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  1. They absolutely take custom orders. They stopped taking them a few years ago but when the recession hit they started taking them again. They are not cheap though. If you are in high school, I can't imagine you'd be able to afford a custom order unless your parents have lots of $$$
  2. I buy mostly from Rainbow Guitars. Although it will be interesting to see if they match the price I got from a dealer in Michigan on a guitar I'm going to buy soon. I think of Guitar Center and Rainbow Guitars as having a totally different customer. Guitar Center attracts the beginners that are familiar with the Guitar Center brand, the WalMart crowd (you know the guys with lots of missing teeth), teenagers, shredders, and guys who love could only afford a $200 chinese import guitar but they have no problem wailing away on a $3,000 PRS that they will never be able to afford. Rainbow Guitars attracts a more affluent customer, that has more disposable income. It's a totally different and much better vibe when I walk into Rainbow Guitars as opposed to walking into Guitar Center. Rainbow Guitars is by far the best guitar store in Arizona. I go to GC about once a week to buy strings, or to buy a humidifier because unfortunately they are the only game in town in Phoenix. Whenever I leave Guitar Center I always feel like I have to take a shower. In my hometown of Cincinnati' date=' OH we had tons of small music stores all over the place. Guitar Center put all of them out of business and Buddy Rogers and Willis are pretty much the only places left (both only carry a small fraction of the inventory that GC carries) I will say this in GC's defense. I remember back in the mid 90's, paying above MAP for gear. Before their was GC all of the music stores were charging above MAP. When Guitar Center and MARS opened up shop in 1998, all of those music stores were forced into matching GC's price. Back in the 90's before we had Guitar Center and e commerce got big, if you wanted to buy a guitar and you lived in Cincinnati you had two choices. A) Pay above MAP from a local dealer Order at MAP through Musicians Friend I remember buying a Marshall JTM-60 when I was in high school through Musicians Friend in the mid 90's, because Buddy Rogers refused to match their price. Now if you go into Buddy Rogers they have everything listed at MAP. Guitar Center forced them to do that. They would have never done this if it weren't for Guitar Center.
  3. Speaking of 1998, that picture looks like it was taken with a 1998 digital camera as well
  4. The nighthawk was one of the first Gibson's I fell in love with. I came close to owning one when I was 15. I liked the idea of a Gibson with a humbucker and a floyd rose. The salesman at Buddy Rogers told me that this guitar was supposed to give you the option of sounding like a Les Paul, Strat, and Tele in one guitar. Now they have a Les Paul w/Floyd Rose and a Variax.
  5. Jimi Hendrix was definitely the most influential guitarist of all time. He might be the most respected but I don't have that much respect for the guy. He recorded 3 of the greatest albums of all time. Axis Bold As Love is my favorite. Having said all of that. It's hard for me to respect a guy that died of a drug overdose at the age of 27. As great of a career he had, imagine if he lived another 50 years what he could have accomplished. Eric Clapton is my pick. Eric Clapton started out in the Yardbirds. I believe he left because he disagreed on the musical direction of the Yardbirds. He left the Yardbirds and quickly built a reputation for being the best guitar player of his time with his stint in The Bluesbreakers and Cream. Eric Clapton later become a very succesful singer/song writer. His unplugged album won a bunch of grammies. He's made tens of millions of dollars. With all of his fame and fortune he went back to doing what he loved. He recorded an album with BB King. He recorded a Robert Johnson cover album. Eric Clapton has also battled a lot of demons. His son connor fell out a window of a New York highrise. He's battled drug and alcohol addictions. I respect the man more than any other guitar player.
  6. Neo where do they have the Appetite Les Paul? They were trying hard to sell me a custom shop one at GC in Scottsdale the other day. I have my eye on a Melvin Franks LP though.
  7. The thing I hate about the EDS-1275's is the pickup selector switch location. I've selected the wrong switch before and it's irritating. I have a Guild doubleneck and I like how the pickup selector switch is different than the neck selector switch here is my Guild doubleneck I like how the toggle switches are different. If I were going to mod an EDS-1275 I'd get rid of the Nashville TOM bridges and replace them with those Fishman ABR-1 Powerbridge w/Piezo Saddles on both the 6 and 12 string necks.
