct a new retta could be had back in the day for 1200 to 1400 depending on weather it was a custom order or not. the reason the jackson stuff is over priced is because fender thinks its stuff is worth alot. jackson became junk in 2000 when fender bought it and began butchering the jackson guitar. think im full of bs. well pick up an old 84 85 jackson soloist and then pick up fenders jackson custom shop model and you wiil understand a well hand crafted made in usa jackson when you toss the fender version. even the charvel by jackson 1986 model 6 smokes todays models in play feel and tone. look at the fender telecaster way over priced for any model or feature. tin bridge parts chrome plated. need i say more. the re issue rettas are decent guitars if you get to a shop who understands you and your playing likes and dislikes and can set it up for you perfect. i have stripped down a few retta reissues and what i found underneath was layered maple in like 1/8 to 1/4 sheets glued together. once you get the plastic poly coating off the truth comes out. i use them for 5150 and 1984 conversions. jump on the reissue at 400 to 600 bucks even the 1984 a good pot pick up and a proper set up for your playing style and if you hang onto it 20 years from now it will have value.
  10. do you want one of them 1984 re issues or a genuine 1984 kramer pacer body with the nanna headstock.? i have 3 genuine white 1984 models not the reissue stuff of today. to get a genuine one they do not come cheap when you can find a willing seller.
  11. sent you a pm or maybe it was an email
  12. hooray for me. scored me a 1987 black u2 with the wayne charvel headstock and the 58 flying v gold stick on gibson logo for 500 on ebay. logo has a small issue missing a small piece of the g in gibson. scored a new logo on the bay also for 25 bucks. the biggest issue is its missing its bridge pick up the 16k ohm dirty fingers f spaced 4 conductor wire pick up. it has an ibanez inf2 in the bridge. still a 16 to 17k pup but the darmiazo just dont deliver the sound i want. i imagine its going to be a hard search to get that pick up. i know the installed a bill lawrence pb i think in some of them. my 91 has a pat stamp number in it at 16,77ohms and it sounds way nice .
  13. yeah that is what mine is a mach 2 its the last year of production its a red body and neck. it has suffered massive paint checking. i always thought it had a basswood body much to my surprise its all mahagony . there is some large pieces of finish missing and you can see the mahagony wood clear as day. it also suffered a good ammount of shrinkage on the fret board enough to install a binding almost. no ammount of oil or waxing slowed it down. i imagine i could re board it and refinish it and enjoy it some more. the neck is the best part its down right ibanez wizard thin. i was hoping to get my hands on an earlier model but no such luck.
  14. why is it so hard to find a gibson u2. i have a red one that i have pretty much played to its end and i been looking now for almost a year for another one and nobody seems to want to let them go. every one who has one says they love it and all them that dont say they suck. LOL personally they are great light thin fast fairly decent tone thin neck . just never any for sale.
  15. there are no covers on them thats how i got them. i was planning to install a set of 72 embossed gibson covers on them and maybe i wont. hard to say. they ohms are one is 7.47 and the other is like 7.42 if i remember right. i an recheckthem both tomorrow when i am back home .
  16. aw come on i know someone is heavily into gibson knowledge. help a guy out please.
  17. yes i have ordered a new battery to include with it when i sell it. its been stored inside my closet in my california home and we keep the home pretty much a constent 68 to 70 degrees year around. i am affraid if i open it then my claims of unplayed are as valid as everyone elses. maybe i could take a high def video of the box still sealed with that days news paper in the video showing a date as i open it to inspect it to validate its never been opened. what do you think or is that just a dumb idea.? 2700 sounds about right to me . its what i was kinda figuring on but i had to ask others opinions to make sure. i also think 5,000 is unrealistic but i have seen 2 of them sell for that and i still to this day can figure why. i have been told theese first editions are all solid bodys is this true or are they chambered.? thanks for the input and advice guys
  18. hello all i have a gibson les paul limited edition first edition blue silver robot guitar still in the box never opened never touched since it left the factory. what would or could it be worth. i find myself in need of some home repairs and need to come up with some cash. i have seen them sell on scarebay for as low as 1200 and heavily played to claims of never played open box up to 5000. what is a realistic price for one such as mine. i plan to list it locally so that i can gurantee its working condition out of the box. i am the original purchaser. just curious as to what i should ask for it . thanks
  19. hello i purchased a pair of gibson t top pick ups and im not sure what year they are and im curious to know . i think i have two diffrent years as one has a slightly diffrent sound than the other. i love the sound of theese so much id like to buy some more but need to understand how to decode the numbers on the back of the pick up. can someone please help and tell me what i have . pick up one has the following on the back of the plate. pat no. 2.737.842 pick up two has unlegiable minute pieces of a black and gold pat pending sticker thats to messed up to even begin to read. all i can make out is a 27 84 and the rest is gone. werent the ones with pat pending stickers from the 60,s or eailer.? any and all help you can tell me will be greatly appericiated.
  20. okay sounds good to me im going to use them as is then and enjoy. thank you for the information and the input
  21. hello got a pair of early 70,s gibson t top pick ups. they have a 7.4 and a 7.74 ohm reading have not installed them yet as my vintage gibson embossed covers are being gold plated and are not back yet. anyhow my question is magnets . how critical is the strength of the magnets . they seem kinda weak compared to some of my other pick ups and there ability to grab things like paper clips and strings. i have seen video on you tube of people re charging there magnets with rare earth magnets does it make a diffrence the strength of the magnet pull. please pick up gurus chime in. thanks
  22. purchased a first run limited edition blue silver burst robot from a guy new in the box never opened cause i got a great deal on it. broke a tuner by accident found a guy on ebay selling robot kits and parts from germany. asked him how it was he was able to get parts but gibson could not and that some people had been waiting 2 years and still no parts. well he claimed to be an employee of tronical we talked further and he emailed me pictures of boxes of robot parts new in boxes so i purchsed a set of tuners from him a mkc knob the tuner plate a battery and a mother board for 225. when it arrived sure enough it was all sealed in factory packages he goes by the name of guenther5508 he sells complete robot kits for 599 and less or individual parts . thought id post this here incase anyone was still needing parts. he helped me .
  23. hello i have recently purchased a few of the gibson u2 models and i notice some diffrences in the guitars most noticiable is the headstock decal . were they all the same size and shape or did they differ on the showcase edition and showmaster over the basic u2.? any owners have pic,s for comparrison ?
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