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  1. I don't think I remember a "Fender Frontline" amp. Could it have been a "Frontman 25" amp? If it is a front man 25 keep your eyes open for a 25R model. You will appreciate having the reverb. That amp will be a good starter amp, though again, you'll most likely want to upgrade in the future. One other thing, that price seems a bit steep. You can purchase a new 25R from MF for $100 and that includes shipping. I would think that you can find a used one in the $50 to $60 range. Good Luck, I had an S-310 that I really regret selling. It was a nice little guitar.
  2. I have my lefty Firebird VII for sale at the moment on Ebay if any left handers are interested. I love the guitar, but for me it is just way to uncomfortable to play. It is a great guitar that has turned into a great piece of art work, so I'm hoping someone will buy it and utilize it to its fullest potential.
  3. Don't forget in the catalog pic, it looks as though a 3 year old went at it and scribbled all over the body with a sharpie...
  4. That's funny as my initial thought was, wow, someone actually paid $355 for that!!!! I guess that is why we have many different types of guitars, different strokes for diff...and so on
  5. Congrats, very nice guitar. As for the amp, a very inexpensive Fender amp that will serve you well for many years would be the Super Champ XD. I understand that new they $300, but you should be able to pick up a used SCXD from CL for about $200. Go to a store and have a s..t load of fun trying out the different amps. good luck
  6. Thanks for heads up on the SG. I've been looking for a reasonably priced SG to be repainted to replicate "The Fool". A local talent painted a "Rocky" which was given to me as a gift and I'd love to have the SG to match. Here is a pic of "Rocky", though not an exact copy, the dude did one helluva job.
  7. I would think your guitar is legit. I can't see the fakers going the "used" route. As soon as I see used on the headstock' date=' I think lower price and we know the fakers are out there trying to maximize their $2.00 investment. Now that you mention this though, there are a s..tload of "USED" JP lefties on ebay lately. Left handed JP's haven't been available for a year or two, so why are "used" ones popping up now? I'm not 100% sure they are legit, but they sure look correct. Just odd. You should post a couple of pics!!! And while you're here.....a question I've wanted to
  8. A black Sherry just sold locally last week for $200 and that included an Epiphone HSC and a small EPI amp. It was back on CL 3 days later for $350 by the new owner/flipper. Plus 1 for the natural' date=' they look grrrreeeaattt in natural. [img']http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg218/maccraw/EPI%20Sherry/sherry_2003_002.jpg[/img]
  9. I've been keeping an eye out for a lefty Casino myself. I have also been spotting them on ebay every couple of weeks or so and it seems they are all 4, 5, or more years old and in brand new condition. Hmmmmm. Plus they all seem to be located in Asia.... I can't prove it, but I think there is an influx of fake left handed Casinos in the USA now. When a real (one that can be verified) lefty Casino comes up for auction they usually demand top dollar, not the $400/$500 dollars these sell for. I would be very very leary of any large ebay purchase now unless the seller has documentation of
  10. Here is a standard in another thread that you might be able to pick up for less than the allotted $500. You can use the rest of the cash for peripheral matters, such as picks, straps, etc. Being 17yo, it has some mojo built in already to help you along. http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=16006 I too started playing again in my 40's after 20 some years w/o a guitar. It took a while to get back into the swing of things, but it is a great way to relax (and get ones mind off of s-e-x). Good Luck
  11. Go for the Sheraton. It will do the blues proficiently, jazz smoothly, and Rock n Roll adeptly. Can't go wrong...
  12. That is exactly what I thought, until....a couple of months ago these left handed cherry Casinos started popping up on ebay. They were brand new except the serial numbers were all 6 or 7 years old. After checking the photos a bit closer, I noticed little details that were a tad askew. That and the prices of $350 were the give away. Be careful even with archtops. I'm also noticing a fair amount of Joe Pass lefties on ebay lately. The sellers are stating up front that the guitars are stamped "USED", but I question why they are coming to life now when EPI hasn't produced lefty JP's for a
  13. Your Sheraton will be snug as bug......in your new EPI case. The fit is perfect. MF is having a sale presently, so it's not a bad time to get an extra 10% off. Go for the EPI..
  14. No not the Band.. I saw this ad on CL for this Genesis and I know there are a few fans out there. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/msg/1761695657.html No phone number or even an idea of where the seller is located, but if anyone is interested I could possibly check it out for you. That is if they aren't 2 hours away... I have to say, I'm not sure if the price is decent, but the guitar looks nice even in those cruddy little pics.
  15. It may not be Gibson, but my one of my buddies friends works for Fender in Scottsdale. A couple of weeks ago, I was honored to get a tour of the office. WOW, talk about heaven, I was there. Every office had at least 3-4 guitars along with 3-4 amps. Every type of Fender product imaginable and probably a few that aren't even available yet. As one walks through the halls, it's like being in a museum with all the musical equipment on display. I know the career choice in my next lifetime!!! work for Fender or Gibson or any musical instrument company.
  16. Dang, so you're saying I got ripped off paying double the normal price for my lefty strings.... but they came in the box starting with the low "E" in front then the "A", etc as opposed to right handed strings that are boxed high "E" up front then "B", etc..... Boy do I feel foolish!!!!
  17. ^^^^ You created such a great chart, that even simps like me knew what guitar it was... ^^^^
  18. I'm kinda thinkin' it's a 935i!!! The Pro series were bolt on necks according to the info provided at wiki?? Plus it doesn't have "PRO" inlay on the 24th fret. Check out the 935i here: http://epiphone.3house.com/ HNGD and enjoy, it looks to be in great condition.
  19. I agree, I'll most likely just take the remaining plate off. I just wanted to see if anyone knew of an outlet for EPI amp parts. I don't want to spend much on the amp as most likely, it'll become a piece of art as opposed to my go to amp. I'm also going to keep my open for a used el cheapo EPI amp on the local CL. Thanks
  20. replacement parts for Epiphone amps? My buddy bought an EPI "EPSC210" amp yesterday for me. Told me it sounded nice and will look good with my S-600. I haven't seen the amp yet, but he told me the "Epiphone" name tag on the amp is missing the "ne", so it reads Epipho. I know it's not a big deal, but I like things to be as original as possible and to look as good as when they were new. Does anyone here know of a site where I can order the needed part? I'll post some photos as soon as I pick it up. Thanks,
  21. Chicago Music Exchange has an Ft45 for sale at the moment. Call them as a customer and see what their price is?? http://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/epiphone-vintage-used-cortez-ft45-sunburst/3-9,i-76207/ Good Luck with the sale.
  22. You were to fast. That might be option number 1. Thanks
  23. Thank you very much. I knew there was a great chart out there, now I have it saved. The only question I have (and I noticed it at Wiki) is that they state the S-600 has a coil tap. I wish mine did and I know it is an S-600 because the sticker is still on the guitar. Yes it is a lefty. I was at a shop yesterday and he had some FR parts and we noticed the locknuts were a bit to big. I figure finding parts for a Bennder will be difficult and then compound that by searching for left handed parts, I know my search will be a long tedious trek. But then again, that's half the fun.
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