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  1. actually, I play one of many les pauls, in a led zeppelin tribute band, and your mother comes to all of our shows ;) My Mother died 2 years ago?
  2. Oimaman, adunno wihtyeroanaboot we talk English pure briyint in Scotland anthatz a fact!
  3. Hi XDemonknight' date=' I think that it’s cause your feeling down atm that your thinking you were rejected instead of not being accepted which is probably the reality of the situ! I can tell you, whenever people hold all the cards they act like proper as**oles, for instance I worked in an office that had 400 replies to 1 advertised job and their selection criteria started off by separating all the replies written in black from those written in blue ink only to throw blue ones in the bin without even looking at them! Now you tell me were those people rejected, - legitimately? No, of course not, so don’t be down on yourself unless they specifically said that they “rejected” you and gave you a good reason. As for the current situ, don’t count your chickens till they’ve hatched! It may still work out okay! And if it doesn’t, then try and look on it as one of those things and look towards the next step, make the best of it and see where it leads, hopefully on to better and brighter opportunities!! !
  4. GUYS CHILL!! This was posted to bring a smile to the face of anyone who read it' date=' i.e. There is NO best guitar! The guy advertises his Framus as the best and I found it funny, that’s all. PLEASE don’t turn it into a PRS vs. Gibson vs Fender, or I really like them and they are the best cause I’ve played one etc...............there’s enough of those already!! Okay. (imagin thumbs up smiley here, I dont have one )
  5. Yer' date=' but if you did that, then you'd lose out on the "giant truss rod adjustment tool"
  6. He Guys, you know how there's always debates about which is the best LP, or is an LP better than a strat, is a jem better than a studio etc, well browsing eBay today I found the answer! No more debates, no more arguing, this guy actually has the holy grail = the best guitar in the world?? No kidding, he says so in the auction, so it must be true eh? ROFL!!!! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Framus-Diablo-Custom-immaculate-the-best-guitar-ever_W0QQitemZ120548440529QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV?hash=item1c113f39d1 Item number: 120548440529
  7. Hi Flight, great cabinet, couple of questions if you dont mind, 1) are you going to paint the gibson logo gold? (If not why not? ) 2) would you mind saying how much it cost you? (Ball park'l do if your wife reads these!)
  8. Alright Matey, start here and work your way through, you should manage without too much probs. :- http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=21335 (Website and Forum Help)
  9. LLF, I turned My PC off for 2 hours and when I logged back on it Booted straight into the 70’s? I mean it must have, if we’re actually debating a guitarists abilities in respect to her gender!! (I just wish it was earlier in the day cause I’d have nipped out and bought a new LP at 70’s prices!!) :D
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