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  1. Hi OWF.... My LG1 resides in a Martin OM size case very nicely. I have also heard that LG's fit snug in a typical classical guitar size case.
  2. Scott.... It's been awhile since I logged in here. I just saw this and wanted to add my prayers to those from everyone else. The obit was a wonderful tribute to an obviously beautiful person.
  3. Hmmmmm... since you endorse Middleton Classical guitars and lilkely know the luthiers that build the guitars... do I smell a possible Gibson Classical copy?!?!?!
  4. Thanks John.... It made me remember what a fun guy he always was around here.... He is missed.
  5. I try to keep things simple. When I play out I plug one of these..... (Taylor 612C, Gibson AJ, Gibson LG1) into this.... (Genz Benz Shenandoah 200 Stereo Deluxe) Sometimes I just bring a guitar and my LR Baggs PARA acoustic DI and go direct to the PA system, but I like having my amp to adjust more. Lately I have been plugging into my 1960 Americana branded Magnatone Custom 413 and using the beautiful pitch shifting tremolo. For my Christmas music I am playing fingerstyle, it is simply an amazing tone that is almost Violin or Cello sounding from my guitars. While it is an
  6. Beautiful guitar and I will give you the "Sliced Bread", BUT....... I live in Minnesota and today the temps are about 4 degrees above 0..... I LOVE indoor plumbing!!!
  7. Looks great Larry.... Funny thing, when I first saw my Gibson AJ, I didn't like the firestripe pickguard at all, but I have to say that after owning it and looking at it all the time, it now has become one of my favorite pickguard looks! I wonder how one of those would look on my LG1? (I bet it would be a thinner material and "open" up the sound even more.
  8. My bad.... I meant LG0 and now remember they are mahogany topped. I did know that LG2 was X braced but must have had an extra dose of "dumb" this morning with my coffee! Here is my theory now....I bet a LG3 top got put on an LG1 body, Or quite possibly built as a custom for someone who worked there or maybe it is just another of those Gibson quirks we all have come to love.....
  9. I personally use 0000 Steel wool and only tape over my pickups with Painters tape so the metal filings don't stick to the pickup magnets. If done correctly, going with the grain of the wood, you can clean out any gunk and shine the frets up nicely with just the steel wool. Follow up with a nice (small) dose of "Boiled Linseed Oil" if your Fretboard is Ebony or Rosewood. If it is a Maple ncek like on my Strat, I only use the steel wool on the frets lightly.
  10. Consider me a "Forward - Reverse" kind of guy, but the inlays on the AJ are one of the things (along with the tobacco burst) that grabbed me and wouldn't let go. That's OK though, I really never know if I am going forward or backwards anyway... I just know I will NEVER go Straight!
  11. TP

    Only Four

    I would need to have the following: My 1993 Taylor 612C - just because it's my #1 acoustic and even though my daughter wants it bad.... she will have to come and get it! My 1964 Gibson LG1 - because it just sounds so good for fingerstyle blues and that seems to be all I want to play right now. My 2005 Gibson Advanced Jumbo - because it still looks so good, it would sure get a nice "Vintage" look being on that island with me and it is still my go to guitar for DADGAD, Drop D, Double Drop D and Open G tunings I do My 1979 Gibson "The Paul" - because even though I am on an island
  12. Thanks BK! I hope your family has a great Thanksgiving also! GG..... Love the horse collar!! You most certainly can have my strap when it's been pried from my cold dead shoulders and Larrys cold dead hands! Nice to be chatting again folks!
  13. Arn't LG2's ladder braced and natural? Same size as an LG1, could the Mahogany back wood have been stamped for an LG1 and then mated to a LG2 sides and top? Just a thought....
  14. Hey Guys.... I am still around, but have just been swamped with work and some personal stuff with one of my kids. We are getting through it, but it hasn't been easy on that front. Sorry for not stopping by more often... I probably should as I always seem to get a chuckle or two even if I don't post anything. Oh... and Larry... you can have my Strap as soon as they pry it from around my cold dead shoulders! GG.... This is the one he wants! (I have to get a different photo with that strap.... )
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