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  1. I found a guitar, listed as a "U2" its looks alot like a ibanez and is from 1983. I've never heard of this model before, has anyone else?
  2. Does Gibson even make these? I have a chance to get it. But have never seen a supreme in white before. Anyone know?
  3. Just wondering whats better, and what the difference between them was.
  4. i havent seen a fake SG yet, hopefully they dont start making them :)
  5. it sounded good, but didnt quite have the "umph" a real one does.
  6. Nope no clue. I met him in a public location. No trace of him.
  7. Nope. Once the guy found out it was me, he wouldnt respond. All I have is his email, pretty much got screwed. I'm selling the fake one tomorrow to someone for 275.00 they have been forewarned thats its a fake but still want it. Sucks bad that i lost 2,000.00. I did end up picking this up for 1100.00 from someone. http://forums.gibson.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&m=9902⚮ I'm pretty sure its legit but gibson hasnt gotten back to me yet.
  8. Good Call Rjay. Its a shame they even make them. Here people are putting massive amounts of money for what they think are real gibsons. It happened to me as you know, I had no clue they even made fake gibsons. I found out theres a website : http://www.paylessguitars.com/products.asp?pclass=GIBSON%20ELECTRIC%20GUITAR&c_code=0002 You can actually purchase fake gibsons, the site should be closed down. If you look through the pictures you can spot there fake by the tress rod cover (3 screws). All I can suggest to everyone is buy from a legit place (ie: guitar center) or some place that can be held responsible. Places like craigslist are usually fakes, if you do decide to go used, make sure you question the person hard about it first, check for owners manuals, etc. and when you go to look at it, show up with a screw driver and remove the tress rod cover to check the bolt. They rest of the things to check require removing the strings (under pickups) Here is the link that Gibson provided to me when they told me mine was fake. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/Features/CounterfeitGibsons/ Study up and you wont get ripped Hope this helps.
  9. Well if you consider what i paid for a classic, (around 2,000.00) that would be about what i lost. I contacted gibson who confirmed it was a fake and there forwarding all the info to there legal team. Nothing worse then having a fake gibson....
  10. Just picked it up. It does have a tail piece (doesnt know what i was thinking) Have everything off cause i was cleaning it. I was wanting to confirm it was genuine because i just traded my LP Classic for a LP Custom which i found out was fake. You can see what it looks like here: http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/msg/591865083.html It was eating me up not having a Genuine Gibson so i went out and picked up this SG. Just wanted to make sure i didnt get ripped again.
  11. Can anyone tell me if this is a genuine Gibson SG? SG Pictures
  12. ya i emailed him and said to reimberse me and to do the right thing. (probably wasting my breath) i went back on craiglist so i could send you guys the link to the ad and he removed it! This is his email: crisbrns@yahoo.com Destroy Him!!!:)
  13. i'm in the us. i asked if he had any classics since he was advertised for an explorer, and the classic was "stolen" from his truck on monday, I made threats about police and everything and this was the response i got "Look I had no idea that it was a fake the serial # checked out online. I paid 2200 for it two years ago on craigslist and i didnt even know that they made these fake ones. I guess in the future we'll have to be more careful about what we buy online. I am out on this deal as much as you. I am sorry." I guess this means i'm pretty much F'ed....
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