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  1. The price is great, the chocolate satin finish and zebra pups is pure sex. Would this guitar be a good ax for thrash metal? Are the pickups hot enough? I already own a 2001 Sg Gothic that has a Duncan Distortion in the bridge which I absolutely love. I wonder how would this guitar would compare...
  2. I'm looking into a 498t, starting to not like ceramics these days.
  3. Is the 500t harsh? I do like my cleans to be somewhat clean...
  4. Thanks for the replies but I'm not going active.
  5. Well, it's that time of year... I have a Seymour Duncan SH-6 (Distortion) that I'm getting tired of because of the upper mids and harsh cleans. Sounds ok with high gain, just needs more lower mid growl I guess. What would be a good pickup for a Gibson SG Gothic? The fretboard is ebony... I don't know how big of a tonal difference that makes. I can't really tell a difference between rosewood and ebony except the feel. I'm looking at the 498t, 500t, and maybe a Bareknuckle Warpig or Nailbomb. I run direct into a 5150 stack. I play thrash/hardcore. Thanks in advance.
  6. Gibson SG Platinum. You have the black version.
  7. That SG is gorgeous, I would love to own it! Looks trans black in the photo... probably isn't though.
  8. Yeah, the screaming vocals are an acquired taste... it would've been nice to have Bruce Dickinson or Halford singing for us! haha.. hope our vocalist doesn't read this!
  9. Here's my bands demo. I am playing a stock 2001 Gibson SG Gothic though a stock 5150 head and VHT cab. I run a Hardwire DL8 in the effects loop for leads/solos. I think the tone of the 490t is pretty damn good for oldschool thrash/hardcore. Let me know what you guys think. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Architects-of-Doom/212415435458254?sk=app_178091127385
  10. Play it through good tube amp.
  11. I love a thin satin nitro finish. I have a 2001 SG Gothic that feels and plays like buttah!
  12. I love the Gothic! The satin nitro finish is feels like glass... incredible! It it also very heavy for an SG, I really like the weight and balance. I think because the finish is not a high gloss(less coats of nitro) it has a darker tone about it.(no pun intended) And the Ebony fretboard is absolutely awesome!! I'll never go back to rosewood. I've also owned a SG Voodoo a long time ago... the body is swamp ash w/ a mahogany neck...the balance was pretty bad, neck dive city. The pups in the Voodoo were extremely hot... maybe hotter than a 500t! I broke the neck off that Voodoo after it fell in
  13. Wow, that is a big difference... I have a 2001 Gibson SG Gothic stock w/ 490's, and I compared it to a Standard(new) at GC in the amp room. The Standard was brighter and a bit hotter than my Gothic. The Gothic was warmer and less punchy. Weird...
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