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  1. All the Guitar Center stores are closed now,at least the ones in Minnesota are.
  2. On Guitar Centier's website : For more than 50 years, Guitar Center has been an essential part of communities in cities across the nation. Today, we face an unprecedented set of challenges as the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact our way of life. At this time, our focus is the health and safety of our associates, customers and communities. Taking the guidance of local, state and federal government officials, our stores remain open. In the cases where the government has mandated or made significant action, we've followed suit quickly, including closing stores where require
  3. I went to Guitar Center to pickup the the SG Special today and when I opened up the box I found it it bubble wrapped with no case. I asked where is the case and they said it didn't have one. I told them the ad said "This Product Comes A Case" They called the store That shipped it and that store said there was no case but apparently this guitar had been bought and returned at 3 different Guitar Center Stores and they finally found the store that it originally came from was where the case was although it wasn't clear whether it was a case or a gigbag. I didn't want to go back to Guitar just to
  4. It could have had the original serial number removed for some reason like a refinish or headstock repair and the owner had it ingraved in the in the top of the headstock to identify it. It is obviously not a 63 and I doubt it is a 2012 so i it could be a 1970-1972 if the serial number is legit.
  5. Thank you! Someone told me that the earlier versions had a serial number starting with "19" and the newer ones with hand-wired controls have a "1xxx9xxxx" serial number. They said these were made after the ownership change and were priced $300 more than the LE version.
  6. Yup,Challenger I has 1 humbucker,Challenger II has 2 humbuckers and Challenger III has 3 single coils. Invader is like an Les Paul Special. All have bolt-on necks and were budget guitars made to compete with overseas knock-offs.
  7. Just the Challengers and Invader
  8. Do you have a photo Of your Invader? I used to have a Challenger III. It was made around the same time as the Invaders(early 80s).
  9. I forgot that I used to have this one:
  10. Thanks! it seems like there were 2 or 3 versions of this guitar made 2018 and 2019 an Limited Edition in 2018 followed by the Original Collection version in 2019. The LE has pcb board and the Original Collection is hand-wired. I think the one in this video is an early version as it has an "SG" TRC all the other versions have a blank TRC.
  11. Couldn't resist getting this: Gibson 2019 SG Special. Found a minty used one online at Guitar Center for $999 including OHSC
  12. Cool! Does he still have the Marauder?
  13. Found out the one I bought in 2004 was actually a 2002 model so It was nearly new when I bought it. Now it would be nearly "vintage",lol.It seems funny to think of guitars like my 94 Gibson Studio as a vintage guitar but it really does look like one now as the finish has darkened beautifully to an almost "Ox Blood" color and the gold hardware has a nice patina.
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