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  1. He has a thirty day guarantee so since I just got it set up he'll do it for free which makes it a pretty big non issue. Also helps my other guitar stay a little less jealous because it gets some more playing.
  2. Update I was back ordered again found out I would not be getting my guitar for upwards of two month so I cancelled the order. Only to see a near mint used of the same model (though the blonde) come up on Mf for a couple hundred bucks less. Ordered that one and now have it in my position and set up. I need to take it back to the luthier though because I have a very localized buzzing now when I play the 2nd fret 3rd string (my teacher thinks it might be a raised fret?). Beautiful instrument and it hadn't even had the plastic peeled off the pick guard so I am quite happy with the purchase. I wish I owned a camera to post pics but I don't. I am off to fiddle with it more.
  3. Congratulations man. All the happiness in the world to you (or at least however much two people can have without becoming inhuman).
  4. I am probably a little over 2000 hours in which I don't think is bad for how long I have been playing. However I think it is also important to note that practice and playing are different; if you don't push yourself you wont improve or you'll improve much more slowly than if you are constantly trying to get better. I believe this distinction becomes more and more important the further you progress as it is easy for a fresh player to improve but a seasoned veteran needs to seek out particular songs in order to improve.
  5. I could understand why. I was a touch bothered that my purchase was excluded from free shipping prior to being put on back order; back order has me feelin' ansty. I would have much rather bought in person but I could not find a masterbilt to buy, and ordering it through the guitar center would have been essentially ordering it from the site. I went in to see if Wildwood had one or could suggest a different model that fit similar specifications but you can't really get a lot done in Wildwood with less than a grand.
  6. Gah ended up with a back order. Anyone know how long MF usually takes in such a situation?
  7. So I just pulled the trigger on a Masterbilt http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-masterbilt-dr-500mce-acoustic-electric-guitar . I ordered it in the burst and it should be here in about five days. This one has everything my current one lacks (not that I don't love my current guitar) a pick-up, all solid wood body and a cut away shoulder. It is not quite a Gibson but it will be by far the nicest guitar I have owned. Now is the time to worry about the fact I didn't get to physically play or inspect it. Long story short I am excited.
  8. Suburbs into city. I suppose I spent several summers out in the woods of NH but I wouldn't really call that the country.
  9. Beautiful, though I could never bring myself to actually touch it if it somehow ended up in my possession. Also I am a little put off by the fret board inlays I would like something a little more elegant; instead of just the name of the guitar. That being said its still a dazzling instrument.
  10. Don't know if it is appropriate to necro the thread but I got my shoot down letter today from this contest. Anyone still in the mix or get better news?
  11. I once had a guy claim he could beat me at guitar. I assume he was probably right since I wasn't even aware that you could win or lose at guitar.
  12. Meh if people really want to track you they can find pretty much everything about you if they are determined. Short of living in a cabin you built from scratch, with no permits you are traceable. The way I look at it if some one reads through all my texts emails etc all they will find is I am an incredibly boring young man with a sometimes macabre sense of humor. There is honestly nothing so extraordinary about me that would interest some one enough to search through the mountains of information mine is hidden in. I do refrain from getting a facebook though and one of the reasons for that is to ensure I or one o fmy friends don't post something stupid a potential employer may see.
  13. It seems like an excessive response to me. From what I gathered she complained on facebook that he had come into the house with muddy boots after she had just cleaned the floor. Obviously there could have been more going on but children complaining about their parents has been happening for quite some time and even if the parent is an authoritarian kind of parent I don't think that should elicit more than a suspension from the lap top and a scolding. Then again I am not a parent nor do I know the general attitude of the girl.
  14. I sound like a raccoon getting killed with a banjo man you just have to go for it.
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