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  1. That IS quite a good article! Will bookmark it for future reference. Only thing I worry about is getting the depth correct. The slots are so shallow at the moment, I’m not sure if it left the factory with correct depth or not. Will run it by a luthier next string change to have checked. Thanks!
  2. A-ha! I just loosened some strings and indeed there is the slightest, shallow indentation just keeping each string in place. You’d never know it otherwise. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll leave it as is for now, then.
  3. Drat! I was afraid that would be the answer. Thanks, Mike!
  4. Hey all, Recently bought a Standard '60s. Beautiful guitar. Nicely setup out of the box and tuning stable. Just noticed the saddles are unslotted. Seems to be some conflicting info out there whether this is normal or not. Can I leave them like this, or do I absolutely need to take it somewhere to get them slotted? Kinda scared to work on a $2,4999 guitar myself! A bit concerned about string breakage, but again the tuning is very stable. Thanks!
  5. I'm kind of going through the same thing. I purchased a brand new (12/10) standard HB just over a month ago, the culmination of several-years telling myself, "Someday, oh, yes...!" I went mail-order so I could get that clean, new guitar smell! Open chords sound wonderful. My quibble is the action is a bit higher than I prefer, so barre chords and licks do not ring as I would like them the further up the neck I play. Things tend to get harder to play. But, at least in my experience, all *new* Gibby acoustics I tried had that same quality. Room for adjustments, I figure. Soon, I'm going
  6. Thanks ship. It's going back. My thinking too.... even though it sounds nice now, I'd still be looking down at that saddle and just waiting for something to go wrong. Definitely would keep me from enjoying it, even if something never went wrong. And agreed, for a brand new shiny guitar at full price, one shouldn't have to be fixing it right off the bat. Shame really, 'cause other than this one thing.... it's a beauty! Edited to add.... Oh, and ship... as you've implied, someone else over at HC mentioned that it might not exactly be the saddle itself. That it looked like the top was sagging
  7. Thanks bill67 for checking in! It's going back. Glad to hear you got a good one; they really do sound nice!!!!
  8. Hi All, I just purchased a Masterbilt AJ-500M from a local Guitar Center. It's my first acoustic purchase; I'm an electric player but just wanted something nice to relax with. I LOVE this guitar... beautiful, full sound. But tonight something started niggling at me, and after hopping around the internet, now I'm in a bit of a state. The saddle leans a bit forward towards the fretboard. Looks like the slot was routed that way, not that the slot is too big. I wasn't going to change the strings till later next week, so I haven't taken the originals off yet to see how tight the saddle's in
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