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  1. Thanks Dan. I am a big Gibson fan now. I got an ES339 last year and I love the way she plays.
  2. Hey everyone! Rich here from Orlando. I've been playing an '06 Songwriter Deluxe EC since around '08. I had gotten out of music for a while- just had no inspiration until I heard a girl playing her SD in a club in Baltimore while I was killing time one evening on a business trip. I vowed then and there to get one. Found one a couple months later and its beautiful sound inspired me to play until I got my callouses back. Never looked back since. Been in several bands since then and played rhythm guitar on a first (for me) CD last year. I owe it all to the sweet sound of the Gibson that inspired me to keep playing and practicing.
  3. Sounds like an epidemic. I talked with Gibson customer service twice and they said specifically that it wasn't the tuners. Of course that's what fixed it. I think the problems may be the coarser 12:1 ratio of the deluxes versus the finer tuning 14:1 of the Grover versions. Mine were kind of loose feeling so they were sloppy as well as coarse. I played another 339 in the shop the other day and the deluxes were tight and it tuned fine. Now it's dawning on me that's the problem- they aren't slipping per se, there's just enough slop in some of them so you can never dial it in unless it's by accident.
  4. Well...I just changed the tuning machine heads last night. I got my 339 new back in March and it hasn't been right since. It wouldn't stay in tune. The strings constantly went flat. It's been to the local authorized Gibson repair place 3 times since I got it and they kept dikkin around with it without fixing it. Last week in the recording studio was the last straw. I had to stop and retune so many times I had just about had it. So yesterday I picked up a set of Gibson "Modern Machine Heads (with metal buttons)" made by Grover. Sam Ash sells them for about 60 bucks. They were literally a drop-in replacement. It took me about a half hour and that includes replacing the strings. The original Kluson-style tuners came off easily and the holes drilled for the "Klusons" lined up perfectly with the one screw hole on the Grovers. I kept the original screws and used them in the same hole in each tuner location. I used a small phillips head screwdriver and a 7/16 socket wrench. I think 10 mm fits it perfectly but I only had standard sockets in my music room and I was too lazy to go to the garage to get a 10 mm. The new ones are nice in that they are shaped very similarly to the originals, except they are chrome AND the guitar stays in tune. The whole guitar feels different now- very much more solid and it has stayed in tune for almost a whole day already. Now I just got to see if some sukka wants to by some nearly-new Kluson-style machine heads. They don't need to know they stink. Naw- I can't do that to a fellow musician.
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