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  1. Anyone here super familiar with the Broadway series? I have a Peerless era E'Reg and I absolutely love it. I love it so much that I am selling one of my less played Heritage Eagles to fund (with cash left over of course) a Broadway so I can also have a set pickup version. I am sure, assuming I can land one, I can find a natural finish Peerless era Broadway. I might have to be patient... but I am sure I can get one. In an attempt to make my search more simple, is anyone here familiar with how the current lot of Broadways differ from the Peerless era? Granted, I am sure there are those that don't like the cross-grain cutting or the laminated heel blocks or whatever... but, to be frank, it is still a solid build and I love the sound. So... even if isn't technically 'the best' I also don't much care about that. I only care that the end result is one that I like. :) I guess my more detailed questions are new vs Peerless era: Is the neck shape any different? How acoustically 'alive' is it? (the E'Reg is plenty loud for what it is and will feedback rather quickly). Thanks!
  2. I've had such a good experience with the Peerless made ones (Korea), that I'd have an inclination that way... but wouldn't dismiss one of the MIC ones out of hand either. How's that for a non-answer. haha.
  3. No sir. No second mark. It was probably modified with it at some point. :) Trust me it has been GREATLY enjoyed. :)
  4. Chrome 11's? I used those for quite a long time. I recently switched to TI Swing 13's and they have just about the same feel for me. :) Just a bit fuller in sound.
  5. Thanks! I use 13 flats. I am looking at maybe some 14's or 15's. It will take some experimenting. I ultimately want as low an action as I can get with very little buzz with how hard I dig in.
  6. Still got some action work to do... I am going to have to get heavier strings and maybe raise the action a bit but it is other wise pretty awesome. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtGElzzTVR0
  7. That sounds about right. It was right about the time I discovered the E'Reg that they were discontinued. I have a knack for discovering guitars and amps about the time they get dropped as a line. So... I apologize for discovering them. haha.
  8. Thanks! I didn't know that about the burst finish. :)
  9. Absolutely. I never snip the string until it is on the guitar. :) It was JUUUUUST long enough. haha. Thanks! It is an AS (Antique Sunburst).
  10. ...and while it is easily the least expensive guitar I have (including the DIY Tele) it is also easily the nicest playing one I have. In fact, I would easily say that any of my guitars that go in for a major setup (fretjob or whatever) will have its action based on this one. It really reminds me of my Heritage Eagle unplugged. Plugged in it is a bit warmer. I immediately strung it up with TI Swing 13's.
  11. BAH! USPS gave me a bum expected delivery date. Always had very good experience with them and this is the closest thing to a hiccup. So... it looks like it will be here by NEXT friday.
  12. Understood. Frets are a personal thing. Who knows... maybe the GE will be in need a fret replacement and you can get the type you like and have the ends treated the way you want. :)
  13. $200?! Man... you should be ashamed of yourself! You STOLE that! haha. Well, assuming it is just a finish crack. I hear you on the PG. I am considering having a more old school tort one cut out for mine when it arrives. Not an immediate thing... just something at some point. Maybe with the thumbwheel controls. I always come up with tons of ideas... and then it arrives. haha. I had Paul Setzer in NC (known for his Gretsch repro pickguards) make up a good repro for my old 1948 Gretsch out of the vintage tort you can get from StewMac. It looks great. He is the guy I'd likely go to for redoing the Epi. Dunno. We shall see. EMG makes good pickups. Super quiet in my experience. Although... never used a floater EMG. I knew they existed... just hadn't had the pleasure of using one. ...and I think you'll dig the Heritage GE. I have a pair of Heritage archtops and they are just great. Not a bad thing I could say about them.
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