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  1. I got my Les Paul today. Beautiful guitar.Weighs 8.8lbs.Plays and sounds great!.Fretboard does look like Ebony to me.
  2. Wow! That's a beauty,thanks for posting the pictures.
  3. Thanks Charlie! This one was made on May 11th 2011 so it was before the Feds raided Gibson so it may have an Ebony Fretboard. Have to wait till I get it to be sure I guess.
  4. I bought this online from Guitar Center(haven't received it yet) .It's 2011 Alpine White LP Studio with Gold Hardware. The Guitar Center ad said it was in "Great Condition" and it comes with a hardshell case. The price was $549 so I thought it was worth taking a chance. What do you think? http://www.guitarcen...ar-113197976.gc
  5. I got a new(old) amp to go with my guitar.
  6. Beautiful!Those 2010 tributes are really special. I used to own one. I like how they put a see-thru plate over the control cavity so that you could see the 50s wiring.That was a nice touch. My 2012 Tribute has a modern circuit board in the control cavity.
  7. Thanks Johnny! Is this the one you got? The 509? http://www.wdmusic.com/gibson_les_paul_deluxe_pickguard_lpn_509.html
  8. Thanks Johnny which of these 2 black pickguards below would look better? The LPN-501 or the LPN-501T(thin). http://www.wdmusic.c...rd_lpn_500.html
  9. I like to get one like the one in the photo below. Where could I get one to fit my guitar(bottom)?
  10. Thanks for the invitation to join the club Alan! Glad to be here,this is my 2012 Les Paul Studio 50s Tribute I used to one of the first series of LP Studio 50s Tribute's back in 2010 but I had to sell it years ago, so I was very happy to find the HB version. This is the one I used to own.
  11. Boy those new Tributes are beautiful! So glad that Gibson has continued to make this model. Does anyone remember how hard it was to get one of the Tributes when they first came out in 2010? I had to wait months to get this 50s tribute. Sadly,I had to sell my first Tribute but then about a year later The Humbucker versions were announced and I decided I wanted to get one of those. I think these were also hard to get when they first came out(only available in Europe in 2011). I bought this one used last week but if I hadn't have found it at my local GC I would have bought a 2017. BTW,does Gibson still make the other versions of The LP Studio Tribute(50s,60s,70s)?
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