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  1. Whenever I watch and listen to another guitarist who is better than me (not difficult), I instinctively check out the equipment they are using and GAS for it. Case in point - I jammed with somebody who I had never met before a couple of nights ago. He's a great blues/country guitarist, been playing for 40 years. He had some really nice licks and I was impressed. He was playing an Eric Clapton Signature Strat through the same amp (Vox VT15) I was using, but somehow it just all sounded better. So naturally I get to thinking 'those Eric Clapton Signatures sound great - maybe I should trade in my American Standard Strat for something like that'. I think I finally have seen the light - all the equipment in the world won't make up for hard work, practice, dedication and hard-won skills. I have fantastic equipment but don't invest nearly enough effort into practice. Too busy listening to my guitar heroes, reading guitar porn and reading equipment reviews on forums like this. Human nature I suppose.
  2. B3john - I'm afraid my experience has been similar to yours. I ordered and returned 2 Traditional Pros from MF because of a pickup issue and then fret buzz. Finally bought one from my local GC that has some fret buzz, but not enough to bug me. The G string always seems to be worst. Lots of people on this forum say you should expect to pay for a setup, but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a (nearly) buzz-free guitar at that price point...
  3. Here are some pics: And finally my collection (of serious guitars at least):
  4. I bought, and returned, 2 Vintage Sunburst Les Paul Traditional Pros from Musician's Friend back in February/March. First one had a pickup issue. Second one had alot of fret buzz and I wasn't convinced it could be easily fixed without compromising the string height too much. Anyway, picked up a Goldtop Traditional Pro from my local Guitar Center a few days ago, and I think this one is a keeper. It had been on the wall, but it played the best of the two they had available. The other one 'had a twist in the neck' according to the general manager, and he said he was going to return it to Gibson. Of course it was up on the wall when I visited the next day. Not really sure what purpose that particular lie served, but I've come to believe nothing that any GC employee tells me without confirming it myself. I'll post pics in a few days. Gonna jam with a friend tomorrow and give it a good work out... On a slightly different topic - they has a couple of Epiphone Les Paul Slash Signatures on display, for $600 including hard case. They must have had a really hard time moving those. The two on the floor were in pretty poor condition - I don't see anybody buying them even for $500.
  5. I love my new LP Traditional Pro, but fret buzz while fretting the G string is bugging me. It doesn't look to me like the bridge/saddle allows for adjusting the height of individual strings - am I right in thinking that the only options are to adjust the truss rod or raise one/both ends of the bridge?
  6. Hollyview - I think vtgreekgod was just quoting you in his post ... :D
  7. My first Traditional Pro from Musician's Friend had a neck pickup that had a fault, so I returned it. My second has fret buzz on the D, G and B strings at the 3rd fret up to the 12th. A guitar tech at Guitar Center adjusted the truss rod slightly and raised the action, but there's still buzz. I raised the bridge to it's maximum height and there is STILL fret buzz. Assuming that there isn't an issue with a warped neck or something, I can only assume the truss rod needs further adjustment to bow the neck some more. I will need to get it done by a Gibson repair center so that it can be fixed under warranty if it doesn't do the trick. What p***es me is that the first Trad Pro had no fret buzz, but a faulty pickup. Should have kept it and had the pickup fixed under warranty. It's a fantastic sounding guitar, plays beautifully and looks amazing. But I'm disappointed with my experience, and I have guitars that cost a third of this one with no need for further adjustment or warranty work, out of the box.
  8. 2 reasons why I bought at MF: 1 No sales tax (9.25%), so I saved ~$160 and paid $1,699 with a 15% off coupon 2 My local GC didn't have any in stock, other than one on the wall that had no control knobs on it, and scratches etc...
  9. MY BAD! I guess with the locking tuners you don't need to wind the string around the peg... OOPS! Oh well, got a free set of strings...! I'll post pics in a separate thread...
  10. I called MF and they're sending me some free strings...
  11. Having returned the last traditional Pro I got from Musician's Friend due to a pickup problem, I received the replacement yesterday. I opened up the case today and everything looks good... except for the strings. WTF? None of the strings were wound even once around the pegs, so the minute I loosened the locking tuners the top 3 strings all came loose and practically fell off the tuning pegs. The bottom 3 strings are the same, only they're thicker and so are clinging to their respective pegs. Off to the nearest guitar store to buy a set of new strings and string the guitar properly. It looks like the guitar is brand new from the factory - the box was sealed etc. She looks gorgeous! FYI - although new to the brand, I'm not a Gibson hater - I REALLY want to love this LP - just a bit peeved after spending $1700 on a new guitar and I can't even tune it yet. A new set of strings is probably not a bad idea anyway...
  12. I can't be much help but the same thing happened on my Traditional Pro - to the neck pickup, not the bridge pickup. The signal from the pickup dropped to about 10% of the bridge pickup. I'd only had it 2 days so I returned it for an exchange.
  13. I shipped the guitar back to Musician's Friend for an exchange today. I tried calling my nearest warranty center in San Francisco, but it wasn't open and the store hours would make it difficult for me to visit to drop-off/pick-up the guitar. I don't know whether the problem was due to Gibson quality control or MF sending out a returned instrument that should have been repaired. What I do know is that companies that operate these free return policies are pretty much ALL guilty of turning around returned product and reselling it without enough inspection and testing (Target and Home Depot are two of the biggest culprits that I shop with). Ultimately we all pay as the prices go up to cover the administration and free shipping on returns and exchanges of defective items...
  14. Thanks all for your input. I'm torn. I'm tempted to keep it, as if I return it to MF, I may get another where the electrics are good but perhaps there'll be something else that bugs me. I strongly suspect it needs a replacement pickup in the neck position - the pickup selector switch does indeed switch correctly - and there is a sound, albeit very faint, from the bridge pickup. But I'm no guitar tech, so I might be wrong. Still, if I take it to a Gibson Warranty Center, they can give it the once over, make sure the electrical connections and solders are all good, and probably check the setup as well, all under warranty. It may come out a better guitar than one from the factory... I think I will call the two nearest warranty centers and if they have a big backlog and won't be able to fix it within a couple of weeks, then I'll return it to MF.
  15. Some of you may have read my post regarding my new Traditional Pro: http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=29433 Well, it now has an electrical issue. I have played it for a total of about 2 hours, and was using it this afternoon while giving a guitar lesson. In the middle of the lesson, the neck pickup went dead. More precisely, the volume went so low that you could barely hear it. I fiddled with the volume controls but to no avail. The bridge pickup is fine - plenty of output. Cr*p. Gibson quality control got me. So now I have a number of choices, none of them particularly favorable: 1) Return the guitar to Musician's Friend for an exchange 2) Drive the guitar to the nearest service center (30 miles away) then doubtless have to leave it there and drive back again to pick it up 3) Send the guitar in to Gibson's Nashville service center - I would think at least a 3 week turnaround Ughh...
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