  8. Yes' date=' I bought some stuff at their going out of business sale. But if you went to the going out of business sale, you really weren't buying from Circuit City, you were buying from the liquidator.
  9. Actually I'm not nearly as smart as you think. I had 3 bad experiences 5 years ago where I learned the hard way several years ago not to deal with those store credit cards. I didn't really want to get into this because I didn't think it was anybody's business but I will bring out some skeletons in my closet. I am very good about paying my entire credit card balances off on time, but I have never been good about the store credit cards so I now pay them off within days of making the charge. The biggest reason I pay them off early is because I would wait until 2 days before the bill was due and then it wouldn't accept my payment unless I paid $15 for a "rush payment". The only reason that I use the Guitar Center credit card at all, is because the credit card companies cancel credit cards that don't get used, which negatively impacts your credit. Any purchase I make over $100 gets paid for with an American Express card, and I've made some huge purchases this past year. I get 1.25% cash back. I got $3,000 back last year. Anyways here are a few of the mistakes I made 5 years ago. I have learned from my mistakes and I've decided that the risk of using a Guitar Center or Best Buy credit card is greater than the reward. I had a Carvin 7 string guitar custom made and I got it through one of those 12 months no interest deals. I set it up on autopay to automatically deduct the minimum payment with the idea being to pay the rest off when it was due. What these banks do though is they make your minimum pay extremely low. It was a $1,200 guitar, but the minimum payment was only like $15. They make the minimum payments extremely low, and bank on the fact that you won't have the money in 12 months. The way it was setup online, I had two choices, pay the minimum or pay the balance. It wouldn't even let me pay 8.5% each month. Anyways my car got broken into about 5 months after I bought the guitar and my checkbook was stolen. I closed my checking account and I switched everything (or at least I thought), I changed my health insurance, cell phone, cable tv, electric, american express, chase, etc ... to get automatically withdrawn from my new bank account. I totally forgot to switch the Carvin until a few months later I got a call from some jerk at a collection agency demanding the entire balance. I paid it along with a hefty finance charge for breaching their contract, and this hurt my credit. In 2 or 3 years it will be off my credit report, thank god. I'd like to sell the Carvin. I rarely ever play it, but everytime I've ever opened the case I can't stop thinking about how my car got broken into, and what a nightmare that was when my checkbook got stolen. I bought a computer 4 or 5 years ago for like $1,000 with a Best Buy credit card that had no interest no payments for 12 months. I never made any payments and I figured I'd just wait until the last minute. For some reason I had it in my head that the payment was due in November. It was actually due in October and I got socked with a 20% finance charge. The bank that has my Best Buy card is HSBC bank, and they also do the Guitar Center credit cards as well. I bought a laptop from Circuit City, 5 years ago for $1,600 and this was a similar deal, only you had to make payments, but their was supposedly "no interest". There was a big ad in one of those Circuit City newspapers that they send out advertising 12 months no interest. Anyways I divided the total up by 12 and that was my payment for 12 months. I was getting finance charges. I said something to my mom and she said "Oh, they credit all of your finance charges after you pay it off". I was young and stupid and didn't know any better so I continued to make the payments. After paying off the entire laptop, I didn't see any credit so I called customer service and told them that I had 12 months no interest and they should give me a credit for my finance charges. The lady on the other end of the phone said "I have no idea what you are talking about". I told her "What about the big ad in the newspaper", she said "You better go to the library". At that point I realized I was screwed. I vowed never to buy from Circuit City again. I made one more purchase from them in 2008 when I bought two bluray discs at "60% off" of heavily marked up prices during their going out of business sale.
