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  1. That's Awesome! I did polish the satin finish off. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. I played a 58 ES335 recently with MHS's. Very Vintage and mellow sounding. Real smooth sounding. I want something with a little more bite though. Of course, capacitors could have something to do with their sound too? I'm going a couple steps down and ordered a Satin 335 with Burstbuckers. I hear they are brighter and hope are more to my liking.
  3. Add me to the list of happy, happy 335 Pro owners. Just received my Vintage Sunburst yesterday and got to play it this morning. WOW. After a quick action adjustment and pickup height adjustment, this thing screams. I like to roll the volume back to 8 and play clean. Then rollout up to 10 to get gritty. It's perfect. This has the looks of a 63 Gibson Reissue, but it has the early 58 long guard. And it's 1/10 the cost. I am so glad I saved my money and got this instead. The workmanship is unreal, it's so perfect. There is not one flaw on it. If you're not into logos or Historics, this is the one to get. It pairs well with my new/used 61 Anniversary Casino I got last year. Epiphones are great. Not just great for the money, but great.
  4. I don't think I posted on this thread. So here's one for the count. I bought my AJ-45 after reading this thread. It helped me make up my mind. Got the better placed pickguard on it too. But has a typo on the label that reads AJ-54. Not a big deal. I wonder if any others will have this? I'm in the camp that likes the satin finish. Had it out for some Christmas carols on Sunday. My guests thought it was a beautiful guitar.
  5. I'm sure it's a typo. I just got a kick out of it. Well, after a week of owning it, I am completely smitten. It sounds so beautiful and full. It's easy to play too. The neck is perfect. The string spacing is just right. Barre chords, open chords, lead riffs, strumming, it's all fantastic. It does it all.
  6. Thanks. The sound is astonishing. Big. Boomy. It rings and sustains forever. Super easy to play too. The action is quite perfect for me. Fairly low, yet high enough I can bend notes easily. The string spacing is real nice too. I haven't plugged it in yet. I really bought it to play unplugged. I wasn't sure how I would like the 12's that came on it. I usually go with 10's. I think the shorter scale helps that out. I'll leave the 10's for my Texan. I chose the regular Epi dread naught case too. It fits perfectly. Epi has a real winner here.
  7. I think I'll keep it any way t It's a 2016, so they did get the pick guard sorted out. Everything is fantastic. Maybe I don't understand D Shaped necks, but it feels more like a rounded C. It's very comfortable. As I was researching these, I came across the Epic Thread below and that helped my decision. But I thought is fine guitar deserved it's own NGD thread. I highly recommend it.
  8. Congratulations. The Traditional once again shows, even with crappy phone pictures, it looks amazing.
  9. I use to have a Dot Deluxe and never could bond with the neck. I thought I was getting something close to a Sheraton for $200 less. I believe the pups in all of these are the same. (Alnico Classics)Regular dot is chrome. Sheraton is gold. Some one else here will know for sure and correct me if I am wrong. The Dot's neck is not bound and and doesn't feel the same as the Sheraton. Getting a 5 piece neck was important to me. So at the time, I went used to get a Korean one; because only Chinese ones were being made with the traditional scarf joint. Now apparantly, they are being made in both countries, so you have a choice of necks and even body shapes if that is important to you. But if you order one, sight unseen, you may not know which one you'll get until it shows up.
  10. The picture of the '88 is beautiful. Don't see that color too often. That would be my first choice.
  11. My Trad. Plus is weight relieved. It weighs 9lbs 5oz. I believe the standards made now are chambered. Pros and cons very general. Both are good and have different features and different prices. Best to go play them side by side.
  12. Definitely post pictures. I'm in St. Louis too and was on the search for a Sheraton, but found mine in CT, thanks to another member Bobouz. Never thought about checking Gravity. I'm extrememly happy with mine though. Congratulations on your find. White ones seem to be of big interest now with the Royale line up hitting the streets.
  13. It's common. The MLP forum has a thread or two about it as well. Two of mine were cracked on my Trad. Plus. I didn't much care, because I planned to replace them with refelctor top hats.
  14. Head over to the Gibson Forum and check out the USA made threads under Les Paul: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/forum/9-les-paul/ The first one: Les Paul Clubs will show you the varios models and what their owners say about them. I bought a Traditional Plus exactly one year ago and love it. Big beefy neck and the 57's are outstanding.
  15. Added reflector knobs and pointers. Did the blank TRC too. Here's the knobs. My wife actually responded on this change and said they look good and makes it look more expensive.
  16. I went with a Std. Trad. because of the 50's neck. It just felt better. The asymetrical was a close second on the Std. Of course, my casino has a slim neck, so I get some variety that way. It's all good. Try them all before you buy. If you go to GC during the week in the middle of the day when school is in session; you can relax and have the sales persson bring one of each into the practice room. I did this a few times before deciding.
  17. Those Bursts are beautiful. I'm thinking the Traditional may be the best value in a Gibson. Of course, this being my first Gibson, I sort of have to say that. Seriously, with the color choices, p/u's, binding, neck (losve the chunkyness), quality, what else could anyone want? How's that for appreciation?
  18. Here's mine: It's an '09 Ice Tea made/stamped in December. Just got her 3 weeks ago. I noticed you changed the knobs to top hats and added a blank TRC. I'm trying to figure out if I want to make some minor chages like that too. Are those more in line with what a '59 style would look like? And what about adding the metal pointers?
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