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  1. Had mine about a year now, and it's a keeper, that's for sure. Since I'd set it up properly, it's been solid as a rock, and I've gigged it in lots of different situations, from jazz to rock. Along with my ES175, and PRS equipped with Bareknuckle P90's, I reckon I have every guitar I could ever need.
  2. Mine's plain too... although I've toyed with the idea of engraving it with 335, to fool people into thinking I'm a giant.
  3. Mine's only a few months old, been gigged solidly since I got it (much to the disgust of my ES175 which seems to live in it's case these days). Plenty of wear already! The nitro's dulled nicely, chrome is tarnishing, a few minor dings. I could never be bothered to clean it after every gig, just a cloth up and down the neck is good enough for me.
  4. And that he made the switch tip from a discarded green kluson tuner, filed to shape!
  5. Gorgeous guitar, the burst is beautiful.
  6. If YOU love the way it looks, and it doesn't affect your playing, then forget what WE all think, just leave it off! Personally I rest my pinky on the plate, that's why mine stays on, but I wouldn't let how it looks affect my opinion at all. Can't think of any cons as such, although I'm sure someone will come along and say that taking it off affects the sustain.
  7. This company make a habit of routinely listing "stock" that isn't actually "in stock". You get a different story every time you phone them!
  8. I got a wrench with my ES175, and a brochure describing recommended action heights and how to adjust the rod. Got nothing with my ES165 or my J185.
  9. I foolishly missed the chance of getting a 339 when there were a few in the UK, now I need/desire/want one ASAP, so, my UK chums, do you know of one for sale, or hanging in the back of a shop somewhere? And when will Epiphone be bringing out a 339?
  10. I wouldn't know' date=' as I said I'm from the UK, not England, and my avatar clearly says Scotland. Maybe your education wasn't as wonderful as you think.
  11. 95 seems more likely than 50's, thanks for the help guys. If he brings it to his lesson this weekend I'll take a couple of snaps. Cheers again
  12. Cheers mick, it was similar to that photo, although harder to make out. I'd be pretty doubtful it was old as the 50's, the bridge has retaining wire, so ABR? Thanks for the prompt help so far! thhe kid was just interested in his dad's old guitar, he also owns a brand new SG, but the Les Paul is a beauty.
  13. Interesting, how do you come to that conclusion? Is there a dating system that matches this serial number? It seems older to me, but it is a well used LP!
  14. I'm afraid not. The lettering was black stencilling on red burst, quite hard to read, large space between first and second digits.
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