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  1. I wanted to let you know that I got a hold of someone who took very good care of my and refunded my money.
  2. Have you ordered from them? I did a few weeks ago, and they sent the wrong item. I've been trying to return it and get my money back and all I've gotten is a run-around. I don't recommend buying from them. I certainly wont again, and I will not recommend them to anyone either. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  3. Sorry, maybe I didn't make it clear. I know where to get the part. Theres a place called Creamtone that I've ordered from before. They are very good. I will get it from them. I just thought Gibson had the part and they could send it to me, no problem. Thats not the issue. The problem is, they sent me something I didn't order. I just want my money back from Gibson for the wrong part the sent me, and I can't seem to get a straight answer from them. Like I said before, I've called 3 times and sent 3 emails. I tried to find an email or contact number from someone in management, and I can't find anything except the regular 1-800-4GIBSON, and the email that they never look at. Oh well, I thought someone may have run into this before too.
  4. I went onto Gibson Gear looking for a cream colored SG control cover. They had the choice between black and cream, so I ordered the cream one. It was 14.99 + 8.00 and something cents for shipping. On Saturday, I got my cover...it was black. I already have a black one, I don't need another. I've written a few emails, and called 3 times. The guy said "they don't sell a cream one". They offered it when I ordered it. Good thing I took a screen shot of the page before they took it down. All I want to do is return it and get my money back. All I'm getting is a run-around. BTW, I asked the guy why nobody returned any of my emails, and he said they don't read most of them because they don't have enough people in C.S.
  5. This truly is sad news. I've been a fan since I was a kid. I seen the ABB, the first time at the old Chicago Stadium, in 1973, for the Brothers and Sisters tour, then I seen Gregg at the Chicago auditorium Theater in 1974 for the Laid Back tour, and the ABB again around 1977. What was one of the best things I've seen though was on AXS TV, the Big Interview with Dan Rather. Rather interviewed Gregg and I seen him in a totally different light. What a gentleman. He was kind, soft spoken, modest. Like I said, a real gentleman. I found a 9 minute piece on youtube. If you ever get a chance to see the full thing, it was really a wonderful interview.
  6. Just to reinforce what Dan82 said, I have 2017 SG Standard T, and I've had the control cover off a couple of times, and it definitely has a circuit board. This first time I took it off was to put a toggle washer on, and the second time, I was putting new knobs on and you can feel the circuit board flexing when you're pulling on the knobs. I thought I broke it, they were so hard to get off.
  7. I just put one on mine today, no issues at all (except I scratched it a little putting it on D#%&-it)
  8. I got mine last week. Same as the pelham blue one in the pic above. Its a great guitar. It was set up very nice from the factory. I did lower the action just slightly on the base side, other than that it was perfect.
  9. dponzi

    es 12 string

    I have an SG 12-string and I use D'Addario EXL150's. I like them a lot, but the #8, high G sting just doesn't survive very long with standard tuning. I tune it down 1/2 step and capo up, and I don't have a problem. BTW, I have been told, but I don't know that it's a fact, that D'Addario makes Gibson strings, so the Gibson brand is exactly the same string as D'Addario.
  10. norcalpiper, beautiful guitar. Thanks, I wouldn't have even know that this guitar existed except I seen your post. I just ordered one. I've been looking for a pelham blue SG for a long time (that didn't cost a zillion bucks). Can you tell me, did you have to do any drilling to replace the Grovers with the Kluson? Did the any of the screw holes line up? Thanks
  11. Nice Guitars folks. Here's my little family. 2011 SG, 76 B-45, 2011 D12-28, 86 Ovation Collectors.
  12. I always like an opportunity to post a picture of mine. Here is my 73 gold top (with its cousins) that I bought new in November of 73. All these guitars look beautiful.
  13. Rhum55pitt, what you have there is a b45 deluxe. They were made in the 70's, I think 70-79. The one you posted the picture of is mine, its a 76. They are very plain, silkscreen logo, nothing fancy. As zombywoof said, yours is a 77. 75, 76 and 77 they used a serial number decal, and the first 2 digits are the year code, 99 = 75, 00 = 76 and 06 = 77. I had the neck reset on mine, but since then it has been a fantastic playing and sounding guitar. I hope you are enjoying yours.
  14. Charlie, yours has just about the most beautiful red I've ever seen. ZenKen, I did the Grover mod too, but a few years ago I bought some Kluson re-pops of the double rings. I almost did the full Humbucker mod too. I brought it to a luthier, about 1990, and thankfully he talked me out of it.
  15. Here's my 73'. I bought it new in November of 1973. I still have it and still play it.
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