  10. I use Dunlop Delrin picks. GC never has those ): So I have to order them from Musicians Friend.
  11. I sold that goldtop to the Harmony House. They matched the price that Rainbow was offering, which saved me a trip to Tucson. I hate driving to Tucson. It's a 57 reissue goldtop aged by Tom Murphy I'm not making this up, they have had a used Tom Murphy aged goldtop at Bizarre Guitars for years. They are selling it for $10,000! I'm not making this up. I paid $4,000 for mine (I bought it new), and I started looking for a Murphy aged goldtop right before I had my falling out with one of the guys at Bizarre. I was thinking about asking them if they'd sell that guitar to me for $3,500 but I just didn't have the guts to ask them to sell me a guitar that is marked at $10,000 for $3,500. Even though that guitar used at the most is worth $3,500. This brings up one of my weaknesses and another thing that bothers me about Guitar Center. If I see a guitar that I want, that I think is marked way too high, rather than make them an offer for what I think the guitar is worth, I usually walk away. I don't like to waste a salesmans or my time making "low ball" offers that likely won't be accepted. GC has pretty much everything marked at MAP, and in a lot of cases you would be stupid to pay anywhere near the MAP price. The Scottsdale GC has that same Oxblood that I showed you at the Harmony House. They have it marked at $6,000. I got an incredible deal on that guitar at Rainbow Guitars. I wouldn't even have the balls to ask GC to match the offer that Rainbow gave me. This tagline about Guitar Center matching the lowest advertised price or beating it by 10% of the difference is hilarious. Guitar manufacturers have minimum advertised prices, so the chances that you will find an advertisement for a JB Oxblood at less than MAP is highly unlikely. But anybody whose bought guitars before knows that only an idiot pays full MAP price.
  12. I am going to start off by saying that there are some pretty cool people that work at Guitar Center. Some guys are cool, some guys aren't. LeeRoy at the Scottsdale store, has been working at GC for 20 years and he knows his stuff. Wally at Peoria is a cool guy and I would never hesitate to do business with either of them. My problem with GC isn't the people, it's the overall vibe of the store. I feel like I'm in WalMart whenever I walk into a Guitar Center. You have all of the employees smoking cigarettes right in front of the store, you have the kids coming in to jam, you have very strange people that are missing teeth coming in to jam, some lady making minimum wage has to check my receipt when I spent $5 on a set of strings. If I spend 5 grand or more they have to call my bank to make sure that I'm not using a stolen credit card. It's just a bad experience. Also if I'm not dealing with Wally, or LeeRoy it's hit or miss who I'm dealing with. I spent $2,500 on a guitar there a few months ago, and it took me 2 hours to get out of the store. It took over an hour to find somebody that would cahs me out and then when I showed him a 15% off coupon, they brought me into the "sales managers" office and told me that they couldn't honor the 15% off coupon because the price on the guitar is "too low as it is". I finally got them to honor the price by threatening to take them to small claims court for breach of contract. Now usually if I'm in a GC, some 15 year old kid will be playing "Crazy Train" or "Sweet Child O Mine" but what's just as annoying is if somebody that is a monster player is jamming. He's never there to buy anything, he's just there to showoff about his sweep picking, or his two handed tapping. I find this just as annoying. I had a falling out with one of the sales guys at Bizarre Guitars so I won't go there anymore, but one of the things I liked about that store was that it was all business. People came to that store to buy guitars, they didn't come in to that store to take out the most expensive R9 they had and play Green Day on it putting a few dings in the process. I'm convinced that more people go to Guitar Center to jam, than they do to spend money. Now when I was 15, I would have done the exact same thing I'm knocking 15 year old kids for so I'm guilty as well. When I was 18, Guitar Center and MARS opened in Cincinnati within 6 months of each other. We never had anything like Guitar Center. We had mom and pop stores that carried a small fraction of what Guitar Center had. I can remember when I was 18 getting off work at 3:00 on Saturday, getting lunch, and then spending the entire day and night at MARS and Guitar Center until they closed at 9:00 and then I'd go home and order a pizza and go to sleep. Today I don't get blown away anymore when I see music stores with 80 Les Pauls. I'd rather walk into a music store with 30 or so high end custom shop Gibsons from after 2009 and 2010 than walk into a store with 100 production and Epiphone Les Pauls of the same instruments that have been hanging on the wall for years that nobody wants. At the end of the day I will do business with Guitar Center, but only after I have exhausted all of my other options.
  13. Actually this was my first post but I have been a long time lurker and have read the forum and been a guest for a long time. But when I saw this post and read the forum it was too hard not to get involved in the discussion.
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